Creating and passing on lies and forged stories had become something out of habit for JJ. They had become even more far-fetched from the actual truth ever since she had begun working for the Pentagon. She had learned how to keep her face composed, how to keep a straight posture, and to weave words into a calming effect. But with all her practice, all her expertise, she couldn't help but break down, just for once, when Morgan and Prentiss had contacted her and told her the news.

Because for JJ, she needed to break down. She needed to be able to let everything out, all her frustrations, all her worries. With the amount of secrets and stress she had to bottle up with her job, she was going to get worry lines the size of the Grand Canyon etched on her face.

She met them in the coffee shop, the one that they had often gone to before work at the BAU, for what seemed like ages ago. She had ordered the regular, a Mocha Latte with a chocolate ├ęclair on the side.

Sitting silently in her seat, she leaned forward, putting her elbows on the table, soaking in what Morgan was leading up to. She listen as they told of his absences, his odd behavior, his cold demeanor. She slowly realized that the calls that he refused to return weren't because he was being an ass hole. He was sending a silent plea for help.

She listened when Morgan couldn't continue, and Prentiss told her what happened in the round table room, during the procedural briefing that used to be her, JJ's job. It was JJ's job to give the briefings, and as she did, she always watched her team. She always made sure that they were reacting normally, and she always knew if there was something other than the grisly crime at hand on their minds. She would have known if something was going on with Reid. She would have realized.

And finally, she listened as they both told her that they had to have Reid admitted into a hospital, for as long as it took for him to be functioning again, if ever. She listened as they told her about how the forced Reid into his deepest fear.

She couldn't hold in all the emotions anymore. The dam broke, with one single tear finally spilling out of her eyes, followed by more. She let all the frustration, regret, and guilt out, for the first time in months. She felt Morgan's hand on her back, she felt Prentiss pulling JJ into a hug, telling her how she understood. But Prentiss couldn't understand. For as much as Prentiss loved Reid, she couldn't understand how JJ missed Reid. Reid, who was her little brother, her shoulder to cry on. Prentiss couldn't understand that the weeks of work at the Pentagon were unbearable, because Will just didn't know how to let JJ vent like Reid could.

And even though there was an empty hole in her life ever since she began working at the Pentagon, she couldn't help but feel as if the hole just got a whole lot bigger.

I'm wondering if I should add more to this or not. It was originally going to be a one-shot, but this little plot bunny visited me. It's short, but it's how I think JJ would react.