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Annabeth's POV

It was only a few weeks after the legendary game of capture the flag but felt like almost a lifetime. So much had changed since the game, when winning a stupid game had been the camper's biggest priority. How stupid and naïve they had been…

"Annabeth, you were just showing me the woods"

Piper's voice pulled me out of my thoughts. Whether that Percy was gone or not didn't change the fact that we had new campers. We had to make them feel as welcome as possible. It's what Percy would have wanted…

I took a breath to calm myself. "Alright, well, these are the woods. Make sure to be armed if you go in. They are mostly used for capture the flag, but sometimes cabin challenges too."

The daughter of Aphrodite looked at me puzzled, obviously not understanding what a cabin challenge was. I would have begun to explain, but I already felt myself slipping away, into the memories I had worked so hard not to think of ever since his disappearance.

I was thinking of a certain night that would forever be engrained in my mind.

I had just woken up in the camp infirmary, but the sky was still pitch black. It took me a second to remember why I was here, but as I sat up, the details came back. I was disappointed, but pretty angry at myself as well.

If only I could have been a little bit sneakier!

Just as I began to survey my surroundings, a pair of eyes made me jump. Spinning around, I saw seaweed brain on one of the beds next to mine, continuing to look at me.

I decided to speak up first,

"Can't sleep?" he just grinned.

"Not even if I tried"

"Well congrats on beating the entire camp" I tried to sound happy for him, but he could see straight through me.

"Thanks…" He tried to sound upbeat, but I could tell that something was bothering him. I just raised an eyebrow. He sighed and began to explain,

"I hope you know why we did this. We didn't want glory or bragging rights or anything like that, but we were all just tired of being used. We wanted to show the rest of the camp….I dunno, I guess we just wanted them to know that we aren't a toy for them to use in their stupid games."

His breath became almost shaky, but he maintained eye contact.

"I'm sick of everyone using me, and I'm sick of everyone thinking that I'll do whatever they want. I guess we just wanted to show the camp that I'm not some kind of tool to use…I hope you'll understand"

I sat back, thinking about what he had said. I began to feel extremely guilty. Using them to get what you want, that was exactly what I had done.

I had almost turned the three against each other, tried to eavesdrop on their plans, and then here I was, offering Percy up to Drew even though he had no say in the matter. Some person I was.

And before I knew what I was doing, I began to spill out everything. From the absolute beginning of the game, all the way up to….

"And I just offered you up! Exactly what you're tired of! Vlacas, no wonder you did this!"

And my rant continued. He was way more forgiving than I could ever be. He told me that it was okay and that as long as I was sorry, that he would overlook it. Seaweed brain did, however, refuse to go on a date with Drew.

I understood completely.

Maybe the game was rough, and maybe it was stressful but as crazy as it sounds the challenge did teach us a lesson.

I had always treated the big three (especially Percy) as part of the plan. From the very first capture the flag up until now I never changed my ways.

But as we continued to talk for what would end up to be the entire night, I began to think that maybe, just maybe, I could change my ways. At least, I would try my hardest.

"Annabeth? Annabeth? What were you saying about cabin challenges?" I was brought back to earth once again.

"Wait, What?" I questioned, completely unaware of what she had said.

"Cabin challenges. What are they again?" Piper looked at me expectantly. I sighed and began to explain the best I could, without getting caught up in memories. I guess I didn't do an amazing job because as soon as I finished-

"So it's pretty much the same as capture the flag?"

And for the first time since seaweed brain disappeared, I felt myself smile.

If only she knew….


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