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Chapter 1: Nerves

"Ma! Stop messing with it!" I yelled at my mother, her fingers messing with the tulle on the dress, "We need to go get our nails done!"

"I know, but it's so pretty, honey!" She said dreamily as she zipped up the dress bag. It was quite large, even for a wedding dress. I bit my lower lip anxiously, the word "wedding" ringing in my mind. Tomorrow was the big day and I couldn't be more nervous! What if something goes wrong? What if I get cold feet?

"I know, Ma, but we gotta go!" I said, grabbing my mom by the arm. Once we were out into the hallway, Mikaela put a blindfold on me. We were at a swanky hotel in downtown D.C, where the reception will be held. Mikaela didn't want me to see any of the decor, so whenever we left or came back in, I'd have to put on the blindfold. It was getting tiring after a week now.

"Let's go get our nails done!" I heard Katy squeak as they helped me pick my way down the hallways. After a week of doing this, I practically knew where to go. They all helped me into the RV and I pulled off the blindfold.

"Happy? Didn't see a damned thing!" I sighed as Mikaela and Katy nodded furiously.

"It's bad luck for the bride to see her reception before her wedding day!" Mikaela pointed to me.

"I thought that was only for if the groom saw the bride a day before or the day of their wedding," I crossed my arms and pouted. Me and Bee hadn't seen each other in nearly two weeks. To much preparation, "Or if it's for her wedding spot. C'mon, I'm not even getting married here!"

I threw up my hands and Katy giggled, "We know that-"

"But this is more fun!" Mikaela finished. Shaking my head, I smiled at the two girls. They had become fast friends in the past month we've spent together, and I was happy. My two best friends got along with each other, so I was good.

We chatted amongst ourselves until Mom pulled into a large parking lot and began to tug me towards the door.

"Go on in, hon. We got reservations. We'll be in in a moment," I raised an eyebrow, but climbed down the stairs from the RV anyways. Stepping out, I wrapped my jacket closer to me. It was October, but the days were unusually cold. Hell, it snowed a few days ago! And it looked like it would again today. I just hoped it didn't snow tomorrow (seeing as my wedding will be held outside). I walked into a large salon (the place had three freaking stories!) and walked up to the receptionist.

"Hi, welcome to J'adore," She smiled at me, "Do you have a reservation?"

"Yes, uhm... Witwicky?" I asked quietly, looking around and not liking how packed the place was. The receptionist nodded and stood up.

"If you'll follow me, Miss Witwicky," I nodded and followed her through the throngs of salon chairs, nail stations, and various massage areas to a hidden stairwell. Climbing up, it curved to the second story. It was more calm than the last but still as packed. The receptionist continued to walk to the left to another stairwell and up that one. Groaning inwardly, I asked what the hell my mom had gotten me for a package. Finally reaching the third story, I looked around and saw that this floor was full of private rooms and then a salon towards the north end of it. The receptionist walked into one of the rooms and gestured to a chair.

"Bell will be with you in a moment. Please enjoy our complimentary champagne while you wait," My eyes widened slightly as I took a seat and watched the receptionist walk away. I know my Mom wanted me to have a fairy tale wedding that she couldn't have, but this was a bit much for me. Looking at the champagne container, I shook my head. I wasn't much of a drinker, but when I did, I could hold my liqour. I'd go for Grey Goose or Svenka before I'd go for this stuff. Turning, I looked at myself in the largely lit mirror. My skin had definitely tanned in the past week (Mikaela and my Mom took turns on taking me to the beach to tan my pale skin) and most of my scrapes and bumps had gone down.

If you didn't know, I saved the world about a month ago for the third time. It was then after that my wonderful boyfriend, Bee, proposed to me. Now I was stuck with three psychopaths for the past month.

Running back over my features, I saw that my green eyes stood out more against my tanned skin, almost electric in character. My high cheekbones were almost flat and my nose was slightly flat on top. My deep red-brown hair fell down my back in slight waves and sharp bangs framed my face. I sat in the chair lankily, my long limbs stretched out in a lazy fashion. I turned when I saw a figure walk into the room.

