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"Alright, are you finally going to show me what's in the bag, Duo?"

The pilot of Deathscythe nodded and dropped it on the ground, unzipping its many pockets.

Usagi backed up, violently shaking her head when she saw all of the different types of guns he was unloading. "No, Duo! NO!"

"Are you alright, moonrabbit?" He asked with concern, stopping what he was doing to watch her carefully.

"I—I can't, Duo, I'm sorry. I just can't. I won't ever hurt someone again. I just can't." She sagged against him when he stood and wrapped her tightly in his arms. He shot and killed people without a second thought, and he had a horribly dark and violent side to him. She could accept that, could accept him. But she couldn't do the things that he did. She was a healer, she'd been taught since birth never to harm another living creature.

"Usa, look at me." Duo tilted her chin up gently and pressed his lips to hers. He was tempted to deepen the kiss, but no, they had a job to do out there. "You're just shooting at targets, moonrabbit. That's all."

"No, I'm learning to kill," she snapped. "And I won't do that."

"You're learning to aim, Usagi. Every one of us is training every one of you girls, and after this, I'm going to teach you to throw a decent punch. You hit like a fucking girl." He kissed her again when she gave him a tiny smile. "Now, you've got thin little china doll wrists, so I'm going to start you with a .380. It's small, compact, and could fit in your front pocket. It had a little kick to it, but not as much as my gun does."

"And what kind of gun is yours?" She asked, and jerked back her hand when he held out the .380.

"It's a .45. Let me guess, you were aiming for his hand when you shot the other day?"

"I wasn't aiming," Usagi whispered, not wanting to talk about it. At all. "I just pointed at him, his midsection, I think, and pulled the trigger."

Duo sighed and kissed her, running his free hand through one of her pigtails. "Don't cry, moonrabbit. I know you don't want to learn these things, but you have to. You need to know how to defend yourself. And your people. You're going to be queen one day, right? I'm positive that your mother knows how to shoot a gun properly."

"I don't know if she does. Mother knows a lot of things. But she'd never shoot someone."

"Bullshit," Duo snapped. "I'd bet you my Gundam that your mother would shoot anyone that tried to harm you or one of her people. And just because you're learning how to shoot someone doesn't mean that you actually have to do it, Usa. I'm not leaving your side for the rest of this whole godforsaken war, so I'll likely be doing all of the shooting."

When she still refused to take the pistol, he rolled his eyes and gently pushed her behind him. "Watch, moonrabbit." Duo easily took aim at the target; for him, the motion was as simple as drawing a breath. It was completely automatic, without conscious thought. He squeezed the trigger, popping off several rounds, all of them perfect bullseyes. "See, Usa, there's no harm in it."

Despite the fact that she wanted nothing to do whatsoever with firearms, Usagi was a little in awe of his marksmanship. "You're a really good shot. Can Rei-chan do that, too?"

Duo nodded with a little grin. "Who do you think taught her, moonrabbit? Here," he said, offering her the gun again. "See if you can hit the target."

Usagi reluctantly took it this time. "Duo-kun… I really don't want to do this, but…" She shook her head and sighed. "If something happens like yesterday, I'll blame myself forever if I you get killed because I refused to learn to shoot properly."

"That's my girl," Duo said affectionately. "And I promise, you won't have to shoot anyone again if I'm there and capable of pulling the trigger. Now…" Duo got behind her, and expertly placed her hands in the proper position before backing away. "If you're shooting a harder caliber, make sure you keep your arms and hands like that. Don't lock your elbows. Or your wrists. Much better. Now aim at the target. Wait for the shot to feel right. Wait for the sweet spot. You'll know it when you feel it. And when you do, gently squeeze the trigger, don't pull."

Usagi did as she was told, squinting one eye shut down the line of the sight, waiting for the moment when the shot would feel right. "How long before I can shoot as fast as you?"

"Moonrabbit, all of us pilots are excellent shots, and we trained for years to shoot without thinking. Let the gun become part of you, an extension of your arm. That's how we shoot so well. The gun and I are one when I draw it." He grinned when she took her first shot, and hit the circle just outside of the bullseye. "That's what I'm talking about, moonrabbit."

"And if the center of the target is the heart, what would I have hit?"

