Gary introduces a new competition on Shake It Up Chicago. Cece will stop at nothing to win even if it means... the unthinkable.

Meanwhile, Deuce can't get his head around what Rocky did to win the same competition.

Chapter Two:

The Competition

Gunther knew when he was beaten, and now he most certainly was.

"You have your kiss. But don't expect a follow up act." The things he did for his betwinkler. Actually, the things he did because he kind of wanted to go to New York as well (more for the shopping than the video) but it was just unfortunate that it would have to be with Cece if they won.

Cece had been so busy scheming that she hadn't even noticed who Rocky paired up with. It was one of the breakdancers… a.k.a one of the hottest guys on the show. As soon as Cece scanned the room and saw Rocky talking with him her mouth dropped. No way! Rocky was supposed to let Cece have this. After all only one of them could go to New York and Cece totally let Rocky have the whole modeling thing.

"Hey Cece."

Cece approached Rocky with a forced smile. "Hey, I didn't know you were friends with Luke."

Of course Cece didn't know because Rocky was keeping things from her!

"Yeah, he asked to be my kissing partner in this."

"Aw. That's really nice of him." And really bad for Cece as Rocky had someone who actually wanted to kiss her and Cece had to settle for Gunther. It was starting to look bad for her whole 'plot to get to New York'. But Cece was happy for her friend, she really was. Just a little disappointed for herself. They'd make a really cute couple as well, but she wasn't going to tell Rocky that now and shoot herself in the foot minutes before the competition.

... Make that seconds.

"Okay everyone. Who is ready to make Shake it Up history? If you're in the Kiss Kiss competition come this way… to the kissing booths."

Gimmiky. Of course. Every time they had some competition in the studio Gary went all overboard with the gimmicks. Basically Gary was so cheesy it hurt... well... hurt everybody else that had to be around him.

Cece had her stomach twisting up in knots as she approached Gunther. She could do this. One kiss and she'd be on her way to New York. She took a deep breath and walked alongside Gunther to the main stage.

"Okay, we're going to do this one at a time, Haley and Chris you will be up first. Followed by Kirsty and Brian. And Cece and Gunther. Yolanda and Irven. Rocky and Luke. May the best couple win."

Oh the best couple was going to win, if Cece said so herself, and it was going to be her and sequin boy. No doubt about it (well, maybe a little doubt).



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Gunther half expected her to freeze up again like she did the first time they were on Shake It Up, reassuring himself that kissing her would probably be like kissing a cold, wet fish, but probably a dead one because a live one would be flipping to get out of his hands.



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