Chapter 18 The Battle for pride rock

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As the group entered the "Elephant Graveyard" Tojo requested to go to the outlands to make preparations with Kula, Chumvi, Tama, Mheetu and his birds. Simba agreed. Simba, Nala, Sarabi, Timon, and Pumba arrived to a lookout point to see the entire Pride Lands decimated.

"Mom I didn't want to believe you."

"Its Ok son you're here is all that matters." Sarabi said

"Oy were going to fight your uncle for this." Timon pointing out the obvious.

"Yes Timon this my home."

Talk about your fixer upper. Well Simba if it means this much to ya then were with you to the end.

Bluey flew in to the group landing on Simba.

"Daddy Simba all my birds except for Snowey who is at Malkas, have scouted the situation."

"Yes what do you have Bluey"

"Well Sweetie reported that there are Hyenas surrounding Pride rock from the front alcove and the sides. He and I both agree a sneak attack from behind since no one is in the back guarding. Buddy reported the lionesses are being ordered to return to Scar for some reason. Scar is reported to be on a war path for reasons unknown. Birdie is with Tojo and the others preparing and Tojo has his sward with him and is wearing his war hat."

"hmm will need to get a closer look but there are Hyenas directly ahead sleeping. Bluey tell Tojo to be ready as soon as he see me. Let him decide when he thinks he is ready to attack. Simba said.

Yes your Majesty." Bluey flew off

"Alright then Come on lets go." Simba ordered

The group got closer to were the Hyenas were sleeping.

Hyenas I hate Hyenas. So what your plan getting past those guys.

"Live bait"

Good Idea. Heeeey

Common Timon you two got to create a diversion.

What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?If that's your diversion then yes. Luau! If you're hungry for a hunk of fat and juicy meat Eat my buddy Pumbaa here because he is a treat. Come on down and dine. On this tasty swine. All you have to do is get in line. Aaaare you achin' yup yup yup. Foooor some bacon? Yup yup yup Heeee's a big pig yup yup yup. You could be a big pig too. Oy! Heeeelllp as the duo run away from hungery Hiannas.

"Well that was just stupid." Sarabi said.

"Sarabi you have to get used to those two as we did." Nala said

"Ah I see. Well let's proceed."

The three got closer to pride rock.

"Mom Nala you guys rally up the Lionesses and await orders from Tojo or me. I'll go after Scar. As they split and got even closer Scar was out on the war Path.

Saaaaarraaafinnaaaaaaaa! Scar roared Sarafina walked up to scar with here teeth bard.

"Yes My Lord?" Sarafina hissed and bowed.

"Where are your hunting parties they are not doing their jobs, and where are Sarabi and your idiot son?

"Well your Majesty I don't know where my son and Sarabi have been since I have been away from them and with my hunting parties and if you haven't noticed there's no food."

No Sarafina you're not looking hard enough.

Scar its over we have one choice and that's for us to leave Pride Rock.

No, where not going anywhere. Than you have sentenced us all to death. So be it. You can't do that. I am the King I can do what ever I want. If you were half the kings Mufasa and Simba were.

I am ten times more then Mufasa and his brat Simba was. Scar swats Sarafina down. Lightning strikes, Simba, and Nala come into view from behind. Sarafina looks to see Simba and Nala in aw.

"Simba, Nala you're alive."

"Yes Mom we are home." Nala nuzzles her mom "How can that be?" "It doesn't matter now shhh."

Scar recognizes the two.

"Simba Nala you're alive." He looks at the trio who gulped.

"Yes Scar we are and were here to take back what's ours." Just then Bluey landed on a rock and winked at Nala and Simba.

Simba Nala I told you this is my Kingdom now and its you who are trespassing.

"I don't think So Scar. Simba said Attack Simba roared. Bluey waved his wing. Just then Tojo and his gang came out of hiding and Tojo raised his sward "Lionesses Attack." Tojo pointed his sward to a forward motion. Lions went into a forward tush Hyannas.

Hyenas and Lions started to charged at each other.

Simba and Scar were circling while Tojo was barking orders to his birds and the lioness.

Hyannas and Lions were being killed left and right. Lions were winning

Zira noticed the battle and her hunting party rushed in to join the Hyannis in battle.

"You see Simba you are outnumbered and I have the upper hand. But this is what you wanted monarch to monarch eyeball to eyeball." Scar hissed as he and Simba were circling.

"I don't think so Scar."

Just then as the two were about to attack another lighting strike hit and a fire lit up the ground. Timon and Pumba were fighting in their own comical sense. Lions attacking Hyannis in the right and left as Tojo was receiving tactical and barking more orders as Zira was barking orders from her side. Jabs bites and scathes were being performed left and right as each side were fitting a bloody battle.

Scar had scampered to the top of Pride Rock where Simba had perused.

The fight was getting very intense on the ground. Blood was everywhere. Limbs torn apart from both sides.

Slashes musnt slages as Simbas pride was loosing lions left and write. Even Rafaki got in tohe fight. Tojo took an evasive manover to move falnks to his left and had orderded others to pursure arund the lefet of the rock. more jabs and bites contuend.

Chumvi had Zira pinned and bit part of her right ear. Zira screamed in pain but was able to throw him off. Tama had her right eye cought from a hyanna and lsot part of her tail she cowerd away from the fight when her tail was cought off.

Nala finshed off three hyannas and left them to die.

Then Nala had followed up to Simba and Scar who were fighting up there.

"It's over scar you lost now run. Run away and never return." Simba Growled

Yes as you wish your Majesty. Scar had thrown hot coals in Simba's eye to obtain an advantage but failed because Simba had dodged and had Scar Pinned.

Just then Lionesses from Malkas pride had surrounded the Hyenas on the ground. Scar broke Simba's pin and leapt to the ground from the top of pride rock and was about to retreat when more of Malkas pride had the remaining Hyannis and Zira Surrounded. King Malka had emerged from behind his lioness with Snowey ridding his shoulder.

Simba and Nala sprinted down to the surrounded group as now they were smaller and were now outnumbered. "Scar you are banished from My Land to the Outlands and if you or any of your Hyena Friends cross my borders then a prenatally will be a pound of flesh of what you caught. The second offence will be a trail and sentenced to death by the one who crosses over. "

"Simba this is not over yet and you will see my wrath again."

Scar Zira, Nuka, six loyal lionesses and eleven Hyenas left to the outlands.

Malka slowly approached Simba as Snowey flew back to his group.

"It's nice seeing you again Simba" Malka said softly. Malka has a two tone mane and sounds like Sean Connery.

"Malka it's been a long time my old friend." So how are you Nala asked?

"Allow me to you to introduce you to my mate and Queen Mili and my daughter Ashanti." Ashanti curtsied.

Mheetu perked up to see a lioness his own age.

"We are horned to be here to help Malkas old friends." Mili said

Thank you Mili and thank you all for helping my pride. Malka would care to stay here for a few days and attend some ceremonies and my wedding with Nala."

"Please King Malka it would mean a lot to me if you did stay for a while." Nala requested

Of cores Nala we shall stay for a while." Malka joyfully said Malka nodded at his wife.

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