Sorry it took so long for an update, but here it is! Hope you enjoy :)

Everyone waited a fraction of a second, watching, waiting, expecting them to come back any second. But they were gone. Everyone relaxing before they all were in motion. Carlisle giving out orders.

"Jasper, you and Emmett take Brea home."

"Esme, go with them, get her a change of clothes, before teaching her the rules and taking her on a hunt."

"Alice, come with me, we need to help Leah."

"Rosalie, can you go back to the house and get my doctor supplies? Thank you."

"Edward.." He paused.

"Yes." Edward nodded, answering whatever question Carlisle was thinking.

"Well, I will see you tonight." And he was gone. Along with everyone else in the Cullen family, with the exception of Jasper and Emmett, still struggling with the new vampire Brea.

"We should go." Edward said, as he lifted me bridal style and started running with me, in the direction of what I hoped was Jacob's house. But I couldn't know for sure.

Jacob was nowhere to be found when we got to his house. I walked to his front door with Edward trailing silently behind me. I knocked, before opening the door hesitantly after getting no answer.

The living room was empty, so I walked across it to peek into Jacob's bedroom.

"You know you can just walk in. You don't have to sneak around." Jacobs voice startling me. I didn't know what expected, but I had figured he had fallen asleep, or something along those lines, and therefore explaining the reason he hadn't met us outside.

"Jacob.." I breathed. An excitement building in me from, I don't know where. I pushed open his door the rest of the way before launching myself at him and throwing my arms around his neck and jumping into his arms. I held onto him, clinging on to him, for god knows how many minutes, before crushing my lips to his.

"God Bella," Jacob laughed after pulling back from my kiss a couple minutes later, and setting me back on my feet, "If I'd have known you would act like this every time I get back from a fight, I would do it more often."

I decided to ignore his comment, instead, I asked him, "Are you okay? Your not hurt? He didn't hurt you anywhere?" I glanced over his body, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary at all.

"No, Bella, I'm not hurt. I'm perfectly fine." He said exasperatedly. "Besides," he added, "If I would have had any wounds in the first place - which I didn't - they would have healed by now anyway. Werewolf. Remember?"

Yea, how could I forget. "Right" I agreed.

He laughed before dipping down to give me another kiss. Pulling me down on bed with him. We continued kissing for a few minutes, before I heard a throat being cleared. Oh! Edward, Shit! I can't believe I completely forgot about him.

I wanted to try something, but, neither of them would probably go along with it. It was worth a try though, right? Well, I can always find out.

I looked over to see him leaning against Jacob's door frame. Here goes nothing.

"Come here, Edward." I softly beckoned.

He walked over to come sit on the bed, on the opposite side of me that Jacob was. That was okay though, that worked out perfect for what I was planning.

I looked up in his eyes, they were full of confusion and hesitance. I leaned in slowly to bring my lips to his. He was surprised, and hesitant as always, but after a few long seconds, he brought his hand up to rest on my cheek as he deepened the kiss, glancing at Jacob as he did so, but bringing his attention back to me almost immediately after. I continued kissing him for a couple more minutes, before bringing my hand up to rest against the color of his shirt. Gripping it tightly, I leaned back and tilted my head to the side, to see Jacob. I reached with my other hand to grab the back of his head and bring my lips to his once again. He responded by wrapping one arm around my waist, the other resting where Edwards hand had been moments before.

I shifted closer to Edward and Jacob let me go, his hand on my arm now, still stroking, still caressing. Edward slid his hand under my arm, over my ribs. His thumb finding the curve of my breast. "Oh Edward," I moaned.

He smiled and kissed me then, my arms wrapped around him and I pressed more tightly to him. Jacob's hand started caressing me, my back now, my waist. His touch seemed even hotter when I was pressed to Edward's icy body. Edward stiffened as my kiss grew to deep. He pulled his face away. I shivered.

"That's my cue," Jacob's husky voice whispered and I felt him hot against my back again, melting the ice Edward had turned me into. I gasped as his lips found the back of my neck again. I was still tight to Edward's chest, half hot, half cold. Edward's hand was tracing my hip now. Jacob's hands found my chest, pulling me very gently back to him. I turned to kiss Jacob now, while Edward's hand continued to trace my hips, my spine. I kissed Jacob with abandon, the way I had kissed Edward, the way Jacob had kissed me. Only Jacob didn't pull away. He squeezed me tighter.

"This is what I can give you that he can't," he whispered. Then he nipped my ear and I shrieked.

Edward made his counter argument. His hand traced the inside of my thigh. I gasped and felt my insides moisten. "I think my touch, though less rough, is more intoxicating." Now he lay kisses on each of my vertebrae as Jacob continued to kiss me, his hands tangling in my hair.

"Oh my god," I muttered. "I must be dead."

They both laughed. "I'm glad you're not." Edward answered first.

"You don't have to be," Jacob whispered against my lips.

I turned back to Edward again, wanting more of his kisses. He granted himself more freedom this time, his tongue touching my lips, opening them. Jacob's warm hands were on my stomach, pulling my hips into his. The moistness intensified. I groaned in pleasure.

Suddenly the front door slammed open.

"Jacob!" Billy called, "If your not doing anything, I think you should go down to the Clearwaters. The rest of the pack are there, and wondering where you are."

Jacob groaned beside me.

"I guess I should go" He said reluctantly.

"I'll come with you." I said, not wanting to leave him so soon. I glanced over at Edward to see if he was okay with this. He nodded, still catching his breath, like Jacob and I.

We walked out of Jacob's room, all three of us a little disheveled. Billy glanced up at the of us and shook his head.

"I'm not even going to ask" he said, before reverting his attention back to the T.V.