Two men stood on the top of a hill, staring out over the burning city below.

Except, that's not correct.

One man stood, proud and regal in his glinting chainmail and polished armor. His feet were almost as wide as his shoulders, giving him a firm platform to hold his brilliant red banner with. His other hand propped itself against his hip, digging sharply through the muscle like a judge's gavel.

The other man sat, hunched over on himself with his chin resting across his folded arms. One hand was outstretched, as if to feel the flames igniting the city. The other hand was pressed tight against his knee, shaking slightly.

"I think you missed a spot," the first man said calmly, pointing with his free hand to a section of city that wasn't billowing smoke.

"Ah. Must have overlooked it at the start."

With a flip of the wrist and a few mumbled words, another house erupted in flames, sending up a fresh bout of screams. Neither of them mentioned that it was just outside the burning castle, a section of town that housed the ward's servant and the Court Physician. Their decision was made.

They satstood together, watching the city crumble to its cornerstones. Women screamed in the streets and guards garbed in crimson bellowed that the king's head had been chopped off and his heir was left somewhere in the ashes. Silence wafted between the pair, floating down from the blonde to curl around the ravenette like a loyal hound.

"Was this…really a good idea?" The taller man asked, blue eyes flickering down to consider his brooding counterpart. The seated man shrugged and continued his examination of the city.

"Shouldn't you have asked that a bit earlier? Besides, we decided we needed to start over."

Laughing hollowly, the first man ducked under the banner that rippled in the wind, watching as smoke from the burning city curled around it. "Maybe you're right."

The other man snorted. "Of course I'm right. That's why you kept me around, isn't it?"

"Of course."

Again, silence.


"Should we move on?"

The blonde looked up, confused. "And do the same thing?"

His companion nodded, finally looking up to reveal dangerous golden eyes. "Yeah. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?" They both ignored the crazed look in his eyes. "And we can claim any of the land we find in the name of the great dragon!"

At those words, both gazes flickered habitually to the golden emblem on the flag before the man holding it smiled. "I suppose it does sound entertaining. Where shall we go first?"

Brushing off the seat of his pants, the ravenette stood and looked around. "I was thinking Mercia. It'll put the message out there, won't it, Sire?"

With a smirk and a twist, the blonde was turned away from the fire. "That's a fine idea for someone so stupid."

And suddenly, they vanished, leaving Camelot ablaze in their wake.

A/N. This was inspired by a picture I saw on dA, 'This Land Is Yet Ours.' by Serain. And really, would any of us really be surprised if Merlin suddenly went on a rampage and dragged Arthur with him?