AN: finally Edward gets some rest.


By abbyweyr July 2011
Inspired by TWS by Stephenie Meyer

Fingers dance across piano keys
Notes float in air
Music lets my mind be alone
Music is my solace

Even before my change
Music was a place to just be
Emotions flowed in and around the notes
As my fingers danced across the keys

Now immortal, music still
Is a place to just be
To express emotions
As my fingers dance across the keys

Music is my rest and refuge
From the constant noise of mental voices
As I play piano or listen to recorded
Music is my solace.

No where else do I have quiet
To hear only my thoughts
But within the solace of music
Until a quiet mind that is not heard

With her quiet mind
I hear only my thoughts
And still be with someone
Music is no longer my only solace