Black and White

She never lets anybody see her cry.

I'm observant.

She has no idea.

I'm not an idiot; I'm slow. I know she was sniffling in her room, at three in the morning, when I was getting a glass of water. She acts as if everything's fine and nothing hurts the next morning.

I want to help her.

But, I know I can't.

Since when would she even lower herself to talk to someone like me?

She sees everything as black and white.

Good and evil. Smart and idiot. Tough and soft. Gay and straight.

I think there's more to it.

Junior wasn't completely evil. Krayonder's not a complete idiot. Up isn't completely soft.

I'm not completely straight.

She can see through anyone.

Except me.

She saw through Junior, not liking him from the beginning. She saw through Up, knowing there was a tough man behind all of that heart. She saw through MegaGirl, knowing what would happen before she abandoned them on Bug World.

Does see through the feelings beneath the stupidity?

She likes to sing.

Though, she'll never let you hear.

I caught her singing in the shower, when I was going into the bathroom. I couldn't understand a word of her native language, but it was beautiful. I stood there for ten minutes, listening silently, wishing I could sing along. I was so caught up in her song, that I only noticed she was done when her sopping wet figure stepped out of the stall, clutching a towel, her wet hair clinging to her face and neck.

She was beautiful.

And horror struck.

I ran.

I haven't heard her sing in the shower since.

She pretends to be a 'tough bitch'.

She's hurt when you laugh about her height. She was distraught when Up almost died saving her.

She didn't feel like she deserved it.

She hates thunderstorms. She makes an excuse to go to her room when we pass through a space storm.

I followed her back, once.

She was shaking. She was terrified. She forgot to even close the door, curling up in her bed. She jumped, whispering something in Spanish, whenever the thunder boomed.

She gets afraid.

She's only human.

She swears she'll never fall in love with any estupido boy.

I nodded, smiling when she said that, and continued putting on my makeup, praying for a miracle.

I hope she's right.


An estupido girl isn't out of the question.

First story in the category, and it's lesbian!Taz.

I'm proud of myself 8D