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Sabrina's POV

Harry and I are so excited that we are moving away from this stupid city. The bad part is we are moving to the states. We are moving to some place called Fairyport Landing, in New York. I have a feeling that we will still not fit in. But, we have to hope the kids there like us or were screwed.

As I was packing my room for the move, my dad walked in and told me "Honey your mother and I would like to ask you and Harry are fine with us moving. We know that moving from Godricks Hollow was hard so we want to ask you if you are fine with the move?"

"Yah dad I am fine with the move but I don't know how Harry would take it." I said.

"Harry is fine with it, I asked him before I asked you. I am glad that you accept the move." My dad said, hugged me and left the room.

When I finished packing my room, I brought all I could down stairs to put it with the other stuff. I couldn't believe that we were moving tomorrow. This is going to be the last time I see London for a while. Well it is getting late so, I better be going to bed.

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