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Weeks after Lissana came back Team Natsu was now Team nothing, they didn't go on missions anymore why? Because they're busy with Lissana except for Lucy that is, she was ignored it pained her, she felt unwanted and rejected by her own friends, her own nakama….

Lucy grabbed her black coat and slipped her running shoes on and left her hair down

'Still snowing outside huh?' Lucy thought as she walked outside to go to the guild and when she did…

"Hey Luce we've go to tell you something!" Natsu shouted from their table there was Erza, Gray, Natsu and Lissana

"Hey what is it?" Lucy asked putting up a fake smile

"Well, we are just wondering if you could go solo for sometime and exchange you with Lissana you know…" Natsu said as he grinned

"Yeah Lucy after all, you can train by then" Erza said agreeing on what Natsu had said

"Or you could be like Mirajane or even like Laxus who is travelling all his life" Gray said giving opinions to Lucy

"You know what for starters, I QUIT THIS TEAM! THERE HAPPY NOW YOU HAVE A NEW MEMBER HOPE YOU'LL BE GLAD!" Lucy said as she slammed the Master's office door open and close

"I think we were too hard on her…" Erza said feeling really guilty

"No she won't mind it she's just having problems with her rent" Natsu just shrugged at her actions but Mirajane was now sobbing while cleaning a glass and Levy was also sobbing along with her dead silence filled the air but was broken when Lucy slammed the door open again stomping downstairs with a very cold expression that rivaled the weather

"L-Lu-Chan please don't" Levy said as she hugged her begging

"I have to" Lucy replied coldly and released herself from Levy's tight hug

"B-but Lucy they didn't mean saying that" Mirajane explained now Titania and the Ice mage were feeling guilty

"I'm sorry but I have to" Lucy said as she disappeared Levy broke down crying with Mirajane comforted her

"What's up with her?" Natsu asked curious of what happened

"You mean everyone here doesn't know?" Mirajane asked shocked they didn't know what happened to their nakama

"Is it that important?" One asked

"What kind of nakama are you huh? She nearly died yesterday and you weren't there and now you just replaced her like a object? What about you huh? What would you feel when you are replaced like a object? Now she left because of her own nakama and her own team!" Levy shouted tears still flowing from her brown eyes the guild went silent while Mirajane comforted Levy

"S-she nearly died yesterday?" Erza asked breaking the silence then Master appeared

"You should be really ashamed of yourselves" Makarov said as he went downstairs

"How long will it take for her to come back?" Gray asked shaking in guilt

"A whole year" Makarov replied coldly "All of you are the reason why especially her team ,except for Mirajane and Levy"

"You even ignored her for weeks, when she asks you to go on missions you always ask Lissana and not her!" Mirajane said she didn't care if it was hurting her little sister but at least she was telling the truth


"What kind of nakama are they, they don't even know my mother was the apprentice of the dragon ruler and that I contain some elements!" Lucy said she was now in the mountains (Note: She used teleportation magic when she disappeared continue reading)

"Really Lucy? I didn't knew you were a half blood dragon or you're just a dragon slayer?" Loki said who forced his own gate open

"I'm just a half breed of both of that I'm sure Loki, I'll be stronger after a year I'll come back there" Lucy said then sensed something

"Loki, someone's here" Lucy said as she had her fighting position ready for battle

"Sure…" Loki nodded and got ready for battle too not long after that, a guy appeared, he had dark green messy hair, slightly light blue eyes, he wore a gray top, dark green pants and a black coat

"Oh, sorry I kinda heard you shouting I thought you're in a fight so I followed you" The guy said

"No problem, I was just mad about something, I'm Lucy" Lucy said as she offered a hand which he gladly accepted

"I'm Yuki Furyoku an dragon slayer" Yuki said

"Nice to meet you I hope we do get along" Lucy said as she smiled at him

"Um, forgetting something?" Loki coughed to know he's still there

"Oh sorry Loki" Lucy apologized to Loki

"Hey Luce watch this" Yuki nudged her then he pointed above Loki's head and twirled his finger snow came down on his head

"Hahahaha" The two laughed while Loki rolled his eyes and went back to the spirit world

Lucy met a new dragon slayer!

Natsu: Luce we're so sorry...

Gray: I feel guilty...

Yeah, but not as guilty as Erza *points to Erza who is sulking at the corner with dark aura around her whispering 'I'm sorry' and 'I feel so guilty it's my fault'*

Gray: She's taking it too much

Mira: I hope you would feel what Lucy felt when you said those

That would hurt I already know that feeling...

Levy: She already started by replacing Natsu

(and a debate begins)

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