Title: Please, won't you be my neighbor? Chapter 1

Summery: Kup wasn't sure when he first realized something was off where he lived.

Series: Transformers Animated
Pairing: it's a surprise
Rating: M
Words: 1,972
Chapter includes: a slight creep factor, older bots talking of having sex and loving it, swearing, slash, and references to all three of sticky, spark and plugN'play, and eventual threesomes, moresomes, and mpreg
Disclaimer: Only the demented plot, what there is, is mine

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Kup wasn't sure when he first realized something was off where he lived. It was the little things that added up over time, and several could have been the tipping point.

It might have been the time he realized there were no sparklings at all in his neighborhood. Most areas had at least a couple, from young families just starting out in the world. He just figured the kind of bots moving in were shifting. More and more moving in were singles as opposed to bonded bots.

It might have been when he noticed a lot more of his neighbors were flirting with him then he was used to from vorn past. He kept himself from rusting, but everybot from Quickstep next door to Rattletrack who ran the energon booth on the corner hit on him. Not that he minded the freebees when he'd had a particularly rough sol, but the first time it happened he hadn't even realized it was flirting.

It might have been when he realized several of the new bots who quickly moved into each vacated apartment all had slightly to highly suggestive names. Sure he knew Sparkride from headquarters, but designations like that were the minority. Really, names like Hardspark, Railspike, Sparkdash, and Groundspike were strange. But hey, Cybertron had Valvolux as a city name, so he chewed his cy-gar, shrugged and moved on.

In the end, if he had to name one event that kicked it all off, it would have to be when he took Railspike home after getting a bit overcharged and while Railspike was licking his spark he could have sworn he saw him flicker when he went over the edge. But that was ridiculous, right?

Kup grumbled as he on-lined his optics, already expecting Railspike to be gone. It was the way of things, most bots don't stick around after seeing what they brought home while of questionable mind the night before. That was why 'surprised' didn't cover his reaction to seeing the blue and white trainbot leaning over him smiling. With a yelp he fell off the berth.

"Good morning. I thought I'd get you breakfast before I left." He stood by the berth watching as Kup scrambled to his peds, then offered the cube of low grade. Watching the bot with a close optic, remembering what he though he'd seen last night, he took the cube with a grunt of thanks.

Railspike wasn't an unattractive mech, name not withstanding. Young, and tall, with jutting shoulder armor and helm top, he was on the large size for an autobot. Had some con heritage too he'd guess by the red optics, but he never asked. Insignia on his shoulder meant more then the optics on his face in his opinion. That and living up to it. The stories he could tell about those on both sides of the war not living up, or down for that matter, to their symbols.

Draining the cube with a couple quick swallows he set it aside and cleared his intake.

"So." Primus damn it to the pit, he hated morning afters.

He's been having more morning afters then he's used to lately. He's not sure why he can't help himself, it's actually starting to worry him. It's not like he's shareware, but with some of the bots interested him, well. He's old, not broken. And more and more lately when he goes spark to spark it's felt... like coming home? He's not sure he likes it. It's not like he's facing the same bot and getting used to the frequency, so why...? Frag, if he'd been in his right possessor the sol before he'd never have let Railspike near his spark. Kept it to tactile and maybe his lower 'facing equipment, less chance of getting attached since there was obviously something wrong with his spark. Might be time to make an appointment with a medic. Fraggin' overclocked glitchmice were always after him to come in anyway.

If they knew about this back at headquarters they'd probably laugh themselves sick. Fraggers.

Scowling and shifting where he stood, he began again.

"So, this is a one time thing, right?" He wouldn't mind berthing the hot young thing again, but other then knowing he runs a 'facing toy shop on the corner he doesn't know that much about him. Certainly not the basis of a relationship, and he's not sure what he'd do if Railspike made assumptions.

A smirk and, oddly enough a look of affection, crossed the younger bots faceplates. "Don't worry. I'm not going to swear my eternal and undying devotion. I just didn't feel right leaving after such a wonderful night without leaving you something to restore all the energy we used up."

And now he felt like an aft.

Frag it all.

Well, might as well risk completely blowing up his spacebridges. Fragged up enough anyway that he's probably not gonna actually have a chance with the bot for another night. Fraggin' shame. "I got guard duty. You wanna give me your frequency if you're gonna and get outa here? I'm gonna be late." Digging though his subspace he pulled out a cy-gar and gestured to the door.

He's actually gotten quite a few frequencies from bots in the building, for one thing or another. He takes most of his meals he doesn't get from his dispenser from Rattletrack, goes out sharpshooting with Quickstep, goes drinking with several, and he's fragged at least half the bots in the building besides.

