So, I was doing this 30 Day Writing Challenge and this was one of the prompts. Naturally, my mind gravitated towards A:TLA...

"Create an OC, and kill them off in a drabble. Do not give the readers any background information on this character. Just… kill them and try to bring out different emotions in your reader."

Just me honing my writing skills. Tell me what you think and if you felt any kind of emotions, or nothing at all, just drop a review and let me know :)


Sokka and Suki ran towards the burning building. Here they were, enjoying a quiet evening on the island of Kyoshi when alerts sounded throughout the village. A fire nation war ship had been spotted on the horizon, headed towards the village.

The two warriors sprung into action, hurrying to organize the other warriors. No one knew what was going on, but they were all praying for the best, and prepared for the worst.

What seemed a century later, the first barrage of flames came at the village. Firebenders seemed to appear out of nowhere.

The villagers, warriors and even children all did their best to try and thwart the firebenders but they were outnumbered horribly.

Sokka did his best to keep Suki in his line of sight, but after the fourth firebender came at him, he lost sight of his Kyoshi warrior.

After disposing of the burly, armor clad fire nation man, Sokka looked wildly around him. The village was over come with firebenders and it was clear who was winning. He saw Suki duck behind a building and he ran after her.

Sokka stopped at the sight of Suki cradling a small child in her arms, cowering behind a building. There was a large gaping wound oozing blood directly over the child's heart.

Sokka knelt down next to Suki and brushed a few stray strands of hair out of the little girl's face. She opened her mouth an inch.

"Her eyes..." she said quietly. Her voice was raspy, as if it hurt to talk. "so cold...heartless."

Suki nodded, and held the little girl closer. Sokka put his arm around her. He could feel his eyes watering and he willed himself to not cry.

"I'm dying...right?" the girl whispered.

Suki didn't answer. When Sokka responded, his voice cracked a little. "You won't have to deal with this war little one. Not anymore."

The girl tried to nod, but it was too painful. "Then I'm glad...she killed me."

"No, don't you say that!" Suki said fiercely. "You deserve to live in peace just like the rest of us. Don't let anyone cheat you out of your life!" She wiped tears away with the back of her hand.

"It bad." the girl shivered, and moved no more. Sokka helped Suki lay her down on the ground and then he grabbed Suki's armed and pulled her up.

"Azula will die." Suki said, looking every bit the warrior she was. She walked off with a second glance at the now dead child.

Sokka followed.

Really short, but I wanted to post it anyway...