Hey guys! Long time no see, eh? At least it wasn't a years worth..

Look, I know I said I was going to update more often but that was before a whole bunch of - more - drama went down. Unfortunately, this isn't an update and, I really hate to say it, but I bring bad news.

I think this may be the end of the Jess/Bee series. I have honestly lost all muse for this story. I wrote it when I was just getting back into writing and I had nothing to do during the summer. Looking back, it's extremely mediocre to me and I can't write in first person anymore.

Now with saying that, you all must note the thinkabove. I might end up rewriting the whole series to tie up some loose ends. If I do redo the entire series, there may be some severe changes that will pretty much alter the story so that the outcome is probably a lot better than it is now.

I think what made me lose muse for this story, aside from the obvious drama, is that there was no movie for me to guide along and there was a deeply rooted seedling of fear that I would do the storyline injustice. Now I've been with Transformers since I was little. I've loved it for nearly 19 years and I shall continue to love it until my well runs dry. I have defended it against many people and have come to terms that the movies, though well executed, weren't well written, making others dislike it. First and third movie were awesome but the second? Snoresville.

Anywhore, I really didn't have anywhere to go with this. I didn't have an ending like I usually do with the rest of my stories. Before I start something, I usually have a beginning and end plotted out, and if there are multiple stories like in this series, I'll plot till the very end. Well I plotted until the end of the third movie. Once Honey Bee was done, I had pushed through to try and continue it for you guys but I had no real ending plotted out. Perhaps I thought the series would never end. Well unfortunately things have to come to an end and I really didn't plan this out well.

That being said, I do have places to go with No Memories? as well as Unforseen Circumstances - should I come around to actually, y'know, updating it Jesus fucking Christ - so look for updates in those stories. I have enrolled in college so I probably won't have a lot of free time once that starts so I'm going to try to update those both before it starts - thank god most of the drama in my life is now finally fucking gone so I can focus on my life..

And you guys never know, I just might throw out one last Jess/Bee one shot for the heck of it~

If you guys don't want to look into NM? or UC, I totally understand and I just want to sit here and give you my sincerest thanks. You guys have put up with my bullshit for pretty much 2 years now and I couldn't be more grateful. I've had a few haters here and there and it really sucked since they hit at the peak of my depression but you know what? Only the good stories get haters c;

This isn't goodbye. Not by a longshot. I'm going to put this story on hiatus until I figure out what the hell I want to do with it. I may even toss it all out - I don't think I could do that completely - and make a new story, probably AU or something... But anyways! I really do thank you all and you know what? I'm going to give you guys my Tumblr. I'm almost always on it and if you guys ever want to stop by and say hello or just want to chat, feel free! But until then, goodbye my loves~

- KissMeShawol (aka trollsass on Tumblr)