Well hello there peeps, it certainly has been a while since ive posted anthing. I've been gone since 07, and unfortunately i don't think theres hope of my old stories getting finished. For this I apologize. However, that is neither here nor there.

I've recently come across a show know as Avatar the last air bender and i thought to myself, being a bleachtard, that alott of the dynamics from the plot line could be brought together. Then i began to think of all tthe other characters that could fit, and that's how this plot came about. A few of my OC's may be plugged in here and there, but generally there will be a mish-mash of different known characters.

Crossovers include, Bleach, Avatar ATLA, Kingdom hearts, Trinity Blood, Dragonball Z, Fullmetal Alchemist, Big-O, and perhaps a few others that'll be added along the way.

For now, here's the first installment, please read and review! =D

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'How exotic,' Axel thought to himself as the servant led him through the halls of the BeiFong mansion. Axel just so happened to be the Vice-Captain of squad 9 of the Gotei 13, the military might of the Court of Pure Souls. The Lieutenet quietly sighed as he brushed his hand through his insanely spikey, flame-red hair. It seemed like the walk down these endless halls was taking forever. This was the reason Axel never envied the rich in Soul Society.

'Gods don't they get lost in their own homes?' he questioned himself quietly. Axel himself had grown up in the poor districts of the Rukongai, District 73 to be exact, The Running Weasel they called it. The reason why escaped him as he once again ran another hand through his shoulder length, spiked hair. The Soul Reaper Lieutenant thought back to what had brought him here in the first place.

The BeiFong clan happened to be one of the lesser noble clans, the patriarch Lao BeiFong happened to be rather wealthy. The best kept secret within the clan had been their daughter, who technically didn't exist. The girl had been born blind, this combined with her social status had made her a target, or so thats what her parents had believed. So for the early years of her life they had kept her hidden. This had proved to be a difficult task as the years progressed, for the young girl had begun exhibiting the sign of having abnormally high reiatsu. She was always hungry, her father new what this meant and actually had her room rebuilt with seki seki stone, to prevent her latent spiritual pressure from escaping the premisses. Eventually it had no longer been practical, the girl had become rowdy, and eventually without any assistance had managed to manifest a sword.

Panicking, Lao BeiFong had actually implored to Head Captain Hitsugaya for help, if he could spare a tutor for his daughter. Axel smirked as he recalled what his captain had told him.

"Axel, the Commander-general gave us some interesting news this afternoon." Captain Xemnas had told him as Axel walked into the shared office, his face and bare upperbody drenched with sweat from his training routine.

"Ya don't say cap'n." Axel responded boredly as he poured himself a glass of water and began downing said glass.

"That's right, you get to go to the BeiFong mansion in the Rukongai and tutor their daughter." Xemnas replied with his soft, deep voice, a smirk prevelant on his face. Axel sprayed out the mouthful of water as he did a double-take.

"But but but Captain...Im not some damn teacher." Axel choked out as he coughed and cleared his throat. This was rediculous, he was a lieutenant, not some babysitter to some spoiled rich brat.

Axel chuckled softly as he thought of the incident, his captain sure was a piece of work. Captain Xemnas had been rather adamant about Axel going, so it wasn't like he could refuse. Finally he had been led into a large common room where he saw Lao and his wife sitting.

"Greetings Mr..." The BeiFong patriarch had began, faltering for a name.

"Shamsel, Lieutenant Shamsel," Axel provided for the man, "I heard you have a daughter that could use some training." he stated, getting right to the point in typical Axel fashion.

"Indeed Lieutenant," Lao responded, "My little Toph, she's so frail but she managed to gather the strength to summon her Soul Slayer." the noble fauned over his blind daughter. This was quite contrary to what Axel had heard. Captain Nightroad had been the one to scout her, he said that the girl was rather able, and quite strong.

Axel simply shrugged slightly and continued on, "Well perhaps if i see her, I was sent here to teach and test her abilities." he stated, quoting what his captain had told him, word for word.

"Ling will lead you there." Lao's wife had stated softly, gesturing to the servant that had brought Axel to the room. "Please be careful with her though, she is so weak and frail." Poppy stated sadly. This caused Axel to raise an eyebrow, he was confused at all this.

"Don't worry Ma'am," Axel smiled widely, his cat-like green eyes shimmering, "I won't harm a single hair on her head, by all means I wouldn't want to anger one of the noble families, that'd bring the entire Central 46 down on my head." the Lieutenant laughed, scrubbing a hand through the spikes on the back of his head. The chuckles died in his throat when he noticed the unimpressed looks of the girls parents. With a cough he found his voice again, "Well I guess I'll go look in on her then.." he said nervously, following the servant Ling out of the room.

"What a peculiar fellow." the BeiFong matriarch said, shaking her head, Lao nodded in agreement.

Axel sighed as another long walk had led him to the girls bedroom door. Turning the thank the servant, he noticed the short woman was gone. With a shrug Axel turned back to the large stone door and raised his hand to knock.

"Just come in." called out the voice of a young female, Axel raised his eyebrow at this, his reiatsu was completelty suppressed, and they hadn't made a sound coming down the hall. The lieutenant gave no second thought however as he obliged to the girls statement.

Walking into the room , Axel saw a small dark haired young girl, in appearance she looked to be about twelve or thirteen years old, however things were different within the Soul Society. Age was a relative thing so she was probably closer to about eighty or ninety. She was very short, maybe 4'10" and her raven black hair was up in a bun, bangs falling in front of her sightless eye. Those eyes were the main focus of Axel's gaze, they were so expressive to him. Their color intrigued him, they were a shade of green, similar to his but much lighter, with a milky tint to them, reminding him of the finest cuts of jade. Axel watched her for a while, she was running through some very basic sword stances with her zanpakuto.

"You gonna talk or just stand there and gape like an idiot?" she asked bluntly, as she slid her foot in a semi-circle motion, bringing her sword up on her right side, tip pointing diagonally downward.

"I ain't gaping." Axel stated indignantly, before clearing his throat, "I'm Axel Shamsel, lieutenant of Squad nine, got it memorized?" He stated with a toothy grin, quickly feeling dumb as he remembered the girl was blind.

"Oh, what happened to Captain Dingbat?" the girl ask nonchallant as she straightened and sheathed her zanpakuto, "Name's Toph by the way." she said as she rubbed her cute little button nose.

"Captain Dingbat?" Axel snorted, "He's a bit quirky but I never heard anyone call him that." the lieutenant chuckled, "Anyway im sure he told ya that they'd be sending someone to give ya some real tutoring." the flame haired soul reaper smirked. "That'd be me." Axel stated smugly as he crossed his lean arms.

"That so? Torch-stick?" Toph said, grinning mockingly at the red-headed lieutenant. "Lead away!" she called out excitedly as she dropped into a horse stance, hand resting on her zanpakuto.

'Gee somehow I feel this girl's gonna be the death of me.' Axel thought as a drop of sweat trickled down his forehead, laughing nervously as Toph continued to boldly goad him.