"Oh, you would've stopped them for sure, Usa. They would have been gutshot, which is one of the most painful places I've ever gotten shot. If you'd been aiming for the head, you would have hit them in the neck. But for all intents and purposes, I want you to always aim for the chest. It's a bigger target, easier to hit, and will stop a man in his tracks… unless he's one of us, of course."

"You're joking." Usagi lowered the gun and just stared at him.

"Hey, we've all been shot before and just kept fighting. Shit, I've seen Heero fracture his leg, set it himself, and go on about his business." Duo snorted at that. "But Heero's an exception, even among us." He nodded towards the target. "Keep firing, moonrabbit. Until you're comfortable with that gun. Then we'll switch to the next one."

Usagi nodded, squeezed off a few more rounds, and despite her aversion to guns, was a little pleased with the fact that she consistently hitting just outside of the bullseye. "May I try something, Duo-kun? I just want to see if it'll work."

Duo shrugged. "Be my guest, babe." He watched in wonder when her planetary symbol bloomed on her forehead, and she started popping off shots at the target. All of them were perfect shots. Every single one. "Holy shit, moonrabbit." His voice was barely above a whisper, he was so in awe of her. "How…?"

Usagi shrugged. "I told the bullet where I wanted it to go. Not difficult when you have telekinesis."

The pilot of Deathscythe took a .45 from the pack and handed it to her. "It's just like mine, so you should be prepared for the recoil."

Usagi switched guns with him, took aim, and drew a smiley face on the target. "Do I pass?"

Duo nodded, but found himself frowning. "I hope the day never comes when you can't use your powers to cheat like that, babe." He waved off the weapon when she tried to hand it back to him. "You keep it; every one of you girls should have your own gun, and know how to shoot it. The Q-man is teaching Makoto this afternoon, and Trowa's supposed to be teaching Minako tomorrow morning."

Usagi frowned at the mention of the last couple. "Is it just me, or has Trowa been acting strangely around Mina lately?"

Equally troubled, Duo nodded. "Yeah, we're not the only ones to have noticed it, either. I was sure they'd be all hot and heavy by now, but Trowa's been keeping his distance since shortly before we left your kingdom. At first I just thought he was a little skittish about getting close to a girl, but when I tried to ask him about it…"


"He was mad. Every time he's been around Mina, I've seen that muscle in his jaw jump, which means he's angry about something. Maybe you should talk to Mina and see if she has a clue about what's going on?"

Usagi nodded, but felt a little queasy about the whole thing, since she had a very good idea what was wrong. She was someone who knew Mina, really knew her, and knew the truth about her… "This is going to turn out very badly," she whispered. Someone needed to have a chat with Trowa, and fast, before he said something he'd regret and broke Minako's heart.

"Why do you say that?" Duo frowned at the pained expression on her face. "What's wrong, moonrabbit?"

"I was sworn to secrecy, Duo-kun. I'm sorry. I swear, though, I'll tell you. Just not yet, ok?" Usagi fluffed her hair in agitation and shook her head. "Something happened six years ago, and we all took an oath not to speak of it."

"Something bad?" Duo's eyes grew cold. "Did someone hurt Minako? If someone did, I'll kill the rat bastard myself."

Usagi vigorously shook her head. "No, no. Nothing like that. Though I have to admit I'm a little pleased that you'd jump so quickly to come to her defense."

"Any of us would defend you girls, Usagi." Duo pulled her into his arms, kissing her softly, needing the contact. "I'd give my life for you," he whispered.

"I know, Duo. But you'd better never do such a thing. Or I'll have to kick your ass."


Minako put on a touch of lipstick and a little eyeliner. Nothing else, since she was about to get sweaty and it would run all over the place. Trowa had been assigned to help her train in some hand-to-hand combat, since she had little experience in it. She rolled her eyes and huffed. No wonder he hadn't shown any interest in her, the only things Venusians were taught in the training section of their temple were lessons in carnal delights.

Ever since they'd returned from Okinawa, he'd been exceedingly cold, even for him. His stoic, quiet nature had shifted to something hard, something angry, whenever she entered his presence. She frowned sadly and shook her head. It wasn't like she didn't know what was going on with him, but did he have to be such an insensitive prick about it?

While it wasn't required as part of their training, Venusian girls were given the option to lose their virginities at the age of sixteen. All of them did it. Well, almost all of them. The few that declined the training were labeled as prudes, teases, frigid bitches. They were known as the girls that would entice and never put out. Needless to say, all Venusian girls felt pressed at sixteen, and many of them completed the full training because of the constant peer pressure from the other girls.

