Chained- Chapter 3

"Quit being a big baby Sonic. Tails didn't do it." Knuckles said to the cowering Sonic in the corner.

"This close..." He mumbled. "I was this close to losing my own tail…."

Knuckles ignored Sonic's rantings, trying to think of some other way to get this blasted chain off without Sonic making a scene. If only that argument hadn't started. If only Sonic wasn't so keen on speed and he on strength, he kind of wished that he or Sonic had some ability to be able to get the chain off.

"Wait a second" he thought.

"Sonic! I have an idea."

"So you want me to run full speed in the other direction while you hold on to this flag pole?" Sonic asked wanting to confirm that this is really what they are about to do.

"Yes." Knuckles replied. "Go full speed, I should be able to hold on long enough for it to snap off."

"Ooook." He said not really convinced this would work.

"You ready?"

Knuckles got a good grip on the metal flag pole. Taking a deep breath.


Sonic walked till the chain was pulled straight. He then started to run, his legs becoming untraceable in a matter of seconds. Knuckles grunted a little as he felt his tail harshly being pulled straight. He was now, more than ever glad that it could do that. He used his strength to pull himself more towards the pole so his arms were bent & wouldn't be straight out. While he did have strength in his hands, it was his arms that were the strongest so it made more sense to use his arm strength for something like this.

Sonic on the other end felt like his tail was about to be ripped off. This was so uncomfortable. Running a little faster with each step, he felt himself moving forward a little which meant to him that it was working. His tail was starting to hurt now from the tension though so he wasn't sure how much longer he could take this, the sound of crunching metal was heard as Knuckles still held strong to the pole, which a part of was now bent towards them. Knuckles looked down to see the screws securing the flag pole to the ground flying off. But before he could even think to alert Sonic, the pole jolted up off the ground sending Sonic flying overhead shortly carrying Knuckles with him followed by a painful 'Umph' upon hitting the ground.

"Ugh" Sonic groaned. "That's the last time I listened to your ideas." Sonic got up and frowned when he saw the chain still attached to their now limp tails.

"I think my tail just got longer because of that" he added.

Knuckles scoffed. "Your tail? I don't even think my tail will go back to the way it was now." He admitted not even attempting to put it back to its normal form.

"So now what genius?" Sonic couldn't help but ask.

"You got a better idea?" Knuckles remarked sourly.

Sonic stayed quiet for a second. How in the world could this predicament be so hard to get out of? Normally any challenge Eggman threw at him was easily overlooked or fixed quickly. But Eggman must've outdone himself this time.

"Eggman" Sonic mumbled.


"Eggman got us into this mess because we were arguing right? Well, what if we show him a little speed AND strength. We'll force him to take the chain off."

"I would love to beat the living daylights out of him for doing this." Knuckles said almost smiling at the thought,

"But I think you're forgetting something." He pointed to the chain once more.

"How are we going to fight if we're stuck together like this?"

"Easy" Sonic said. "We just gotta work together and practice at it."

They both winced at those words. The thought of literally working together like that wasn't really their idea of beating Eggman. But they both knew what had to be done in order to win.

"Fine." Knuckles sighed. "But I have a feeling this isn't going to be easy."