The clubroom was hot.

And by hot, I mean that it felt like I was burning in the pits of hell. The fans that Haruhi 'bought' from the tech store that we did her stupid movie ad weren't helping either. They would rotate for a few minutes and then immediately shut down. Almost simultaneously. Which would leave the prisoners of the room to die in the heat. I'm either going to blame the horrible electrician that our school hired, or I'm going to blame Haruhi. I guess my choice is obvious. And then she tells us to suck it up and that these were the best that she could afford. Whatever she says is an obvious lie. Especially when it comes to anything that runs on electricity.

She's also dying in the heat. Thanks to her desk being placed next to the windows were scorching sunlight would shine down on her. So, I guess I'm satisfied enough with that. If anything, I wish that some God out there would please help us. Oh wait, there's one sitting right next to us according to Koizumi. Great job.

"We're entering the baseball tournament." She said as smooth as silk. Though in my eyes, her words hit me like a ton of bricks. And in case you didn't know, that hurts. A lot. Not only had we entered last year and lost pitifully, she's going to make all of us enter again. Well, I guess I am grateful that we got it over with quickly. Better than winning and melting in the heat.

"Why?" I asked. Though I probably should've super-glued my trap, because her answer was exactly what I expected. Same old, same old.

"Because, the SOS Brigade needs more attention. Our site hasn't gotten any views and no one has requested that we help them with something supernatural!" Her fist came down and landed on the poor unsuspecting desk. By now she was standing up with a look of passion that could probably freeze over the Sahara. And did she just say that we need more attention? First of all, I think that people have your attention, especially when you dress Asahina in the most revealing outfits that you can get your hands on. And second; we did investigate in something supernatural this year already. Without you knowing about it.

"So, who are the participants in our team for this tournament?" Koizumi asked. I wanted to strangle the living daylights out of him. Don't egg her on, that'll make everything so much worse. What happened the last time you did that?

"Whatever we can find that's useful." Haruhi responded with a nonchalant wave of her hand. I swear she treats people like slaves. Especially me. Sooner or later my sanity's going to snap and all hell will break loose. Just like when we were filming your movie and I was somehow deprived of calcium. At least, that's my excuse. Luckily for her, Koizumi came to her rescue. Or her incredibly good luck.

"U-Um...I can ask a friend." It wasn't who I thought it was, was it? "I-It's Tsuruya-s-san." Great, it was who I thought.

"Sure." Haruhi said. "She's a good player anyway." And that settled that. I have no idea why the rest of us spent the rest of the day in the clubroom. Koizumi and I played Othello, Asahina-san cleaned the room, and Yuki just did what she always did. Read. By the end of the day, Yuki shut her book with a snap. There's the signal. I grabbed my bag and slung it over my shoulder. Now my only problem is that I have to pedal back home. And I felt as if I could drop onto the floor and sleep there. Everyone walked out, leaving only Yuki and me in the room. I was about to walk out the door when she put a hand on my shoulder and whirled me around.

"Be prepared." That was all she said as she walked past me, walking in long strides. Be prepared for what? Is Haruhi going to alter something again? I swallowed and decided to deal with it tomorrow. I needed to get home before I got in trouble. Or more like before my little sister got pissed at me and tossed the cat in my face. Again.

The sun was already low in the sky when I finally managed to unchain my bike. The lock got stuck because I was in too much of a hurry to get home. Oh, the irony. I passed through the gate and placed my feet on the pedals. The best part about being on the steep hill like this, is that I don't have to pedal down. Gravity does that for me. The air brushed past my ears and felt really good after being stuck in that stuffy clubroom. Being with Haruhi made life...interesting. And without her it'd just be as dull as it was before I met her. ...Wait. Did I seriously just say that? I'm really starting to doubt my sanity now.

I hit the brakes when I saw someone standing in front of the sidewalk. The bike skidded to a halt, wheels screeching louder than a banshee. It looked to be someone clothed in baggy black and white clothing. I narrowed my eyes. Was that a sword? It looked one-hundred percent real, and from the looks of it, this guy wasn't joking around with it. His hair was spiked and had the strangest color I'd ever seen. It was a pure white, almost like freshly fallen snow. I couldn't see his eyes or face for that matter. The sun had already set. Should I say something? What if he attacks me?

My previous thought was abandoned when I considered the details. Who in the right mind attacks a person just riding on his bike? Especially since he looks like he knows how to use that sword, it wouldn't be right. Then again, his hair looked bleached, so I really couldn't judge his sanity. I finally decided to say something.

"Um...hello?" That came out more of a question than an answer. His eyes looked directly into mine, as if he wasn't sure that I could see them. They were a stunning teal color, something I definitely wasn't used to. Well, by now I guess I should be used to the impossible and ridiculous.

"You can see me?" He asked. What kind of question was that? Was he a ghost or something? I wasn't blind.

"Yes? Is there something wrong with that?" He didn't answer my question. Instead, a small beeping noise emitted from what I think was his pocket. He whipped out a cell phone and glared at the screen. Wait, so this kid who's dressed as if he's from the feudal age whips out a cell phone? It is the twenty-first century after all I suppose. His face twisted into a deep scowl and he disappeared in a flash. I blinked once. I blinked twice. What just happened? I really am starting to doubt that hanging around Haruhi isn't eating away at my sanity. Great, just another thing I needed in my life. Being insane.

I shook it off and continued back home.