"Hi, I'm Bell and I will be your nail and hair stylist for today," She smiled. She was pretty as well. She was petite and kind of round, a cute pear-shape kind of girl. Her blonde hair was full of ringlets and she had a round face that were lost to full, rosy cheeks and plump lips. Her eyes were a dazzling blue and I couldn't help but think she looked like a cherub. She was so cute!

"I'm sorry, but I only need nails. My hair could be done tomorrow," She shook her head, her ringlets bouncing.

"Your mom told me to do your hair today, in fears that you won't have time tomorrow," I groaned and face palmed, happy my scrape on my forehead and healed nicely and my arm was no longer bandaged.

"Don't worry about it, Miss Bell. Really. I dunno how I would sleep tonight if you did my hair now," I smiled gently. She walked up to me and put a hand on her hip.

"My name isn't Miss Bell. It's just Bell. Miss is my momma," She smiled, "And I'm only going to perm your hair. By tomorrow, the curls will be softer than they are today. You sleep on them and run some solution through it, you're hair will be softly curled and give you a nice framing. Now, for the color."

I stayed quiet while she turned me around and began to map out what she wanted to do. It was when she began getting out her supplies when my Mom, Katy, and Mikaela walked in with wide smiles.

"Why are you girls smiling?" I asked, almost afraid to know the answer.

"Happy early wedding!" They each held out bags. I stared at them wide-eyed before smiling.

"You guys!" I smiled and grabbed the bags. Katy's was a medium sized, blue one. Mikaelas was a large, pink one with a familiar logo on it. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow, "Victoria's Secret? Really?"

"Wait till you see what's in it," She winked and I rolled my eyes. Mom still had her gift in her hand. I opened Katy's first, pulling out the tissue paper while Bell set to work with highlighting and lowlighting my hair. It didn't bother me much. I pulled out a pretty blue flower barette. It had silver and gold vines wrapping around a pretty white and blue lily.

"Thanks, Katy," I smiled and hugged her.

"It's something borrowed and something blue," She smiled and pointed to it, "Give it back to me though, it was my moms."

I nodded and went to Mikaela's gift now. Pulling out the red tissue paper, I turned just about as red as the tissue paper. There was definitely something lacy in the bag. Actually, several lacy things. Pulling them out one by one, I saw that she had bought me four lingerie outfits. Two of them were one pieces (one red, one white) and the other two were a set (one black, one blue).

"Thanks, I think," I muttered as she laughed. Shaking my head, I didn't want to look into details of them right now, so I put them back into the bag. Mom stepped up to me and gave me her bag. Reaching into it, I scrunched my eyebrows when I saw a neat little box. It was a velvet and black and when I opened it I saw a very soft and pretty garter. It was a pretty pastel pink with slight lace around it. Picking it up, I rubbed the garter between my fingers and it felt like silk. I looked at my mom. She had tears in her eyes.

"Somethin' new," She said softly. I pressed my lips together when I tried to hold back my tears. She pointed to the bag, "Somethin' else."

Looking back in the bag, I reached in and brought out a thin and long red box. Opening it, I gasped. It was a white choker that I had seen many a time when I was little, always wanting to touch it but Mom never let met. It was a white, shimmery stretchy cloth that had lace above and below it. The band itself was thin and you could tell it had years of wear and tear. I looked up at my Mom.

"Somethin' old," She smiled, her tears flowing softly down her cheeks. She reached out and traced the fabric, "It was your Great-Aunt's. She gave it to me when you were born, not even when I got married. No, when you were born, she gave it to me and said 'Make sure she wears it for her wedding. And make sure the wedding is not one that will end to soon. Make sure it's a wedding that will last forever, like this choker.'."

