ir stopped squirming, and took a good look at Dexter, from head to toe.

"I'm Gir. This place is cool. What is it?" Gir asked looking around.

"This is where i conduct my experiments." Dexter said, cleaning out a test tube.

"I had one of those back home. Zim would never let me touch his things though." Gir said looking through the test tube, making his eyes bigger.

"Zim? What's a zim?" Dexter asked confused.

"Silly. Zim is my mastah. We were sent to this weird planet to-" Gir began to ramble, but was cut off bye Dexter.

"So, you're not from this planet. Your an alien?" Dexter asked taking a closer look at Gir.

Gir followed Dexters eyes down to his dog suit. He unzipped it. "I wanted to be a mongoose-dog, but zim wouldn't let me."

"Zim is from the same planet?" Dexter asked, pausing at zim's name.

"Nope. Foodcourtia, speaking of food got any?" Gir asked jumping down from the examination table.


"Okay gir, you win!" zim said peeking under the bed. Not under there.

sighing, zim decided that gir would come out eventually and went back to work.


"Dexterrr let me in or i'm telling mom about this little lab of yours!" DeeDee yelled, banging on the wall.

"Fine." The door side open, and Dee Dee galloped in.

"Where's the alien?" Deedee said once Dexter went back to ignoring her.

"I'm not an alien, i'm Gir." Gir said defensively.

"ooohhh." Deedee's eyes lit up like she had just found gold. "GIMME!" Deedee said charging towards gir who dipped out of reach.

"come on out, im not gonna hurt." Deedee said innocently.

"Nuh- uh" Gir said shaking his head.

"Fine, then ill just have to... tickle you out." she said grabbing hold of him.

"Hewwheehehehehe!" Gir squealed.

"Gotcha! your my new friend." Deedee said. At that Dexter turned around slapping on a fresh pair of gloves.

"He stays in here. I'm not sure quite sure what he is yet, and he could be of danger, no offense." Dexter said.

Gir cocked his head to the side. "Huh."


Life without gir in the last 5 hours had been oddly silent. Yet, Zim didn't mind. He could do things he never had the time to do because he was always stopping to clean up one of gir's many messes. Zim sat with his legs up on his working desk and his hands behind his head. He sighed. This isn't so bad.


"What does this do?" Gir asked pulling a random lever. "Don't!" Dexter called just as the power in the Lab shut off.

"Girr..." Dexter groaned as he hopped off his chair and walked over to the switch flicking it once. "Don't touch that."

"Your it!" Deedee said tagging gir and taking off. Gir raced after her, knocking down a few formulas in the process and flipping dexters white board.

As Deedee raced passed Dexter, he reached out and grabbed her, then gir.

"I'm very busy, and i cannot concentration with you guys running wild." He said pleading with his eyes.

"You talk funny." Gir said before tapping Deedee's shoulder and wiggling free of Dexters grip. He raced out of the lab and down the hall.

Deedee not far behind him. Dexter slammed his head onto the counter, then got to work on a new project. His parents would be home soon, and he had no way of explaining a robot to them without revealing everything.

The next morning Zim awoke to a sound free house. Gir had been missing for about 23 hrs, and the arkward silence was killing him. He thought about the last time he had been around gir and how he wanted nothing more than peace and quiet. Then it struck him.

"Thats it! The wish! It must have magically made Gir disappear..." Zim thought. "So the only way to reverse that it is to undo what i did." He raced out side and thought long and hard. "uh, oh magical...handy people, up there. Bring Gir back at once!" he yelled to the skies.

Thats not going to work he thought. "Please bring gir back, and i will never ever be mean to him. I promise."

He waited. And then he waited some more. Nothing happened.

Angry, he kicked a garden gnome. ouch. "Crud!" he yelled shaking his fist at the skies.