a/n: so… I came up with this based on the thing that I saw on facebook and youtube from some hardcore followers (I'm one of them-ive even reposted this!) and I wondered what the crew would think if they got a formal memo about it. So here it is!


Together, brothers and sisters, we shall RISE! We shall take back this world that is rightfully ours! We will rise up under the fearless leaders, THE BLACK VEILK BRIDES!

So here is our plan:

We will need heavy clothing, a shit ton of supplies, many notebooks, and unlimited plan cell phones.

Other more optional supplies:

Rope, axes, lumber, building supplies, and an army of trained lemurs. Do not ask what the lemurs are for.

We are going to head south! We go to Antartica. We will take over one square mile of the area, and build our country there. It shall be called BlackVeil Brides Army Country, and we will move there to continue our planning. Eventually this will lead to us setting the world on fire!

Before we light the flame, though, we must rescue our fearless leaders: The Black Veil Brides. They will lead the new world, the way it should be led.

Thank you for your support, bridesmaid/usher, and we hope to welcome you to the army as soon as possible.

The five men stared at the computer in total silence. All were clad in black, covered in black and white makeup. The band was ready for the next performance, stopping for a moment to read some fanmail. What they found was rather shocking. They had seen several joking hints of this "plan", but it was strange, and kind of frightening to see it coming together like this.

Jinxx spoke up. "Wonder what the lemurs are for…" The group nodded collectively.

Andy turned around in the chair, speaking to everyone.

"Dude, we have some fuckin' cracked fans!"