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Their engagement was quite a fortunate one, compared to that o most nobility. Toph and Zuko were lucky to have met before their union was announced. They were lucky to be able to meet before the wedding at all. Their marriage was purely political. After the war, a treaty was signed between the four nations. To ensure the participation of all the nations, each nation was made to form a union, with another nation. The simplest way to do this, was through marriage, and so it was decided, the avatar (the only remaining air nomad) would marry a noble girl of water tribe nobility, and the fire lord would marry a woman of earth kingdom nobility. But there was a conflicting law in the fire nation. The law states that "Under normal circumstances, and in times of peace, the fire lord must be married by the age of 21, and an heir must be produced by the age of 26." Aang and Katara had gotten together shortly after the war, and Katara, being the daughter of a chief, classified as nobility. Their union was not rushed, and their relationship was evidently leading to marriage. Zuko was not so fortunate. His relationship with Mai had ended badly, and on the eve of his 20th birthday, he seemed to have lost all hope of finding the right bride in time. He spent long days in his chambers, or wandering the courtyard, lost in thought. His advisers were becoming anxious, as he seemed to have lost his will to search for a fire lady. So, they took it upon themselves to find one for him. They were adamant, at first, to find a woman of royalty for their fire lord, but as they earth kings had no daughters, they decided to settle for any earth nation woman with noble blood, at an age close to that of the fire lord. These requirements left the advisers with few options, but at last they found her. She was a woman of nobility, and at the age of 16, she would be as youthful and vibrant as the fire lord. Their engagement was negotiated by their governments without either of them knowing. A traditional ball was planned in their honour, to announce their engagement, and allow the couple to meet. Upon learning that he was to be married, the fire lord demanded to know the identity of his fiance, but as it was tradition to have the couple meet for the first time at the ball, with no previous knowledge of each other (this was done with hope that the courtship would be more effective) so his demands were not met. So the night of the ball, fire lord prepared himself in his chambers. His stomach full of knots, his heart full of hope.

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