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She was a simple woman who led a simple yet happy life. For all the sixteen years that she has lived, she had never left her hometown. A place, where the beaches were visited by many tourists, and where people led a simple life. She had a perfectly tanned skin complimented by her waist-long black hair cascading down her back. Her chocolate-coloured eyes glistened with adventure and excitement everywhere she went. Her beautiful carefree smile never leaving her cherubic face. This was the appearance of a girl whose face launched a thousand ships. The image of a girl named Maria Katalina dela Cruz.

She walked towards the isolated beach wearing a simple white spaghetti-strap sundress. Her head was covered with a straw hat with her long hair flowing with the breeze. She took off her slippers and held them as she buried her feet with every step under the warm sand. Nearing the water, she stopped and closed her eyes, letting the warm ocean air brush against her cherubic face.

She threw her slippers on the sand and sat by it. She extended her legs towards the water and let it be soaked by the warm salt water. Her hands brushed away the stray bangs covering her face. She stood up and walked towards the ocean until the water reached up to her thighs. The white sundress was now partly soaked with salt water. She stretched her arms to the side and breathed deeply. "Another beautiful day." She said as she exhaled and brought down her arms.

He walked endlessly, searching for a way out of the thick tropical forest. His tanned skin glistened with sweat as his brown hair looked like a mess. His clothes were partly ripped because of his arduous journey inside the forest. His green eyes looked everywhere for a way out. After hours of being lost, he heard the sound of crashing waves and smelled the scent of the salt water. He followed its sound and smell desperately searching for the way out.

He brushed the big leaves and bushes away to make way. Finally, he saw the vast ocean just past the coconut trees. With a goofy smile on his face, he hurriedly approached the exit without a care for what he was stepping on. He winced as his green eyes saw the bright sun. He raised his arm and covered his eyes. He walked slowly towards the beach letting his eyes get used to the sudden brightness.

His eyes wandered around to see if nobody was around. To his surprise, a petite woman was already there ahead of him. She wore a white spaghetti-strap sundress with a straw hat on top of her hair. The man could not see her face for it was covered by the hat she wore.

His curiosity got the better of him and made him approach the woman silently. He watched her every graceful move, her sweet angelic smile, and her long black hair being blown by the wind. He found it enchanting; he was attracted to the girl. He noticed her standing up and approaching the water. He watches as her white sundress got partly soaked by the water. Alas, he has finally reached a close distance.

The girl took notice of the foreigner standing just a few meters from her. She tilted her head in confusion and spoke out, "May I help you?" The man did not answer. He had an awed look on his face and his mouth was partly open. He shook his head in attempt to snap out of his daze. "Excuse me, do you know where I am?" he asked regaining his composure. The girl seeing his partly tattered clothes and messy hair walked over to him slowly. "You must be a tourist, am I correct?" she smiled. The man nodded and answered, "Well, I'm actually a traveller. I... got lost in the forest. Then I ended up here."

"Would you like something to eat? My mom is preparing lunch right about now." She offered with a very hospitable smile.

The man smiled back and nodded, "Lunch would be great. Thank you."

The girl collected her things and so did the boy. They walked together with the girl in front leading the man. "Excuse me," the boy began, "May I know what your name is? I'm Antonio by the way, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo." He smiled offering a warm hand to her. The girl turned around and shook his hand, "Maria, Maria Katalina de la Cruz." She smiled and continued walking towards her house. Antonio stared at the hand the girl shook, "Her hand... it's so... soft." He thought smiling to himself.

"Well, we're here!" she exclaimed turning around to show the boy her simple house. It was a two-story house coloured flesh with a simple yet beautiful garden. She walked towards the door and opened it.

"I'm back!" she exclaimed as she got inside the house. Maria turned around to look at the boy who was looking at the garden. "Please, do come in." She offered.

The man nodded in reply and continued his way in the house. "Are you alone in this house?" he asked out of curiosity.

"No," she shook her head, "As I've told you before, I live here with my grandma, and I also have a little brother."

Just in time, a small voice echoed throughout the house saying, "Ate!" Antonio looked across the room to find a small boy with black hair and tanned skin like hers running towards the female in front of him. "Ate?" he thought.

"Spratly!" she beamed a smile towards the boy and knelt down to his size to welcome him with a hug. The boy tackled her with a hug, wrapping his small arms around her neck. "I missed you ate!" he said, tears appearing in the corner of his eyes. "I missed you too, Spratly."

Antonio tilted his head to the side in confusion. "Why did they miss each other? I thought the lived together." He thought.

"Oh!" the girl turned back to face the man once again, "This is Spratly! He's my little brother." Spratly glanced at Antonio then back to his sister, "Ate, I don't like him." He said as he puffed his cheeks and pouted. Maria looked at the little boy and patted his head, "Spratly, don't be like that. This is Antonio, he's a traveller! Be sure to get along well with him, okay?" she gave him a reassuring smile then walked towards what seemed to be the dining room.

The two boys were left alone. Antonio glanced at Spratly who was in turn glaring at him. "H-Hello... I'm Antonio, nice to meet you." He smiled goofily. Spratly continued glaring at the man then abruptly turned his head to the side.

"I don't like you! Don't you dare steal my sister away from me." He spouted then walked away from the man who was now nervously laughing.

"What a weird family..."

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