Draumr Brisingr


Summary- Hidden in the forests of the Spine, a nation has secretly thrived since the fall of King Palancar. When Lyrik Witch's-daughter discovers she may be just what the Varden needs to turn the revolution in their favor, she may get more than she bargained for, in one shade-slaying dragon-rider.

Disclaimer- I most unfortunately do not own the Inheritance Saga (just the books Christopher Paolini wrote…and the movie)- this will not in anyway be based on the movie. I greatly dislike the movie and feel that it seriously butchered a fantastic book series and an awesome hero, the movie would have been okay as a TV series beginner, not as a silver screen film, they left out too much important info from the book, and didn't go by the book at all which basically sucks. Rant over, here's the short first chapter…

Chapter One: Running

Panting for breath, their hearts racing, an odd group of travelers run under the cover of darkness through the forests at the base of the Spine; three ride on horseback. Not far behind were the assassins of Galbatorix, who seemed to be gaining ground with each breath. The group came upon a crossroad, barely visible in the thick brush and lack of light. One trail continued south along the mountain base, another went east towards the desert, and the other was a deer trail that led up the mountains- the travelers paused for a moment's breath here.

One of those who ran on foot was an auburn haired girl. This was her seventeenth summer. She walked to each of her companions who had been with her for many years, never leaving her side, always fighting to live another day. She gave a comforting touch of her hand to their arms, lingering slightly longer on the rider who resembled her, her twin brother. Taking a deep breath she smiled at them all, "I'll see you, all of you, soon, I promise. Live, fight, dream, and be free." She turned and prepared to run up the hidden trail, into the mountains.

The girl's brother dismounted, handed the reigns of his speckled mare to the sandy-brown haired elfin man, who had been running on foot. He, the brother, then mounted a swift bay gelding, behind the silver haired woman who could not see. The elf man mounted the mare and nodding to his companions, turned the speckled horse about, galloping down the southern road.

A dark haired woman on an equally dark stallion turned her horse to take the eastern road. Looking back at the last of her companions, she knew the bonds they developed would bring them together again, but she merely spoke one phrase "Long live freedom and death to the tyrant. Long live the Dragon Riders!"

She flicked the reigns and leapt down the east road. The girl ran up the trail and the two on the bay's back followed after the elfin man at a less rushed pace, just as they heard the assassins grow closer. They were soon leaving the road anyway. The last girl finally began a steady pace up the mountains where her dearest friend awaited her. She had to be very careful and prayed to every god she had ever heard of, human and dwarf alike, and to the greatest heroes to have ever lived in Alagaesia, that the imperial assassins not be smart enough to follow her- if they were she would be leading them straight to the one thing Galbatorix could never find. The one thing he needed more of, if he was ever going to defeat the Varden, the very creatures that she once stole from one of his spies…dragons.

Why are these people in such a rush? Where are they going? Who are they? And will they make it with imperial assassins on their tails?

A.N.: I realize this isn't much for the first chapter, but the rest of them will be much longer- cross my heart!