"Oh, sure", pinging his frequency to Kup, Railspike made his way to the door, Kup watching those enticing hip panels and aft wiggle the whole time. Primus, what a sight. "I have to get to the shop anyway. Sparkdash and Groundspike don't like to open without me."

Those three were the strangest set of friends he's seen in a while. They acted more like triplets then an unrelated bot and a set of spark twins. And the younger bots keep trying to get him in their berth at the same time. And hinting they'd like to bring in Railspike too. He's never 'faced the two of them, but not for the lack of them trying.

Having fragged Railspike was probably only going to encourage them.

After the door shut Kup hurried though his morning routine, he was already running about a breem or two behind. Rushing out of the building, he dropped down in transformation and raced off.

Cursing at himself Kup rolled though the streets. He had indeed been late. After being chewed out by his superior he got assigned to council guard duty. Not only was it boring as slag, the council meeting ran over by several joor, and now the medic he'd wanted to see today had gone home already. That was the only opening Crackgear had for the next decacycle. And most other places were closed by now as well! Searching his processor for an alternative he took the corner hard.

It was lucky his neighborhood never had that much traffic. A bot here or there, not usually more then 2 or 3 at a time, though somebot was always out. It wasn't like there was that much in the area, at least during the day. A small oil bar, an energon booth, his apartment building and a few other places. Primus' armor in this part of Cybertron wasn't easy to build around, and no one would dare think of building though the cliffs and drops that were common. No one wanted to damage the structural integrity of their god and protectors armor.

His apartment building was the only one in the area, only housing 14 apartments on two floors, and those who worked at the businesses all rented there. Even the landlord lived there, which made bugging for him for housing complaints easier, not that there were many. Homehearth kept the place in good repair. Kup was just glad he had a place on the ground floor. His joints couldn't have taken those stairs every sol.

Transforming infront of the building he waved to Slickgrip. The bot was the one who owned and ran the salon across from Rattletrack's booth. Paradise Detailing was, despite the name, a down to Cybertron kind of place. The only employee was Slickgrip, and he did paint, detailing, protoform and general maintenance, and cleanings for a reasonably low price. He had washrack stalls for rent in the back and also rented solvent pool to soak in. The motto was: Where your protoform feels like its gone to the Well and back. Honestly, his favorite part was after he had whatever work he'd come in for done.

After the first time or two of him coming in Slickgrip had said he'd been an admirer of his war record and wondered if he could do a little... favor. Let's just say that while Slickgrips grip was fine, what he really excelled at was with his mouth. And there were more uses for the lubricating nozzles in his servos then just for joints. He had no problem that he wanted to... reward him each time he came in. His wires had never been so straight and well cared for.

Walking inside, he bumped into Hardspark, literally. Waving off the steadying servo on his arm from the heavier tankbot, he asked what was going on that he was in such a hurry.

"No reason in particular. Just heading out to dinner at the Rusted Bucket. After I help Rattletrack close down for the sol I'm going to open the bar. You look like you've had a hard sol yourself and you're back later then usual. Is something wrong with you? Are you ok?" A look of concern went over Harksparks faceplates as he reached out and ran his servo up and down Kup's arm, rubbing off a few gray and yellow paint scuffs from their collision.

Grunting Kup chewed on his cy-gar, "Was gonna go ta the medic ta get a few things checked out and my guard duty ran over. Fraggin' medic's gone home for the sol and now I have ta reschedule for a decacycle from now or go to a bot I don't even know."

Humming thoughtfully Harkspark nodded, "I see. Did you consider talking to Camshaft or Boltcrank?"

Camshaft and Boltcrank were the first floor twins. Aspiring medics, still in-training, they were just as interested in berthing him at the same time as Sparkdash and Groundspike. With significantly more success. It was hard to turn down twin nurse bots. Thinking on it, talking to those two wasn't a half bad idea. At the very least they could tell him if there was something to be concerned about.

The pair of red and whites had patched him up before for general things, thought he usually went to Crackgear, and they knew his frame better then he did.

"Do you know if they're in and not busy?"

Hardspark nodded again, "They're in, I passed them just before you. They said they were going to be relaxing tonight."

"OK, then." Disentangling his servo from Hardspark's he gestured his own goodbye. He continued down the hall just past his own apartment to the last one in the hall. Both upstairs and down the last apartment in the hall was a double berthroom apartment normally meant for a small family. In both cases here shared by twins, though in neither apartment did each twin have their own rooms. Camshaft and Boltcrank had their second berthroom made up into a clinic room for bots in the building who needed to be checked over for various reasons.

Sparkdash and Groundspike had turned theirs into a 'facing room featuring their favorite toys from the store.

Pressing the buzzer next to the door Kup put his servos behind his back and waited.