I began to get choked up, a few tears streaming down my face. Hell, Mikaela and Katy were beginning to cry. I knew how hard it was on my Mom and Dad to let go of me. I was the one to keep Sam out of trouble, I was the one to keep them in check, I was the one who always wanted to call them everynight to say 'I love you' when even Sam didn't. And now they were giving me away. After 22 years of taking care of me, they're giving me away. Mom leaned in and hugged me tightly, careful not to mess with the aluminum strips in my hair. I pulled away and sniffled.

"God, look at us. A day before my wedding and we're all crying!" I laughed softly as I saw everyone begin to bring out smiles, "C'mon, last day of being a bachelorette!"

"Party? I think so," Mikaela smiled widely.

"Please, no," I smiled. She looked downcast, "I'd rather hang out with you guys than party."

They smiled and brought out the champagne. Katy was smart, though, and brought out a flask from her purse. I raised an eyebrow and she smiled.

"Dugyeonju," My eyes widened and I smiled.

"How?" She laughed slightly as Bell gave us a few wine glasses. Katy poured they yellowish-brown liquid into the wine glass half way and gave it to me. The pungent smell was welcoming to my nose and my mom looked at it.

"Doog-yawn-chew?" Me and Katy burst into a fit of giggles while Mikaela looked as confused as my mom.

"Dugyeonju," I said, the Korean name easy on my tongue, "It's a highly concentrated liquor from South Korea. It was my favorite when me and Katy were there. In Korea, if you are 2o in Korean age, then you're allowed to drink."

They just stared blankly at me.

"Basically, what that means," Katy intervened, "Is that when we're 19, we're 2o in Korean age. The first 9 months is considered part of your first year. So you have 2 birthdays in South Korea. The day you were concieved and the day you were actually born. After 3 months, you are one."

"In other words, you're a year older in Korean age then you are in, say, the U.S. Get it?" Mikaela and my Mom slowly nodded. I took a sip of the liquor, my face scrunching up slightly at the strong taste but then relaxed, "Haven't had this in a while."

"You're tellin' me. Had this flown in for you. I remember it being your fave?" Katy smiled as she sipped hers. Mom and Mikaela stuck to the champagne.

"Yep. Probably because of the Azalea petal part of it. Wasn't yours ihwaju?" I said, sipping my drink as Bell worked on fixing up the finishing touches of my coloring.

"Yeah, because I love the Pear Blossom part. God, we just love flowers, don't we?" Katy giggled, the liquor getting into her system. Since she was so small, it was easier for the liquor to take ahold (seeing as Dugyeonju is 21% alcohol). Shaking my head, I continued to sip from my glass and watched as the girls chatted.

It took about an hour for my hair to be completely colored and another 3 for it to be permed. Then two more hours for my nails (since it was the first time I was getting acrylic) and an hour for my feet. So all in all, we spent about 7 hours in the salon, giggling and having fun while the liqour began to wear off. Now we were getting high off the nail fumes. It was bad.

"Sa-a-am!" Mom sang into her phone. Me, Mikaela, and Katy all giggled. We were pretty off our rocker right now, "Sa-a-ammy! We need your help!"

Since I still had some sort of rational thinking going on, I had convinced Mom to call someone to come pick us up. I didn't want to get into an accident a day before my wedding.

"C'mon, Sammy! Who's gonna do-o-o it?" Mom sang and we all giggled again. We were walking towards the RV and at some point, Katy ended up tripping over her own two feet and drug me and Mikaela with her on her fall down, "Oops! Katy and Jessy and Mikaela all fell down!"

We were still giggling like madmen and I saw Mom shove the phone in my face.

"Yes, Sam?" I said between giggles.

"God, you guys are drunk, aren't you?" He groaned.

"I'm only buzzed. Mom's all out and Mikaela and Katy can't hold their alcohol," I stopped giggling, but it was hard to contain them.

"So you're the one who has enough sense to call me?"

"Actually, Mom did that," I began to giggle again, hiccupping slightly.

"Ah, god. Okay, I can't do it but maybe I can convince Ironhide to... Ironhide!" I heard my brother call and then talk to the Autobot, "Jess? Ironhide's on his way."