Quatre had visited the temple with her when he came to Okinawa, and had learned about his ancestors. Minako had shown him around, and one of the priestesses had informed him about their customs and practices. She felt tears prick her eyes; when Quatre had learned about the females' training he had given her a look of disbelief. Since Trowa was his best friend, she knew Quatre had told him about it and Trowa had made his judgment from there.

"Fucking asshole," she hissed. She wiped off the makeup and threw on a tank top and a pair of shorts. Fuck it, she wasn't going to bother with him anymore. Let him be a judgmental prick. He hadn't even bothered to ask her about it, he just assumed she was some sort of slut, without taking into account centuries of Venusian traditions. Not that she'd actually taken part in the full training, but he didn't know that, and she wasn't about to tell him. "At least I know his true colors," she sighed.


Trowa's eyebrow lifted in surprise when Minako stalked into the gym without any makeup on. He'd never seen her without makeup, even when she first got out of bed, it seemed like she was wearing a fresh coat. Maybe it was an ability that girls from Venus had.

He frowned at that thought, and felt a familiar coldness creeping over him. He wasn't some plaything for her to fuck around with. He wasn't some conquest for her to add to the notches in her bedpost, and he wished to God he'd never started falling for her. He hadn't said anything, of course, but he had assumed she'd felt the same way. He'd been planning on making a move while they stayed on Okinawa… until Quatre had approached him with some disturbing news.

Apparently, Minako was some sort of sex goddess in the Temple of Venus; she'd been initiated at sixteen, which was the custom for girls of Venus, and then had grown quite a reputation as being a delightful lover. She'd also grown a reputation for changing lovers as often as she did her underwear, and Trowa would be damned if he was going to be the next name on a long list of conquests. He could have overlooked one or two past lovers, but from what Quatre told him, she'd been with dozens of men.

"What?" Minako snarled at him. If he looked at her like that one more damn time, she'd claw his fucking eyes out, her nail polish be damned.

Trowa blinked, apparently he'd been staring. "Nothing. Get on the mat," he said flatly. He stripped off his shirt, and ignored the way her eyes were trailing up his muscular, hard body. Look all you want, slut. You're not getting any.

Minako took the stance that Makoto had taught her when they were children. While her own training hadn't included fighting, the Princess of Jupiter had always needed someone to practice with, and Mina had been more than happy to oblige. She wasn't nearly as adept as her childhood partner, but she'd picked up a few things along the way.

Trowa held his hands out, and nodded. "Good stance. Punch my hands." He shook his hand when she clobbered it with a right cross, and went to the bench to get a glove. Damn, she hit like a hammer.

"What?" She asked hotly, when he turned his back to her. "Don't want to train a girl?"

"No," he answered coldly. It was fire versus ice all of a sudden, and he shot her an insulting look. He'd been about to compliment her on her good form and a solid punch until she'd slipped into bitch mode. "I don't want to train you. The fact that you're a girl doesn't matter." He put on the glove and returned to the mat. "Again."

Minako aimed for his face this time, but it was expertly blocked. Caught in a haze of pure anger, she suddenly wished she'd been born to Mars; she would have fried him if she could have. She swung a few more times, but the glove caught her vicious blows.

She switched to kicks, and was grimly pleased to see him wince a little at every blow. Her legs had always been her best asset, and not just when she wanted to look good. I shouldn't have spread those rumors, she thought.

She'd planted a few words here and there with the court gossips, and had gained quite the reputation with the boys, even though she'd done nothing to deserve it. She'd never named names, and what she'd spread had been vague at best, but people always assumed, and it had turned into a horrible game of telephone.

Well, at seventeen it hadn't been horrible. She'd been the belle of the ball, never mind that it was all a lie. Now she was regretting it; she should have grown a pair and told the truth, and endured whatever shunning she had to take from people she really didn't even give a shit about. Why did she give a fuck what they thought about her? God, she'd been such a stupid kid. Well, not completely stupid. She hadn't gone through with the training, she hadn't caved into the peer pressure, and she still believed that sex should be an act that you performed with someone you cared about.

