Gary introduces a new competition on Shake It Up Chicago. Cece will stop at nothing to win even if it means... the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Deuce can't get his head around what Rocky did to win the same competition.

Chapter Twelve:

The Bromance

Ty had to suck it up and talk to Deuce about this. It was okay ignoring it, Ty would RATHER have ignored it, but the thing was that it was tearing his sister and his best friend apart and he didn't want any friendship causalities. He was such a sap sometimes.

"Look Deuce man, we need to talk. Keep it real, you know?"

"I know man, I suck as a brother, I never should have tried."

"I think I know why," well, he had a theory and part of him was hoping that it wasn't true and Deuce would just laugh it away. "I think you love Rocky."

Deuce almost dry gagged when he heard it. "What? No way man. That would be a total betrayal of our frien… wait…" Deuce calculated the easy going manner in which Ty brought it up and showed even more surprise, stepping forward, eyebrows raised. "You wouldn't be mad about it?"

"Are you kidding me? At least I'd know if she was with a loser like you I'd be able to easily pound you to the pavement if you did anything to hurt her," he joked but it was a little weird.

Deuce forced an uneasy laugh. "Not exactly funny man." It was all hypothetical though, it wasn't as if anything could happen between them. Deuce was happy with Dina, he didn't even know how Rocky felt about him but he wasn't going to go and smooch it up with her and ruin years of friendship just to find out.

Ty seemed to have guessed it all. "You've got a good thing going with Dina, and Rocky needs to see what's out there first. To fall in love, you know, do whatever Cece talks her into. But then there's going to come a time when you've both done all that and all you'll really need is someone that knows you better than anyone, a friend, someone that will always be there for you. And Deuce, when that time comes, if my sister doesn't see it I'll make her see it." It was heartfelt, Ty meant it. One day he would like to see his sister with Deuce. Who better to trust with his sister than someone he trusted with his life? "And then I'll pound you to the pavement if you hurt her."

Deuce smiled, there was a reason why Ty was his best friend after all. "Deal." He hugged him. Ty tried to wriggle away.

"Okay man. Save some of that for Dina. Cause my bromance level is already at 100." But Deuce just kept on hugging tighter. Man, Ty was the best. He protected him from the creepy crawlies and was surprisingly cool with his little thing with Rocky. He deserved a hugging until he couldn't take it no more.

"I love you man."

"Oxygen! Oxygennnnn!" And Ty really couldn't take it no more.





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