To begin, we must first note that love comes in many guises. It is not always noticeable, or reciprocated, but it is always there. The forms it assumes vary from person to person, and yet there is one story that love was rooted in from the beginning. Lily Evans and James Potter met on the Hogwarts Express, aged eleven. James; being James, was overly-confident and excitable. Lily; being Lily, was much quieter and yet had it not been for these obvious differences in early nature, it would have taken them a lot longer to notice each other and indeed, hate each other.

What you, dear reader, must remember, is that love can be found even in enemies. The greatest battles are won and lost over love, and nothing was new here - excepting the fact that the battle didn't seem to have an end in sight.

By the time Lily had stormed out of the compartment with Severus, dragging him by the hand and barely noticing him trip on a trunk left abandoned in the corridor, she had already formed her opinion of the two boys still sat, howling with laughter, in the compartment she had just departed. The ignorant; arrogant, stupid little boys who mocked her and her best friend. She struggled to suppress her rage, and as Severus ranted about the benefits of Slytherin, she found herself comparing the two idiots to someone else she had left in a rage barely twenty minutes earlier.

Petunia was, thought Lily with a sigh, so misunderstanding. If you said one thing concerning her abilities, she would freeze up and give a clearly practiced icy glare to whoever was speaking. Maybe time is what I need; time to sort these people out. They must come around eventually.

Five and a half years later.

"Evans! Hey, hey Evans!" James Potter bellowed across the courtyard. Sighing, and without even faltering, Lily called behind her.

"The answer is still no, Potter!" Picking up her speed and resuming her conversation with Alice, who was snickering at the exasperated expression on her best friend's face, Lily hoped to high heavens that Potter wouldn't attempt to catch up with them. Wishful thinking.

"Oh come on Evans, you're practically giving poor Wormy here a coronary!" Lily turned around, to find Potter bearing down on her at a ferocious speed, with the three 'Marauders' who completed his group in tow. Now she was looking, she did notice Pettigrew had gone very red and was wheezing heavily. Despite her dislike of the boys, she felt concerned.

"Pettigrew, go find yourself a goblet of water. You'll faint if you don't catch your breath soon." The small boy made a funny spasm of acknowledgement, and the kindest of the four, Remus (who Lily was quite fond of) hauled him by the arm in the direction of the Great Hall. James watched them go with a bemused expression on his face, shook himself and then turned back to the original cause.

"So... Evans. Doing much this weekend?" He reached a hand nervously up to his hair, rumpled it a little bit, promptly stopped when he noticed Lily's eyes narrowing and dropped it guiltily. He still remembered the first moment he realised that all his constant teasing and arguing with her was possibly more than casual dislike. A casual sniping comment in fourth year had turned his world completely upside down.

"Potter, why is it that you always look as though you've been on a broom in 100mph wind and dragged yourself through a hedge backwards?" That one quip, out of all the things she had said, threw him. He looked at her steadily for the first time in 4 years and then noticed. He noticed how she wasn't a scrawny freckly little girl anymore. He noticed her hair caught the light in that perfect gleam, the red curls tumbling down her back. He noticed her bright green eyes that hinted compassion and fire and a sharpness that he wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of. He noticed how she was no longer pale, but had creamy skin that hinted of her further development into a young woman. She was beautiful. Suddenly, James became aware of a whole lot more than pranks and marauding and Quidditch. He became aware of her.

Pulling himself back to Lily's narrowed eyes; he smiled benignly and waited for her to reply. Her eyes just flickered with annoyance towards his hair then back to his steady gaze and she turned around and walked away.