"Kay kay!" I giggled, still on the cold pavement, "Bye Sammy!"

I hung up and began to giggle with the girls. Mom ended up falling onto her butt as well, drunk as shit and high off the acryllics. About 1o minutes later, Ironhide pulled up and his holoform hopped out. He came over to us, still giggling on the pavement of the parking lot. He loomed over us.

"What're you guys doin'?" He asked, obviously confused.

"We're kinda drunk," I smiled, "I'm buzzed, they're gone. It seems it's only me who can hold her liquor."

Katy giggled and rolled on top of me, spreading her arms out, "Whee! I'm flyin'! I'm an airplane!"

"You're not an airplane!" Mikaela pointed out, "Youse a lady bug!"

"No!" Katy said childishly, "I'm a cheetah!"

"Cheetahs can't fly!"

"Can so!"


"Can so!"


I groaned and pinched the bridge of my nose, smiling, but feeling a headache coming on. I looked up at Ironhide, who looked somewhat amused.

"Can you get your girlfriend offa me?" I asked, not exactly liking how heavy she suddenly got. Ironhide chuckled and was able to pick Katy up and off of me, slinging her over one shoulder. He then grabbed Mikaela and slung her over his other shoulder. He walked to his alt. form, putting them in the backseat while I got off the ground and helped Mom up.

"What're gonna do 'bout that thing?" Ironhide jerked a thumb over at the RV while picking Mom up, to high and drunk to stand upright. I walked over with him and Mom, me climbing into the passengers seat and him placing Mom in the seat behind me.

"I dunno. Probably have Sam or someone come pick it up later. Don't really care right now. I feel a headache comin' on," I said, rubbing my temple slightly. Ironhide hopped in the drivers seat and all of our seatbelts did themselves, mine a bit slacker than usual. Ironhide pulled out of the parking lot and I cracked the window open a little, enjoying the cool breeze over my face, "Damn Dugyeonju."

"Pardon?" Ironhide asked. I turned to him and laughed, "Is that some sorta foreign insult?"

"Naega dangsin-eul moyohago wonhandamyeon, nan ajighaess-eul," I laughed when he gave me a 'WTF?' look, "I said 'If I wanted to insult you, I would've done so already'."

"So you didn't insult me?"

"No," I giggled, turning back to the window, "Dugyeonju is a Korean liquor that Katy flew in for us to celebrate with."


I looked at him, giving him a 'Really?' look. He scrunched his eyebrows slightly and then realization dawned on him.

"The wedding?"

"Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner!" I smiled and he chuckled.

"Y'know, this means a lot to him. Bee, I mean," I looked at Ironhide, waiting for him to continue. He sighed and ran a hand through his short hair, "He has more guts th'n me right now. Proposin' n' stuff."

I chuckled, thinking that must be a low blow to his ego.

"He really loves ya, Jess. More so than alotta femmes I've seen 'im be with," I pursed my lips slightly at the thought, my heart clenching thinking about Bee being with someone else, "I'm not sayin' that he thinks 'bout 'em now. All he ever talks 'bout is you."

I smiled sheepishly, Ironhide probably saw me purse my lips or felt my fingers clench slightly against the door. He smiled softly as he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel.

"Y'know how I feel 'bout this Jess, I thought it was unnecessary in the beginnin'. Once I did my research 'n saw how happy Katy's been 'bout it, I've reconsidered. Do ya' think that Katy would, y'know?" He spoke softly. He scratched the back of his head while I had a smile growing slowly on my face.

"You wanna propose to Katy?" Ironhide nodded, a bit embarassed about having to ask me about it, "I'm flattered that you'd come to me about it, but honestly, I think Katy is fine just having you as a boyfriend. Me and Bee have been together for nearly 5 years and he pops the question now. You don't have to rush it. Ease your way into it. You have plenty of time."

Ironhide smiled and nodded, looking relieved, "Thanks, Jess. For everythin'."

