Found by Shadow

Summary: Ishamael finds Rand on Dragonmount instead of Tam and raises him to become the shadow's champion. Can Mat, Perrin, and the others turn him to the light or has the Last Battle been lost before it's even been fought.

Pairings: currently undecided

Rating: T

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Ishamael wasn't entirely certain why he had come here. Dragonmount, the place where Lewis Therin had turned his precious one power on himself after realizing he had killed his beloved wife and his entire family. He'd offered to give the dragon his wife back, it was a simple enough thing for the Great Lord to do (he was the lord of the grave after all), he didn't do it often but if it got the dragon to serve him, he was certain the Great Lord would not object. He'd been sure this offer would tempt the dragon and that he would finally turn to the shadow but instead the kin slayer had chosen to take his own life. It was something Ishamael still didn't fully understand after more than 3,000 years. In the end, it didn't matter Lews Theirn had only delayed the Great Lord's ultimate triumph but it was inevitable.

Abruptly, he heard something that sounded like a crying baby, his curiosity was peaked, and he followed the sound. Eventually, she found a woman, one of those so-called Aiel Maidens of the Spear, she was dead most likely from child birth. In her arms she held a baby hastily wrapped in a blanket, the baby was the source of the noise, he was crying up a storm. Ishamael turned to leave, he didn't care what happened to the baby, but a sudden thought stopped him in his tracks, could this boy be the dragon reborn? He and his followers had been searching for the dragon for 3,000 years with no success what so ever. He had memorized the Karaethon Cycle even though those prophecies were wrong, it never hurt to know what the enemy believed and they were the only clue he had regarding the circumstances of the Dragon's rebirth that particular passage ran through his mind "On the slopes of Dragonmount shall he be born, born of a maiden wedded to no man." Well, he had clearly been born on the slopes of Dragonmount, and a Maiden of the Spear was a woman wedded to no man. He picked the boy up and examined him (ignoring the baby's squeals of protest) looking for some mark or sign, something to identify him. But to his frustration, he could find no such mark, nothing to distinguish him from any other baby boy. In spite of that, he couldn't shake the feeling that this boy was the dragon reborn and if so, the shadow had an opportunity that was too good to pass up, instead of trying to turn him later, they could raise him to serve the shadow right from the beginning.

He decided to take the baby to Shayol Ghul perhaps the Great Lord would be able to tell whether or not his suspicions regarding this boy were correct. Using the power, he opened a gateway and traveled to Shayol Ghul, then walked the passageway to the Pit of Doom; it was not safe to travel directly to or from the pit under any circumstances. When he arrived he was greeted with

"ISHAMAEL, WHY HAVE YOU BROUGHT THIS INFANT HERE?" the voice filled him with both ecstasy and pain and he sank to his knees, after a moment he replied

"Great Lord, I have brought him because him here because I think he might be the dragon reborn but I can't tell for certain, I thought that perhaps you could."

"REALLY, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE COULD BE THE ONE?" The Great Lord asked or demanded rather Ishamael replied

"I found him on the slopes of Dragonmount and his mother was a maiden of the spear." Strange shadows covered the boy, examining him; the child wailed yet again he did not like this at all. Eventually the shadows retreated and the Dark One spoke


"Excellent, I will find a suitable dark friend family and-"

"NO" the Dark One cut Ishamael off mid sentence

"THE UPBRINGING OF MY CHAMPION IS TOO IMPORTANT TO LEAVE TO MERE GRUNTS, AS THE ONLY ONE OF MY CHOSEN FREE AT THE MOMENT, YOU WILL RAISE AND TRAIN HIM YOURSELF." At this Ishamael very nearly refused, he had been many things over the ages, a scholar, an adviser, even a general, but he had never been a parent nor had he ever had any desire to be a parent, children were stupid, children were annoying, and children got on his nerves! However, no one said no to the Great Lord of the Dark unless the wanted to suffer a fate far worse than mere death so Ishamael responded

"as you command Great Lord"


"Yes, Great Lord," Ishamael said

"THEN GO." The Great Lord dismissed him

Ishamael stood and headed to his quarters. Once he was there, he ordered his servants to take care of the boy. Although he also gave them instructions to talk to the boy frequently as well, he didn't plan on getting very involved in the boy's life until he was at least a toddler if not a bit older than that. Just because the Great Lord ordered him to raise and train the boy, didn't mean he had to deal with the constantly crying, blubbering baby that was servants work. Once he had given the baby to the zomarran and was sure they had things under control, he sat down in his usual chair by the bizarre fireplace that gave no actual heat to think and plan how he was going to go about training the future champion of the Shadow, he should have known the Great Lord would dump this on him, dark friends were not known for their competence after all. There was an awful lot the boy would need to know in order to be the shadow's champion, in addition to the one power (and likely the true power as well) he would need to know politics and military tactics and history (although the knowledge of the modern world was probably going to be more important), a few lessons in rhetoric would likely be a good idea as well and… he sighed, this was going to be a lot harder than he thought.

AN: The prophecy line is from The Great Hunt, and thanks to AramilOniasha and for telling me it was from that particular book.