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Chapter 1

James POV

I watched as Lily pushed our son into the world. "Honey, I would like to name our son Harry. I have been wanting to name my son Harry since I was a little girl. Do you like the name?"

"Sweety, I love the name. We now have a beautiful son if you want to name him Harry then let's name him Harry." As I finished my sentence Lily screamed "James, I think we're having twins!"

After 10 minutes of Lily screaming, she pushed our beautiful daughter into the world "James you can name her because I named Harry."

After thinking for a while I decided on a name. "Sweety, I think we should name our daughter Sabrina, do you like the name?" I watched as Lily thought for a moment and said "I love the name Sabrina. I am glad that we finally have a family."

After weighing and measuring the twins, I asked the nurse "Will you go get Sirius Black (A:N sorry if I spelt his name wrong) from the waiting room please?"

"Of course Mr. Potter I will be back in a moment." She left in a hurry. When she came back, Lily and I had to ask him a very important question. "Sirius?" I asked "Lily and I would like you to be the children's godfather?"

Shocked Sirius spoke stuttering a bit "I wwwould love to be their gggodfffather." I was so happy he accepted the offer. I have known Sirius since I was at Hogwarts my first year. "Thank you Sirius."

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