Series: TFA
Pairing: Kup and his harem
Rating: M
Words: 2,312
Chapter includes: a slight creep factor, older bots having sex and loving it, swearing, slash, and hints at all three of sticky, spark and plugN'play
Disclaimer: Only the demented plot, what there is, is mine

Sorry this took so long. Real life has been chewing me up and spitting me out, and finding time to edit it was something that I found hard to find the motivation and time for. I dothank you all for the reviews I get, the constructive criticism and encouragement is very nice. I don't know how many know this, but this is my first Transformers fanfic, and my first fanfic in over a decade. As I told one person I was talking to, "When I last wrote fanfic it was Gundam Wing, and the show was on TV." So this is quite a bit different for me, and I hope to improve over time.

I really appreciate that all the criticism has been constructive and there have been no flames. ^ - ^

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It was one of those lazy days meant for relaxing. The sound of music drifted though the air of the apartment coming from the two bots playing quietly in the living room.

Not many knew Kup played the metallofife. He'd learned it early on in his military carrier, from his own Sergeant on the battlefield. He'd said it was good to have something other then off-lining bots to occupy the time and mind. As he got older, while it was a perfectly acceptable military instrument to play, he didn't like the sniggers he got for playing such a small, cheerful and bouncy instrument. Frankly, most bots only played it for ceremonies these days anyway.

It was coincidence Stringslide even knew he knew how to play it. He'd been laying listening to music with the cylute player after they fragged when one the next song to play was a mettalofife and cylute duet song. Stringslide mentioned that he wished he knew someone who played. He had several pieces he'd gotten as a gift for the combined instruments, but they didn't sound right with anybot playing one of the common substitute instruments.

Stringslide had sounded so slaggen forlorn he couldn't keep his vocalizer quiet and admitted he knew how to play. The mech made his face plates blush he was so enthusiastic about it. Kup ended up coming back the next sol and they'd played that very song they'd been listening to. He'd forgotten how freeing playing a jaunty tune with another bot could be.

Slowly the music wound down and Stringslide plucked the last few strings and hit the last few keys letting it fade away gently to silence. It never failed to amaze Kup to see a bot play the cylute. It was not an easy instrument to play, requiring switching between plucking the cords and playing the keyboard that simulated the percussion attached to the main framework.

Even if they were able to split their attention well enough, some bots still had to get special mods to play, such as extra servos or even tentacles. Stringslide didn't have those, pity, but he had an amazing skill to move his servos to strike the keys and still play the main body. Pit of a shame his vocal processor wasn't suited to singing.

Like most tape deck bots there was a lot of reverb from his speakers coming back to his synthesizer. Of course, Kup had heard worse over the vorn then a bot with an unusual modulator singing. He one time had the unfortunate experience of being on the battlefield while a courting seeker was singing. Almost nothing could top that for audio pain.

He watched younger bot stand and unplug the cord from his hip where it hooked into his sound system. Idly, he wondered what kind of symbiotes Stringslide would choose for himself when he felt up to the responsibility. He wouldn't be able to handle many being on the small, slim side. The bright blue and gold mech had one minibot creator and the size bred true, removing a good deal of his bulk. He looked more like a minibot with speakers attached to this shoulder armor really. Either way he kept to the typical blue, purple or red with gold paint job most tape deck bots preferred to have.

Moving his arms over his head to stretch his cables and servos, the mech smiled and walked over to Kup. Straddling his lap he kissed him, "That was nice."

"Hmm.", Kup hummed in agreement. After what happened with Centerfocus the stellar cycle before all his lovers had gotten a lot more demonstrative and cuddly. At first it'd made him uncomfortable, like they were treating him like a sparkling in need of being taken care of. Holding him longer, kissing him more often, going out to places Kup would like, that sort of thing.

He'd been to the racetrack with Hardspark more then once. Though more to watch the professional racers then anything. Hardspark's tank alt wasn't the best for racing in, and Kup, while he liked to speed around the track on occasion (who didn't) wasn't as young as he used to be.

Finally Kup had clued in that they were trying to romance him. After thinking about it he decided he didn't mind making the odd relationship he had with the rest of the building more than just kinky, yet satisfying, fragging. So he tried to find things they liked that he was normally not interested in but was willing to tolerate or try to like. He found himself enjoying time with one or two of the bots outside of the berth. He was even talked into agreeing to go on a crystal garden walk the next evening with... oh slag.

Ultra Magnus had contacted him and asked for a drinking night tomorrow. He even could guess what it was about, the same reason for an unscheduled drinking secession 50 steller cycles before. When they'd discovered Optimus Prime's supposed off-lining defending the All Spark, he'd gone to Ultra's home and they'd gotten so overcharged they were feeling it thought most of the next sol. Regret was a horrible word.

With recent the return of contact with Optimus Prime's crew and the revelation they were only in emergency stasis on a small organic planet, he definitely knew what this was about. And it was not their usual casual discussion about that bots might be moving on to the Academy and which might make it to promotion.

It also meant that he had to find some way to tell Stringslide that their plans for tomorrow night were canceled, and the reason he was canceling was to get a friend drunk. Guess he might as well just get it over with.

Shifting Stringslide back a bit on his lap, Kup cleared his intake. "You know what we were going ta do tomorrow? The walk through the replica of the Praxian crystal gardens? I have ta cancel them."

Blinking his optics the smaller mech looked confused, "But why? I know you don't have plans with the others."

Kup shoved the question of how he could be so sure nothing had come up aside, and answered, "It's a friend from outside the building. We go drinking together sometimes and he comm'ed me ta say he has an issue he needs ta discuss. And these sort a conversations go a lot easier with highgrade, so we were gonna go ta his place and get overcharged."