"STOP!" Trowa yelled for the third time, and finally shoved her backwards. "Damn it, Minako!" He said angrily, when she flew at him again. "I said stop it!" He put her in a submission hold, but she was still trying so damned hard to hit him that he took her down onto the mat and put her in a figure four.

Mina glared at him, but when she tried to kick out, she gasped in pain. She furiously started swinging blindly back at him, but he only tightened his grip on her harder. "Fucking asshole!" She screamed at him. "Let me go!"

"I will when you calm down," he said icily. "I never thought you'd have this much skill in a fight. Quatre had me under the impression that your people never training for fighting."

"You shouldn't believe everything Quatre says," she shot back. "Now let. Me. Go."

"You're not calm." He shouldn't believe everything Quatre said? Did she know what her cousin had told him? He didn't let his sudden curiosity show. Or the flicker of guilt that fluttered in his stomach. Oh God, if Quatre had been misinformed… he squashed down the immediate urge to apologize to her. He didn't know what she knew, so he'd stay silent for the moment.

"I AM CALM!" She hollered at him, and tried her best to kick him in the face. Pain shot up her thigh when he leaned into the hold, and she furiously smacked her hand on the mat in a tap-out. She started screaming at him in Japanese, telling him how much she hated him, and how he was an assuming son of a bitch, and how she wished she could get up off that floor right then and saw his nuts off with her teeth.

She was almost mad enough to… she stopped struggling immediately, and let her power creep out from her in small, subtle tendrils. Fine. He wanted to be the biggest fucking douchebag on the planet? She could play that game. She'd leave him with the worst hard-on of his life and not give him so much as a kiss. Afterall, he deserved it after playing with her emotions.

Minako felt his hold on her gradually loosen, and she slowly, carefully, slipped out of it. She turned up the force of her power just a notch. "Thank you," she said shortly, and scooped up the glove. She threw it at him, and despite the slight glaze to his eyes, he caught it and put it on.

Trowa blinked when he caught the glove. He slipped it over his hand, and shook his head. Suddenly, he couldn't focus on anything but Minako's gorgeous golden body. He'd let her out of the hold simply because touching her upper thighs had nearly made him pin her on her back and ravage her. What the fuck is wrong with… "You bitch," he hissed. He closed his eyes and fought against whatever she'd managed to do to him while they'd had physical contact, but it was of no use. "What did you do to me?"

"I taught you a lesson." There was no triumph in her tone, only fury. "You're a prick, Trowa, or didn't you hear that before while I was screaming at you?"

"I don't speak Japanese." Two urges ran through him at once when she took a step towards him, fist clenched, ready to break his face. One was to throw her down and fuck her brains out. The other was to beat the shit out of her. While both would be enjoyable, he let his training kick in and blocked them both out. "But I understood the tone well enough. At any rate, I'd rather be a prick than a slut," he replied coldly.

"I'm a slut, huh?" Mina couldn't hide the pain in her voice. "If I'm such a slut, Trowa, why haven't I used my powers on you before now? Why haven't I offered myself to you!?" She was so angry and hurt that the ground began rumbling under their feet, and her symbol pulsed on her forehead. "No, not now, not now," she growled at herself. She backed away from him cautiously towards the door. She wanted to strangle him, but she didn't want to kill him. And she wouldn't let him see how his words had hurt her. The tears were already burning her eyes, threatening to spill down her face. "I fucking hate you, Trowa."

He simply stared at her as she left the room, and shook his head. "No, Quatre was right," he told himself. He had to have been right, because if he was wrong, Trowa had just made the biggest mistake of his life.


Rei pounded on the door furiously, and considered burning it down. "Triton Kino, if you don't open this door right now, you're going to fucking regret it," she snarled.

The door swung open, and cool green eyes stared at her intently. "What?" He asked, a little sharply.

"Inside," Rei ordered, and gave him a push. She slammed the door behind her and fought against the heat building up inside her. "Minako came into the house today, and she was crying so damned hard that it took us an hour to get her to tell us what happened. She couldn't even talk, Trowa. So, what happened?"

"I thought you said she told you."

Rei's fists clenched at her side. "Trowa, if what she told me is what actually happened, I'm going to set your cock on fire." She continued when he didn't bat an eyelash. "She said that you called her a slut."

He shrugged. "So what if I did? It's not any of your business."

