Gary introduces a new competition on Shake It Up Chicago. Cece will stop at nothing to win even if it means... the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Deuce can't get his head around what Rocky did to win the same competition.

Chapter One:

The Announcement

Everyone was totally excited since Gary was supposed to be announcing some awesome opportunity on the show today.

"Okay everyone gather round."

The dancers all did so with trepidation.

"Today on Shake it up Chicago…"

Everyone was hanging on his every word. Who would be coming into the studio? Who did they have the potential to be dancing with? Or alternatively what was with all the secrecy? Because they'd never kept something under wraps until twenty minutes before the airing of the show like this before.

"You know how we normally have dance offs…"

He kept pausing in between each sentence, looking around at everyone gathered there, expecting that everyone would be getting so riled up by the prospect of what he was trying to hype. But for Cece Jones, she just couldn't stand how he was making them wait in suspense like that any longer. "Just get on with it already."

Gary gave her an unappreciated glare. "Well this time we're having a completely different type of 'off''. Celebrating the new single 'The Way You Kiss' from Tanya, we're going to be having a kiss off."

Cece opened her mouth again to protest, Rocky followed suit but Gary cut them off.

"And it won't be a kissing my butt off." Making mention of the many times the two of them had gotten the edge in on winning by doing favors for Gary. "The pair who makes kissing history on Shake it up Chicago will get a trip to New York to be in the video with Tanya herself. You'll be dancing, but that kiss will also be in the video, so you'd better make it a good one."

Okay, now there was a good reason to be excited. New York? Tanya? Video? International exposure? Music to Cece's ears. It meant she couldn't go to New York with her BFF Rocky (she couldn't imagine Rocky would agree to kissing her even if Katy Perry highly recommends kissing girls) but maybe Rocky would take one for the team and let Cece have this one.

"So… find your partners, pucker up and we'll start this up in about ten minutes."

Partners? Now Cece was starting to panic. Who? Her eyes fell on Gunther. He owed her. He so owed her… and Rocky was not getting to him first. What did he owe her for? Try having to put up with his presence every day. Looking at him. And that pity dating even though he didn't know it was pity dating. The least he could do was one kiss. Cece strode over and grabbed him by the arm.

He glanced down at her. "Please remove yourself from my appendage."

Tinka crossed her arms. "I vould release my brother if I vere you. He is not going to help you vin the contest."

"Well he's so not going to help YOU win the contest!" Cece spluttered. Yeah, kissing siblings were not going to get their place in Tanya's video. America wasn't ready for that yet.

"Of course not. I'm not entering. Besides he dumped you, vhy vould you want to put yourself through that humiliation again?"

"Hello. New York. Tanya's video. You have no IDEA the amount of humiliation I would put myself through for that."

Tinka had no argument to that. She shrugged. "Fine, you win, take him. But at least take my mouth spray too." She fished around in her purse for it while Gunther seemed disagreeable.

"That's all very gut, but I still haven't agreed to kiss you…"

Cece held up something in front of him. Gunther's mouth opened and closed in shock.

"Is that… is that my… my betwinkler?"

"That's right. And if you want to see it back unharmed, you'll do exactly as I say."

"That's okay. I have my back-up…" Gunther's hand went down to his ankle.

"You mean this?" Cece held up another betwinkler in her other hand.

Gunther gasped loudly and dramatically, turning several heads around them. "You wouldn't!"

Cece had an evil glint in her eye… she SO would.



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