AN: a progression of the conflict Edward faces.


By abbyweyr July 2011
Inspired by TWS by Stephenie Meyer
And fan fiction

As a boy life was simple
Baseball or piano practice
Was all I was torn between

As a youth life a little more complicated
College and law or army soldier
Was all I was torn between

As a newborn immortal
Back to simple things
Torn between human or animal blood

Instinct and thirst great for human blood
Respect and love for Carlisle
Overcame instinct, satisfied with animal blood

Until hearing the thirst from two others
Added to my own became
Torn between leaving or staying with family

Left family to take human blood
From human monsters
Torn between rapist or murders

Human blood did not fill
The empty hole from
Tearing apart family

Returned to repair the tear in family
Returned to animal blood
Torn no more between family or human blood


One January day in biology class
Hit with the most delicious scent
Torn between kill now or later my singer

Kill all the classmate witnesses or
Kill the secretary or follow her home
Torn between kill quickly or slowly my singer

Follow the path of Carlisle
Follow natural instinct
Torn between kill singer or deny bloodlust

Expose the whole family
Tear a hole in family
Torn between kill singer or leave family

Leave hole in family
Return to family and singer
Torn between stay away or risk exposure

Who is this insignificant human girl child
To awaken thirst for human blood?
Torn between stay away or return home

Return to repair hole in family and me
Control and discipline paramount
Torn between satisfy curiosity or bloodlust

Discovered who this insignificant girl child is
She opened my world to the love of a mate
Torn between bloodlust and safety

Constant throat burn being near her
Stay near or leave
Torn between thirst and keeping her safe

Always, no matter what, keep her safe.