Happy New Years everyone. Sorry this is not another part of Won't You be my Neighbor, but I'm holding off on posting any more of it until I'm much closer to the end then I currently am. This is for several reasons. Know that I AM writing on it, however the next post of it is a long way off. I use meetingwords if anyone wants to watch me write, but anything written there is subject to change and I'm quite a bit ahead of anything posted here. PM me for the address since ff won't just let me post it.

I know Author Notes are against the rules, but I thought you deserved to know that this is not abandoned, just being held back till further in. I considered just adding it to the end of the last chapter, but I'm not sure anyone who has it on alerts would get notice of the change. I will delete this so you should get an alert when I finally get it ready to put up. Unfortunately, I don't know how long that will be.

Thank you for you patience for bearing with me this long.