6 Hearts; Auron & Rikku

Finally and after...hardly any requests but still some, I am getting back on with my Six Hearts drabble series. Since you probably haven't read the other ones I'll explain. Lovehearts are a small sweetie consisting of a tubular packet of rather sugary discs, embossed with a heart and a small, cute message, generally two words or thereabouts.

I use a number of these sweets to get prompts, sort those into sets of six an then write a drabble series built around a certain pairing and that particular set of six prompts. Any questions? No well here you go, the first of the Auron and Rikku ones.

Oh and for once this one isn't quite, exactly 100 words or even close, sorry but I just wanted to get it out.

Kiss Me

No-one had the slightest, smallest idea where the blonde Thief had gotten It.

'It' being an ancient song-sphere, the crusty surface of which hid a still working (if slightly tinny in places) recording. One which a bored young Rikku had been singing along to, without a pause longer then that taken to snitch a thingamobbin out of a whatchamacallit inside of some ancient Machina, thus destabilising the whole thing.

More recently she had started getting good enough to do that without stopping, one after another of the group trying in vain to silence her. All trying, all failing, all except one.

The 'great, grumpy, one-eyed mountain' as Rikku called him -a snigger on her lips every time- had held his silence, responding neither to her off tune warbling nor to Tidus' begging that he stop her. So it was that her volume only increased, her accuracy rising far more slowly. Admittedly the apparent need to dance to her song kept Rikku trying harder in battle, expanding her sphere grid ever so slightly faster.

Still after almost three days of Rikku brand singing it came as a a relief even to Yuna, when she pirouhetted back from the battle line, crooning (and managing to do it loudly, softly and badly all at once) out, 'Kiiiiissssss Meeeeee, under th-!"

Her song stopped very suddenly when she realised she had just belted out (with a good deal of emotion, a few more days and her voice might have gotten bearable in it's song) those words into Auron's cowled neck. Frozen stiff her eyes crawled up his neck to stare into his sunglasses. Dread shook her knees.

A single eyebrow rose from behind dark lenses.

A luminescent blush marking her face, Rikku stayed quiet for the rest of the day...

Well until lunch time at least.

Who knew you could find view-spheres just lying around like that.

Reviews are awesome, if it wasn't for them it would probably have been another few years before I got back on thie series.

And for those curious the other pairings so far are; Link & Midna, Naruto & Hinata, Aang & Toph, Zoro & Tashigi, Will & Lyra, Vincent & Yuffie, Ginta & Dorothy, Amarent & Freya, Jio & Yuria, Negi & Multi, Kotaro & Multi...don't think I missed any XD