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(Chapter 2: Dance with the devil)

None of the Hosts had been to school in a few weeks, and Kyoya had only been home a few times for pleasantries, a few pairs of clothing, and his laptop. Most of his time was spent in the hospital, keeping an eye on Haruhi. She had survived the emergency operation to stop the internal bleeding, and they had patched up the worst of the wounds.

He worked on the Club's remaining funds and how they'll recover from this break. He was mainly keeping an eye on their valuable Host for the others, though he was reporting to Tamaki on her condition the most.

While Haruhi was on the road to recovery, there was a small detail that she was in a coma, and the doctors were unsure why.

Kyoya sighed, closing his laptop. Putting it on the coffee table to his right, he stood. He stretched for a moment, glancing at Haruhi before walking out of the room; his destination was to the hospital's cafeteria for lunch.

Shortly after he finished his meal, Kyoya strolled back up to the room. He didn't expect anyone to be there, so when he walked into the room and saw what looked like a double of Haruhi sitting at her side, he paused in surprise.

The girl looked at Kyoya, her chocolate brown eyes meeting his obsidian ones. She stood, smoothing her skirt, "Ah, hello. I think you may have the wrong room…"

"Who are you?" Kyoya was drawing a blank, not remembering anything about…this girl.

She blinked, surprised, "I'm Akemi."

I'm sorry, I changed the name! It means Bright and Beautiful; but this way I'm not just copying Haruhi's name!

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