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Lucy released their hug and slapped Hibiki at his face hard

"Hey! What the hell was that for?" Hibiki whined touching his cheek

"I still hate you, you know" Lucy glared as she dismissed Grandine

"Lucy, I believe you have some explaining to do" Erza gave Lucy her darkest, coldest glare and pointed a sword towards her throat

"I believe I do NOT have explaining to do" Lucy blankly replied as she emotionlessly stared back at Erza which surprised them

"She's getting good" Gajeel whispered others nodded in agreement just then a huge bird like thing crashed down on them, Lucy then looked up

"I know you…" Lucy said to the bird like thing

"Hey isn't that a Dodrio bird?" Levy asked while hiding behind a tree

"Where's Lissana?" Happy asked Lucy stayed in her place the Dodrio bird looked at her with its cold dark blue eyes

"Your eyes are all filled with lies, I can see through it…" Lucy said as she fused with Acnolowgia the Dodrio bird squawked and went launched an attack

"Lucy!" Natsu went over but failed epically because of a force field

"Stick back there; I'll handle this on my own. I can defend myself so don't interfere with my business!" Lucy growled at them and flinched but nodded so she faced the Dodrio

"Up for a battle till one of us gives up?" Lucy's face darkened thirst and hunger came from her voice Erza and Gajeel then shuddered everyone looked at them

"What? Can't you guys read the atmosphere?" Both said in sync while the others shook their heads no

"Gate of the Maiden I open thee! Virgo!" Lucy summoned "Virgo dig for holes inside in a circle arrangement" she added as Virgo nodded and went to work

"What's she doing?" Eve asked and they shrugged

"Who knows?" P. lily replied back

"She does" Ren said

"Yeah whatever" Eve said as they continued to watch Lucy took out a small velvet box and knelt with one knee down

"IS SHE OUT OF HER MIND?" Gajeel asked as his eyes widened

"She's going to propose to that monster?" Levy's face went pale the bird looked at her with curiosity with a pink flushed face then Loke and Yuki chuckled

"Princess, the holes are done" Virgo said as she appeared beside Lucy who was still on one knee with closed eyes

"Good work Virgo, you may now go back" Lucy said not moving an inch then Virgo was dismissed

"I know we hadn't known each other for long but, will you marry me?" Lucy asked the Dodrio nodded eagerly and grabbed the velvet box and opened it to find…. Aries' wool bomb attack and a short bath from Aquarius so a mist was created and Loke and Yuki's chuckles became laughter

"Ahahaha! That was hilarious!" Yuki said as he continued to laugh

"Did you see the Dodrio's face? It was priceless!" Loke laughed along as the others just chuckled

"Gyahh!" The bird said as it wildly flapped its wings and the mist was gone, so is Lucy the bird looked all around searching for her

"She hid on one of her holes! How bunny like!" Gajeel laughed as he pointed out as Gray smacked his head, as a result he…. Bit his tongue, now it was Gray's turn to laugh


I jumped into one of the holes and ignored what they were talking about outside and covered the underground in pure dry ice and it started to make smoke/mist or whatever you call that then my eyes became white

"It's time…" I walked to a spot and made a hole above me and more mist thingies

I don't know what those mist thingies were called so yeah...

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