"Not a problem, Ironhide," I clapsed a hand on his shoulder, "Anything I can do to help."

We smiled at each other before looking in the back seat. All three girls were asleep. I groaned.

"How am I going to deal with these girls?" Ironhide chuckled and all of our seatbelts snapped off.

"Do what you've been doin' for the past few years. We all wonder how you can manage keepin' them in check," I smiled and popped open the door, hopping the short ways to the ground. Ironhide managed to sling Katy and my mom over his shoulder and Mikaela stirred slightly when I helped her down.

"You'll see... the reception," She weakly tried to shield my eyes. I laughed softly.

"I won't look at anything but the ground..." She sighed but leant into me. Once we got into the elevator, I stalled.

"What? You don' know what floor you guys are on?" Ironhide turned to me in the elevator.

"Uhm... no," I laughed awkwardly, "They had me blindfolded the entire time."

"The whole time?" He looked at me increduosly, "The entire week?"

I laughed, "Yep."

"Floor 65," Mikaela mumbled.


"She said Floor 65," Ironhide nodded and pushed the button. We waited quietly until we got on the floor. Once the doors slid open, I drug Mikaela out and Ironhide followed. She sleepily showed me where to turn and where our door was. Sliding in the card, I tugged Mikaela inside and Ironhide finally dumped my Mom onto the couch and gently laid Katy on the other. I pulled Mikaela into the room and let her collapse onto her bed. Walking back out, I smiled when I saw Ironhide kneeling beside Katy, tucking a few strands of hair behind her ear, "You should probably be getting back. It's kinda late."

He looked up at me and nodded. Getting up, Ironhide walked to the door and out. I closed the door quietly and ran a hand through my newly permed and colored hair. Bell was right, my hair was in many curls, but they have softened since I left the salon. Chewing on my lower lip, I looked around the large room. It looked a lot like Mikaela's condo, but the color on the walls were a soft peachy color and there was two couches instead of one. Walking over to the sliding glass door, I walked out into the cold October night. Overlooking the brightly lit city, I smiled when my eyes landed on the NEST base. It may have been plain on the outside, but the inside is a whole other world.

A world I was proud to be a part of.

Chewing on my lip slightly, I saw the garage door open and Bee, Optimus, and Dino raced out. Sighing, I ran a hand through my hair. Even though Megatron and them were gone, there were still Decepticons throughout the world and we were called on to weed them all out. Everyone believed me now that didn't have the Energon readers about the total global take-over they attempted. Shaking my head, I couldn't help but watch them drive out of city limits. A split second of fear gripped me, as it always did. What if they didn't come back? What if they were captured? Or damaged beyond repair?

Then, of course, the resonable side of my mind would tell me that was stupid, that they're to experienced to let a rookie mistake occur.

But it still put a slight sliver of fear within me.

Then another thought occurred to me. One that really freaked me out.

If they're leaving tonight, what if they don't make it back tomorrow for the wedding!

My eyes widened and I groaned, hitting my forehead on the cold railing. My eyes slid closed and I yawned, apparently not realizing how tiring a day of drinks and nail fumes can make you. Groaning slightly, I stood up straight and walked into my bedroom, not exactly looking forward to waking up early tomorrow.

"JESS!" I felt three figures tackling me in my bed. My eyes popped open and I let out a small shriek.

"What the hell!" I laughed, looking down at my Mom, Katy, and Mikaela, who all looked up at me and smiled.

"Happy wedding day!" They all sang out. I laughed and I hugged them. They all got up and Mom held out a hand for me to take. Latching onto it, I got up and looked at them.

"Don't you guys have a hangover?"

"I do, but I'm pushin' through for you, my baby girl!" My Mom laughed. I shook my head and Katy and Mikaela grabbed one of my arms.

"Okay! Let's get a large meal in you, 'cause you won't be able to eat after!" Mikaela sang. I groaned and let them drag me out into the kitchen.

Today was going to be a looong day.

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