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Chapter 19 The royal wedding and the End?

"I'd like to call Tojo James Kutslaher to approach. Simba said in an authoritative tone but smiled as Tojo gradually approached him and bowed.

"Yes Your Majesty" Tojo said

"Tojo you have served and defined this Pride with the best of your abilities and have proven beyond my or the prides expectations. Therefore I am promoting you General Tojo James Kutslasher head of the new army of this pride that you and your mate Cornel Kula will raise together. What say you."

"Your Majesty I am horned to be the General to the new grand army my wife and I will put together it will be the finest you'll ever see."

Well then General I shall give you this decoration of honor for your bravery and dedication." It was the airplanes captain's wing insignia.

"Thank you Your Majesty" Thank you General wink Thanks for saving my ass buddy Simba whispered in his ear. No problem partner. Tojo bowed and went back to the audience as they cheered.

Next I would Like to call Captain Bluey Bernardo Parakeet. Bluey flew up to Simba and bowed.

"Yes your Highness."

Bluey you and your friends Sweetie, Birdie, Snowey and Buddy have saved me, my future mate and my family many times in the past. You personally helped in defeating scar with your wisdom and courage. I therefore grant you to be my new Majordomo of this Royal family, I believe you and your friends can fulfill this job. What say you.

Your Highness I would be honored to be you new Majordomo and do my best to serve you and the royal family. "Thank You" Bluey Smiled. I present to you Majordomo Bluey Bernardo Parakeet. The crowed cheered as Bluey Bowed. Thanks Daddy Simba he whispered. Don't mention it.

"hey what about us Timon and Pumba complained.

Ah yes Timon and Pumba I haven't forgotten your valiant help against scar and raising Nala and I in the jungle.

"Yes your Majesty" hear it comes Pumba he pokes Pumba who was smiling.

"I hear by promote you two to decorated royal…Babysitters." What. Pumba jabs Timon. Oh well Thanks Simba we wont let you down. Timon and Pumba bow and leave grumbling.

The next morning was Simba and Nalas wedding ceremony. It was all done fancy with white and gold flowers as a mock floor at the base of Priderock. Simba made a law that Commoners may attend the wedding just like he said he would do when he heard about the wedding from Zazu. Rafiki was semi dressed in grass robes as he was the preacher for the ceremony. Simba had the Gold Heart pendent that he received from Nala on his 6 month birthday.

Nala had come out of her dressing area as she was wearing a White Flower crown made by Meer cats. The part of her scarf from her father. The emerald N Necklaces with gold lace chain and the perfume that Chumvi had given her years ago. Also she had purple fruit mascara on.

Nala who was pregnant slowly waddled to a Simba who had his signature Grin. Nala was beaming with joy as she approached the alter. Rafiki began. Simba, Nala friends Family and horned guest we are here today join King Simba J. Lion to this lovely young Lioness Nala H. StarFire.

"Simba Nala I have Presented you, fixed you up, when sick and hurt, and watched you two grow up together and now you are ready to get married and continue the Great Circle of life." Rafiki laughed and smiled widely.

"Simba do you take this lovely Lioness to be your mate Queen and mother? Will you protect her from danger and cherish her in sickness and times of darkness and good times ahead?

"Yes I do."

Nala will take this Lion to be your husband, mate, King, and Father? Will you protect him and take over as loyal queen if he is sick or hurt. Cherish him in good and bad times?'

Yes yes I do.

"Well then hehe you what this means then. Hehe. With the power invest in me from the great sprit and granted from the kings of the past I know pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Lion King and Queen of the Pridelands. Simba you may now Kiss the Bride He he ha ha.

Simba And Nala Kissed as the crowed cheered applaud and whistled for the newlyweds.

"Way to go Simba" Chumvi yelled. "You go girl." Kula screamed That's my boy Sarabi yelled That's my daughter Sarafina yelled. As the two walked down the makeshift aisle of white and golden flowers. "I love moments like this not like love." Timon and Pumba cried.

The reception was very formal but fun. An elephant was found and caught as the main cores. Wines and Champaign was being served from glasses found in the first class section of the airplane. Meer cats served as waiters and bus boys.

"Waiter waiter. Sarafina was already drunk from drinking four glasses of wine and champagne. She had retired her position of team leader as hunts thus putting Sarabi back in charge of her old team and Tama taking over for the another team. Sometimes Kula would be a team leader but had to help Tojo with the new army. Little did Sarafina know that she has become an alcoholic since the day she was introduced to alcohol.

"Damnit where the waiter I am out of that red stuff."

"Sarafina my friend don't you think you've had enough." Yes Mom don't you think you should stop you've had two sparkling liquids and two fun red liquids . "Sarabi, Nala I. I Hiccup haven't even hiccup its my. my daughters wedding hiccup. Don't tell this leader. Er. What. no what I want Hiccup. Sarafina collapsed.


"Nala dear you better let your mother rest. She has it hard these last few years."

At Tojo's table Tojo was playing with the cell phone playing Pac-man when the phone rang.

"Aw crap." hello ?

"Oh my God its Captain Kirk!" a girl said on the other line.

I don't know any Captain Kirk but you send this rambunctious violator of rules to me you understand.

"Yeah sure Captain tell Scotty to beam us up. The girl laughs and hangs up.

Hey Chumvi do you know any Captain Kirk?

No why.

Well call back this female voice and you'll see.

Chumvi is handed the phone and pushes redial.


Hello whos this? Chumvi asks

Oh MY god now we have Batman on the phone. Amy come quick it s Batman.

Who is this Bat Man you speak of. Click

"Hey Malka come over here. Chumvi called King Malka

What Chumvi? Malka pads over to Chumvi.

"I dare ya to play with this flip rectangle."

"Ok. Lets have it." Chumvi passes the phone to Malka.

Chumvi pushes some buttons. It rings. A different female pick up the phone.


This is Mountaineer King Malka Mountaineer.

"Its James Bond gasp. Hi Mr. Bond I'm Pussy Galore."

"Pussy hugh? What type of Lioness has the name Pussy?''

''Oh Mr. Bond?'' click.

I am not Mr. bond. Hello hello pussy? hello

The other lions started to laugh and hit the ground laughing hard.

What what did I say? A studduned Malka lookesd

Nothing Mlaka Ha ha nothing Chumvi and Tojo couldn't stop laughing.

The wedding reception lasted well into the evening as there was dancing and conversation amongst both Simba and Malkas Prides. This was possible due the fact that Rafiki made a fire for the them to see each other that night.

Months later the Pride Lands fully recovered all the animals have returned and Nala gave birth to a healthy Baby Boy Kopa.

Kopa was being presented on a clear blue day about 84 degrees. While Captain Bluey flew in to bow to King Simba and Queen Nala where standing at the Promontory Together as they were proudly smiling and looking at the newly born son being raised to the people. Timon and Pumba were standing next to them razing there hands in front of the cheering of animals. Doves flying in the air. The rest of the blue birds were there in the back end of the promontory with General Tojo who was wearing his napoleon hat and his wife Cornel Kula cooing there daughter Vitani. Chumvi and Tama gave birth to Twin girls Dotty and Spotty. Mheetue and Ashanti were dating each other. As Kopa was being presented. The sun shown in with the ghost of Mufasa smiling above. As "The Circle of Life" continues.

The End or is it?

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