Rei's fists were suddenly engulfed in flames, and she took pleasure in the surprise that leapt into those dark green eyes. "Minako is not a slut!" She wanted to rant and call him names, but there weren't any swear words that came to mind that were quite strong enough for what she wanted to call him.

"Yes, she is," Trowa corrected her. "Quatre told me—"

"Oh, fuck Quatre right in his blonde hairy ass! Minako is not a slut!"

"And how would you know?" Trowa asked, slipping back behind that cold, unfeeling mask he always wore.

"If I really have to tell you, then you don't deserve her, Trowa. She cared for you very deeply, and you went and broke her heart just because you decided to believe a rumor that Quatre heard."

Oh God. So, that had been what Minako meant. "How do you know it's just a rumor?"

Rei saw the flicker of remorse in his eyes, and the flames around her hands suddenly went out. "Trowa, if you want to hear this, lose the mask for five minutes. I'm serious," she added, when he started to shake his head.

She watched him slowly fight to drop the stony expression he'd been bearing for years, and nodded with approval when she saw the emotions of regret, fear, and sadness cross over his face. "Mina was sparring with Mako last year, and they were using fencing swords. Mako was close to completing her training, and Mina had always stood in for her sparring partner whenever she needed one."

Trowa nodded. So, that was where she'd learned to throw an effective punch.

"Mina got cut badly," Rei continued, "and the cut was right here." Rei pointed to her inner thigh. "Usagi healed it, no big deal, but while she was searching around in that area to make sure she'd fully fixed the injury, she noticed that Mina still had her hymen." Rei blushed a little, but kept going when horror spread across Trowa's face. "That's right. She's a virgin, you egomaniacal, selfish bastard. God, I almost hate you right now, Trowa. You're such an assuming prick that Usagi wants to beat the shit out of you. And I believe she would if she actually could." Rei let out an inarticulate snarl at the whole thing and threw her hands in the air in frustration. She slammed the door behind her on the way out and left Trowa standing there, speechless.


"You look very nice," Usagi said with a touch of surprise.

Duo tugged self-consciously at the tie that Heero had fixed for him and blushed. "You say that like I never look nice, moonrabbit."

She laughed and gave him the briefest of kisses. "You know better than that, Duo. Are you ready?"

Haruka was going to beat the shit out of him, he knew it. Sighing heavily, he took Usagi's hand and stepped into the circle of snickering princesses. He blinked when he felt power rising all around them, and they were standing in the square on Okinawa. "On second thought, moonrabbit, maybe we should go back…"

"Chicken?" Usagi teased. Tugging on his hand, she pulled him up beside her and began to lead them towards the palace. People were gawking at the two of them when they noticed that their hands were joined, and if Duo chickened out now, word was going to get back to Serenity within minutes, anyway.

Might as well go through with it. "How's the leg, Usa? Don't lie, either, you're still limping."

"It'll be alright," she huffed with a roll of her eyes. "In fact, I'll get Mother to heal it while we're here, ok?"

"Cousin!" Duo yelled, suddenly ecstatic to finally see someone he knew.

"Duo!" Hotaru yelled back happily, waving at him with the hand that wasn't holding her glaive. She giggled when he picked her up and swung her around in a tight hug, acting as if he hadn't seen her in months, rather than days. "What brings you?"

The Gundam pilot abruptly set her down. "We've come to see Lady Serenity. You know where she's at?"

Hotaru slowly took in the fact that Duo was dressed in a nice suit and tie, and her princess was wearing an equally nice day dress. Oh shit. She briefly wondered if she could get a front row seat to see the fireworks when Lady Serenity blew up and started screaming. Nah, she didn't have to wonder, she knew she could. "Right this way," she laughed, grinning at Duo.

"Ugh, is it that obvious?" He sputtered, shooting Usagi a look when she giggled at him. "We're grown, we shouldn't have to ask permission just to date. Marriage, yeah, I agree with asking your mom, but this?"

"It was your idea," Usagi replied with amusement. "Is the big, bad Gundam pilot scared of talking to my mother?"

"Yes, I am. I'd rather face down Heero in a space battle than have your mom give me that look. You know which one I'm talking about. And if you've ever seen Heero in action, you know just how fucking scary he gets when he's focused!"

"Language, Maxwell-san," a silvery voice said from the garden, just as they entered through the gate.

