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Slowly, she opened her hazel eyes only to see the tan face of a man sleeping. Their faces were only a few inches away from each other's. Her heart leapt in surprise, it was her chance to escape. She slipped out of the bed, careful not to wake the man up. After she was able to stand up, she took a look at the man.

He was half naked. Although he did look handsome, she cannot guarantee he'd be nice to her when he wakes up. So the lady walked out of the room and closed the door gently. It was a beautiful morning out sea. The sun was shining bright. Oh how she wanted to see this beautiful day with her family.

But there was no time to think of such things. Immediately, she looked for a way to escape. Finding none, she was preparing herself to jump off board. She stood on the edge with her eyes closed, holding onto one of the ropes. When she opened her eyes, she saw a fleet of ships not so far from theirs. Filled with hope, she raised her arms as high as she could and started waving to get the attention.

She squint her hazel eyes to better see the ships. She saw that the sail of those ships had a familiar symbol. On the front of the first boat, there was a figure of a man with a pirate hat on.

Yes, now she knows to whom that symbol belongs to. It was Britannia's. She burst in tears with joy, feeling the hope that she would be saved.

"Maria, I'm glad you're safe!" the blonde immediately crossed the enemy's ship just to hug his wife.

"I'm glad to see you safe too. And thank you for looking for me, love." She cried as she hugged the man.

"Let's go home, our children awaits." He smiled, cupping her face and wiping her tears with his thumb. Maria nodded.

"Heh." A few claps were heard from behind them, "Well done, Arthur Kirkland. I didn't know you'd be able to find my ship this fast."

"Carriedo!" Arthur shouted in anger, positioning himself for a fight. He signalled for Maria to step back and cross to their ship. Arthur drew his sword Excalibur, "I swear to god I will get your head, Carriedo!"

"Oho~ You want a fight, si?" Antonio drew his sword too, "Then it is a fight you'll get."

Arthur charged first to Antonio. Their swords collided in front of them. "You won't be able to defeat me, Kirkland." Antonio whispered, annoying Arthur even more. The brunet gave a strong push, making Arthur lose his balance and step back.

"I know I will be able to defeat you, Carriedo."

Around them, their crew were already fighting. Maria stood by the edge of the boat, praying for her husband's victory.

Antonio made a swift charge to Arthur, once again colliding swords. Arthur pushed him back. They both held their swords beside them, panting rigorously. Arthur once again positioned himself, ready to strike back. He dashed forward in an attempt to stab Antonio in the stomach. Unfortunately, Antonio was able to swiftly dodge the attack. He took Arthur's sword in one swift move, throwing it on the ground.

Arthur fell to the ground along with his sword. The brunet pointed his sword on Arthur throat, "Give up, Kirkland." He smirked.

Arthur gritted his teeth, "Never! I would never give Maria up."

"Heh, you're quite stubborn, eh?" Antonio punched Arthur in the face, making him lie on the ground.

"Arthur!" Maria screamed in horror. Antonio grinned devilishly.

"This is good. I want your wife to see you die in front of her very eyes. And you will die by my hands, a slow and painful death." He placed his right foot on top of Arthur's weak body.

"Fuck you, Carriedo." Arthur whispered. Antonio began kicking the life out of Arthur. The blonde man was already full of bruises and blood. He was being beaten to a pulp.

"Take that, you bastardo!" Antonio madly laughed as he continued kicking the blonde man.

Arthur, taking almost all of his last strength, managed to get the gun out of his belt. Immediately, he shot Antonio by the shoulder. Antonio was taken aback. He took a few steps back, holding his bleeding shoulder. "Carajo…"

Arthur tried standing up with the last of his strength, pointing the gun towards Antonio. Antonio though, was still quite strong. He pulled out his gun and pointed it back to Arthur. "Heh, it's first to shoot, huh." Antonio smirked.

Arthur who had a black eye and bleeding mouth crossed his eyebrows. "I won't kill you, just give up."