Stringslide frowned and nuzzled his neck cables, "Why can't you drink at the oil bar?"

He didn't want to say he'd be drinking with Ultra Magnus. The Magnus liked his privacy as much as Kup did. On the other hand, they hadn't spread gossip about him so...

"I'll ask."

The tape deck mini bot's smile was worth the aggravation of trying to talk Ultra into it. Putting one servo on the bots aft and one behind his helm he pulled those smiling lip plates down into a kiss.

Dubiously the larger truck bot looked at the outside of the bar. Glancing to the side at Kup he had to ask, "Are you are this is a good idea?"

It had taken him assuring the blue bot that the bar was discrete and a lot of talking about the large selection and variety served, but he'd gotten the bot there. He'd still put credits on the reason his superior had agreed to come here was he was wondering why Kup wanted to change a centivorn long habit. They almost never went out, usually just going to one of their homes.

"It'll be fine. The bots here know worse then the Supreme Commander of the Autobots sometimes goes drinking with a friend. Come on." Gesturing the bigger bot to follow him, Kup walked though the door. Still a bit reluctant the other mech moved after him.

Once inside it was obvious Ultra was surprised by how nice the place was. Kup could understand. It looked like all the funds had gone into the insides, judging by the difference between the cracked pealing outside with it's slightly overgrown crystal beds and the interior. The tables and counter tops looked clean, and the lighting was soft but not too dark. In the corner across from a few booths Stringslide was playing with a large amount of skill. Some melodic piece that had an upbeat tone and was a little haunting. Probably not exactly what he was expecting from an out of the the way place with an outside like that.

The blue and white mech watched Kup go to the bar and talk to a large gray and yellow tank bot behind the bar and a neon blue and bright yellow race car bot with an elegant spoiler standing in front. He figured the brightly colored mech was most likely a waiter bot judging by the tray in his servos. The only other patron was Slickgrip seated at the very end of the bar.

The bot waved him over when he still hesitated at the doorway. "Ultra Magnus, Sir, this is Hardspark and this is Flairshaft. Harkspark owns this place and Flairshaft mixes most of the more complicated drinks and serves tables. Mixing's been his hobby since before he joined up. They keep this place running. Hardspark, Flairshaft this is Ultra Magnus, who you've already heard of."

Flairshaft put a servo on Kup's arm leaning slightly into his side, "Huh. You didn't say the friend you were bringing tonight was the Magnus." He turned his helm to more directly address the truck bot he was clinging to, "Will you be wanting something special tonight? I don't mind putting on a show, you know I'm quite good at working with my servos."

The Autobot Commander raised his optic ridges at that.

Kup flushed, "He means with the bottles and cubes. He tosses them around and such." Turning to look at the two staff members he muttered, "No show tonight, we'll be at one of the booths not the counter. Just my usual, highgrade with rust and quartz ta start out with. Some of the carletonite too. Ultra Magnus will say what he wants."

Still looking amused the Magnus nodded to the two bots, "Yes, I'll have single refined Polyhexian highgrade if you have it in stock. With iron sulfide shavings mixed in please."

"You got it! It'll be brought to your booth." Hardspark grinned at them and started prepping while Flairshaft smiled one last time at the two truck bots and left to go check on Slickgrip. The sweeper truck bot was signaling for him.

Still a bit flushed Kup led his superior to one of the back booths. They were both the largest and the ones with the most privacy. Flairshaft's words had brought back some of the 'performances' they'd done in this bar. Role-plays were whichever bots were free came to the bar and he came and picked who he wanted for the night and had them while the rest of the bots watched. Sometimes more then one bot, or he'd just watch himself.

On more then one memorable occasion it had devolved into an orgy of sparks, spikes and valves. Someone inside him, spikes rubbing around his sparkchamber, a valve clamping him tight inside, a spark by his mouth where he could suck at it, face shoved in the corona to where he could lick on the small bit of crystallized energy at the center.

Sitting at the booth he glanced at Flairshaft out of the corner of his optic, visually tracing the shape of his aft, then cursed as his fans kicked on. Ultra Magnus politely hid his laughter behind his servo while Kup forcefully shut them down.

"Our server seems quite taken with you." Ultra grinned at his old friend's embarrassment, "He certainly didn't flirt with me like that. Was he the reason you wanted to come here?"

Kup scowled at the other bot's amusement.

"Ha, ha. Very funny. Glad you're amused." Kup grunted, still watching from the corner of his optic as Flairshaft gathered the tray with their drinks from the bar.

Ultra just shook his head still grinning, "Seriously, the bot does seem interested. Have you considered asking him out?"

Kup gnawed on his, now completely decorative, cy-gar. He had to say he was saving credits since he stopped actively smoking. He hadn't been buying most of them himself, but that had only reminded him how expensive they were when he did buy them.

"That's not why we're here, remember? You wanted to talk. What's been going on?"

The other bot's grin dimmed. Opening his mouth to answer he paused when the race car bot placed the drinks and crystals down in front of them.

"Will that be all for now?" Flairshafts's servo accidentally slightly brushed Kup's tire as he moved more off to the side and not directly beside the table. Kup shuddered visibly under the pleasant tingles the touch produced and Ultra's smile widened again.

"Yes, we're fine. All this on my tab for the end of the night please." He cut off the Sergeant's protests, "I insist. As you said, while coming here was your idea, I was the one who asked you for your time."

With a sigh the truck bot nodded, knowing he wouldn't win an argument.

"As you wish sirs." The server bot set down a small unit with a button on the table, leaning over Kup's shoulder to do so, rubbing his chest plates on his tire and shoulder "If you need something press this and I'll come right over as soon as I can. Take care till then." Throwing a last smile in Kup's direction the mech sauntered off.

Ultra just smirked at his companion.

"Oh, shut up Sir."