Duo froze, only to be tugged forward by the object of affections. "Sorry, ma'am," he barely managed.

Queen Serenity looked up from pruning her roses, dressed simply in a gardening dress that had been repaired several times. She sighed at the sight of them both, noting their choice in clothing. This was formal then, not just a visit. "I was hoping to hear that my daughter had come to visit me, and you had simply offered to escort her."

Noting the irritation in her voice, Duo quickly stepped forward. Might as well get this over with quickly. "I'd like permission to date your daughter, Serenity-sama."

Duo cringed when she looked up at him like he was a bug that needed to be squashed. "No," she replied flatly. "No," she said again, when he opened his mouth the protest. She was giving him that look now, the one that made her look scary.

"Mother, I'm not a child!" Pushing her way in front of Duo, Usagi faced down her mother for only the second time in existence. It was also the second time in a week. "Duo wants to court me, and I accept his offer."

"You can't have suitors until you're twenty-one, and you know that, Usagi. The matter is closed." Serenity returned to her roses and shook her head. "And this one is a bad influence on you, Usagi. Come June thirtieth, I'll still deny him the request to court you, so just give up now."


"No, Usagi! That's final! Dismissed!" She snapped.

"No, wait, Usa," Duo said quickly, when she turned to storm off. "At least have her heal you first, ok? She might be pissed at me, but you shouldn't be limping around in pain like that."

"What happened?" Serenity said icily. "What did you do?"

"Duo didn't do anything, Mother!" Usagi snarled, grabbing him by the hand and jerking him towards the gate. "Fuck this shit, I don't need it!"

"Watch your language in front of your mother," Duo said flatly, "and get your ass back over here. We're not going anywhere until you're healed, do you hear me? And if you won't listen, you're going to regret it."

"Regret it?" Usagi laughed nastily. "You and what army is going to make me regret it, Duo?"

"You asked for it, moonrabbit." Duo dipped down and caught her around the waist, slinging her over his shoulder caveman style. Marching back over to the queen, he gave her a dangerous-looking smile when she opened her mouth, clearly intent on yelling at him for manhandling her daughter.

Looking around to make sure it was just them and Hotaru, he pulled the struggling princess's skirt up to her waist. "Don't even start yelling at me, Your Majesty. Just heal her and I'll go away. I know that bullet wound's got to hurt, I've been shot plenty of times myself."

"And just how did my daughter get shot!?" Serenity raged at him, pulling at the dressing over her daughter's thigh and backside.

"It's barely a scratch, Mother! Put me down, Duo! This is so embarrassing!" She wailed.

"I gave you a choice, moonrabbit. You wanted to be stubborn." He matched Serenity's glare when she stared him down after looking at the stitched wound.

"You'd better have a very good explanation for this, young man."

Duo nodded sharply. "Heal Usagi and I'll show you."

Serenity laid a hand on her daughter's injury, unable to keep the surprised look from her face. "You'll let me into your head and show me?" She asked.

"Yes, I will." He promptly set Usagi on her feet once her skirt was righted, and held out his hand for her mother. "Go on."

"No, Duo! You're not going to show her all of it!?"

He nodded, still holding his hand out. "Yes, I am. Maybe then, your mother will realize that my intentions are noble." Duo felt a little jolt when his offered hand was taken, and Lady Serenity was there in his mind, watching what had happened the day before.

They had to have been standing there for at least fifteen minutes while Duo watched as well, his mind running like a movie while she saw everything, including the kissing and the minor make-out session in his bed after he'd stitched Usagi up. Which he'd stopped, damn it, and he made sure to point that out to her mentally when he felt her preparing to blow up at him.

Serenity eyed him with a mixture of surprise, gratitude, and fury when she finally pulled away. "Thank you for keeping my daughter safe… and for not taking advantage of her."

A smugness crept over his face when Serenity thanked him. "Taking care of Usa is my pleasure, Lady. As I'm sure you noticed while you were in my head."

"Ugh, don't remind me. Fine, you can date my daughter. Now get out of here before I change my mind, damn it."

Did Serenity just swear at him? Duo grinned and tugged Usagi towards the gate. "You heard her, moonrabbit. Let's get out of here before she changes her mind. But you should come visit her in a couple days, I think."

"Yes, she should!" Serenity yelled from the rose bush she'd gone back to work on. "And when she does, she's taking guards with her!"

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