"Never!" Antonio shouted, "I will never give up."

"We both know Maria would not be pleased if we kill each other." Arthur tried reasoning calmly, "Now, put down the gun and we will pretend this never happened."

"No!" Antonio's rage took over him. Tears were running down his face, he was ready to pull the trigger. "I'm sorry, Kirkland. But you have to die here, by my hands."

Antonio pulled the trigger, but to his surprise, he did not hit his enemy.

The blood of his victim splattered on the face of Arthur. His victim fell to the ground, the blood making a puddle. At that time, Arthur didn't know what to think. Everything became blank. His world was ruined, his dreams—his life. They were all gone in a second.

His jade eyes were wide in disbelief. He turned pale, "N-No… this can't be." Tears started to stream down his pale, bloodied cheeks. He looked down and saw the dying body of his wife, Maria.

Her hair was scattered all over behind her. A huge puddle of blood was surrounding her. He slumped and collected the body of his wife in his arms.

"No… I'm sorry, Maria! I didn't mean to do this to you!" Antonio took horrified steps back. Even he didn't want to believe what he did. He shot the love of his life, the person he was fighting for. He dropped the gun in horror. "No, I didn't-!" He started crying. The last thing he felt, was a stab from behind. A sword cut through him, blood came out of his mouth. The next thing he knew, he was on the ground, crying as he watched his enemy cry while holding Maria in his arms. "Ma… ria… I'm sorry."

And with those as his last words, he died a painful death indeed.

Standing behind the now dead Antonio, was Alfred Jones. He was the one who stabbed Antonio. Alfred felt rage and sorrow. He knew from the beginning that Maria and he can never be, but to see her die in front of his very eyes was unforgivable. He dropped the sword he used which happened to be Excalibur.

Tears ran down his eyes, he could not believe what was happening also. It was fine just seeing the queen, but knowing this might be his last chance to see her, his world came crashing down.

"No, Maria, please… answer me! Don't die on me, love!" Arthur cried as he caressed the face of his wife. Maria gave a weak laugh and held her hand up to touch Arthur's face, "Love, I'm sorry for causing this trouble… I won't make it… but… please… I have a last favour… to ask of… you…" She tried speaking with her last few breaths. Blood was pouring out of her mouth.

Her gunshot was on the chest, really, she was dying. "No, love… please don't say that!" Arthur pleaded, crying even more.

"Take care of… Elizabeth and Philip… Tell them I love… them…" she was losing her remaining strength. Tears started flowing from her eyes. "I'm glad I met you, love… I just… wish… we… -ad… more time… t' live together… as a f'mily with Eliza… and Philip…" And with this, she drew her last breath and died in the arms of her husband.

Arthur's eyes widened in disbelief, "No… No… this isn't happening! Maria… MARIA!"

"Daddy!" a small, cheery voice called out. A little girl came running in the room along with a little boy. The little girl had blonde hair, hazel eyes, fair skin, and the brows of her father. She wore a simple yet elegant dress coloured white and full of ribbons. She was indeed very radiant and charming. Her name was Elizabeth Kirkland.

The little boy walked in casually, "Why are you so noisy, Elizabeth?" he pouted. He had black hair, jade eyes, and a not so tan yet not so fair either skin. Of course, he also had his father's famous brows. He wore a loose white polo and a simple trouser with boots. He was very handsome indeed. His name was Philip Kirkland.

Their father stood by the room's window, watching the two go to him. He smiled, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, daddy." Elizabeth smiled. "I just want to hear more stories of mommy! Oh, Philip also wants to hear more of mommy!"

Philip blushed as he pouted, "I-I… I just… Elizabeth dragged me in here!"

"Did not!" Elizabeth teased, "I'm not holding you down, am I?" she giggled.

Philip blushed even more but decided to remain silent.

Arthur laughed, "Well then… let's go to your mommy's favourite place. Okay?"


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