Chapter 1 ~ Infatuated ~

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This chapter is set directly after GS3.

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Rating - T for occasional swearing.

Phoenix Wright took a deep sigh and leant back on his worn out leather reclining chair and gently rested his palm on the mop of black hair that framed the face of his assistant, Maya Fey. She was resting her head against the defence attorney's knees, completely silent, if not for the gentle give-away breathing that indicated she was sleeping peacefully, at ease. Phoenix smiled wryly as he felt his knees gradually develop a bad case of pins and needles.

Typical careless Maya. She has no idea how vulnerable she is right now.

Phoenix's smile faded, as he grew conscious of the steady thumping within his chest.

Thump, Thump, Thump.

Shaking his head, he removed his palm from her nest of hair, brushing a strand of hair from her forehead - while admiring how the beads in her hair shone as she stirred - and lifted her onto the nearby moth-bitten sofa gently.

"Ngh.." Maya shifted around a bit and her lips parted slowly. Phoenix watched her, fully conscious of her breathing now that her lips were parted.

Thump, Thump, Thump.

I feel like my heart's going to jump out of my chest! Why does she provoke such a reaction from me? It's like I've been enveloped into a world of blinding light after realising my feelings for her - no joke I feel completely naked here! Like the world is watching me stare at Maya like a creepy stalker.

Phoenix groaned inwardly and gently pulled a grubby blanket over Maya's slender frame. He was very conscious of the fact that his apartment only had accommodation for two, and with Pearls accommodating the guest room, Maya would have to settle with the couch for now. Regrettably.

I'm not conscious of the fact that a girl I'm crushing on would be sleeping in my duvet and pillows.. I swear I'm not… Swear it.

..If she was sleeping on them.. her scent would be all over them by mor-

Phoenix sidetracked his thoughts quickly before they bordered horribly perverse. He slumped back onto his chair and spun round in it, twiddling his thumbs, eyebrows furrowed. How had Phoenix found himself in this situation? Well it wasn't a small wonder given the events a couple of hours ago.


It was late evening and the party with Phoenix, Maya, Pearl, Gumshoe, Edgeworth, and Franziska at Tres Bien was beginning to disband. A low murmur and clink of glasses resounded finality.

"That was good stuff Maggey! I knew I made the right decision in choosing yo- I mean this uh restaurant." Gumshoe thumbed up a certain waitress donning glasses and a straight posture, and looked at her expectantly. She returned his grin with a goofy smile before returning into the kitchens. Phoenix couldn't suppress a smirk at his obvious attempts at flirting. Miles Edgeworth glanced up to register Phoenix's smirk, and turned to Gumshoe, smirking himself.

"Detective I dearly hope you don't withdraw your initial offer of paying for us," Miles reminded him, silkily.

Gumshoe grinned sheepishly and rubbed his neck. "Of course not sir!" He quickly said.

Franziska Von Karma in the seat across from Gumshoe stroked her whip, making sure she stroking it in clear view of Gumshoe.

"Foolishly foolish fools who insist on being persistently foolish." She muttered, gritting her teeth and making zero-sense, as per usual. Gumshoe flinched even without feeling the wrath of her whip. Phoenix grinned and shook his head.

He must have developed a sixth sense for her whippings. It's gotten that bad for him!

Gumshoe rose to the counter, a counter adorned in pink, frilly.. things, glanced at the bill, and cursed under his breath.

"Is there a problem Detective?" Miles asked, with a smirk as he regarded Gumshoe's forlorn expression when he returned. "You look rather down."

"No sir there isn't a problem," Gumshoe replied sadly, flicking through his empty wallet.

Someone needs a pay rise on the double. Damn Edgeworth, that jerk and his sadistic personality. I'd hate to work under him.

Phoenix almost choked on his drink when picturing a ten foot Edgeworth pushing down a defeated Gumshoe with his foot. He grabbed a tissue and dabbed his mouth quickly. But of course, this action didn't go unnoticed. Edgeworth shook his head in disgust. Irritated at his lack of Edgeworth-worth refinery, Phoenix stuck out his tongue childishly.


Edgeworth scowled and looked away from Phoenix. A ghost of a smile lingered on Edgeworth's lips for a moment before he turned his attention back to his drink. Franziska, tapping her foot impatiently rose. "I'll be off now, I have court tomorrow in Germany, and I intend to maintain my perfectly spotless record over there." She shot a look of venom in Edgeworth's direction, and pointed at him before continuing - "Miles Edgeworth, I expect our next encounter will result in your defeat and my victory! You got off lightly today, and you know it."

Edgeworth merely shook his head and smirked. "Franziska, whether I'm on the defence or prosecution, I will always have the upper hand. Your logic in court leaves much to be desired." He paused, in thought, before continuing. "Although I do wish you'd cease thinking court is a simple game of chess."

Franziska glared at him. After another moments hesitation she suddenly whipped Gumshoe across the face.

"Yeeeooch!" Gumshoe flinched, cowering.

Franziska smirked. "Sorry Scruffy, fingers slipped."

And with that, she stormed out the building in apparent huff. Phoenix rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Pearls and Maya, who were chatting to themselves, in their own world. Phoenix smiled sadly at how brave Maya was being, the face she was presenting to keep Pearls happy.

That's what I really admire about you Maya. Even though you recently learned the mother you loved dearly was murdered in front of your eyes, you still insist on putting on this brave front for everyone to see.

Phoenix placed a hand on Maya's shoulder softly. Maya turned round to meet Phoenix's gaze, questions in her eyes.

"Want to head back now Maya?" She smiled and nodded.

A couple of minutes later, the party had all disbanded, Edgeworth and Gumshoe heading in the opposite direction to Pearls, Maya and Phoenix after, bidding goodbye to them.

"Well that was interesting. Who'd have thought getting rid of Mr Armstrong would be the key to getting good food and decent prices in that restaurant?"

Wow, a lot actually - wasn't he the manager of the place after all?

Phoenix grimaced at how stupid his statement was. However it seemed to have fallen on deaf ears, since as he turned to Maya, expecting a smarmy comeback, she was chatting animatedly to Pearls - completely ignoring Nick. He frowned.

"And then Nick was like-"

Wait what?

Phoenix cleared his throat. "Maya I hope you're not telling Pearls unnecessary things!" He shot Maya a look of unease.

"Oh but Mystic Maya was getting onto the good parts Mr Nick!" Pearls cupped her cheeks with her palms, her face glowing.

That reaction can only mean one thing..

"I mean it's so romantic! How you ran over burning bridges to rescue Mystic Maya!"

Oh boy here we go..

Flushed, Phoenix rubbed his neck. "Maya was in danger.. All I could think about was saving her. Even though I'm er, scared to death of heights."

Pearls' grin grew so wide Phoenix feared for a moment that it would disfigure. "You really would walk hot coals for Mystic Maya!"

Maya blushed and looked down, mumbling something that sounded suspiciously like "It's not like that Pearly, for the last time!" Phoenix stared at her in disbelief and smiled slightly

Finally she's starting to be slightly more self-conscious about what she says! Well maybe a little bit. In that case maybe I should think twice about running over dangerous bridges, even if it is to save someone close to me. If Edgeworth hadn't been there to take my place as a defence attorney.. Who knows how the case would've turned out? The truth would've been concealed forever.

Phoenix smiled wryly at his thoughts.

Things sure have changed between all of us this past year. Edgeworth, Maya, Pearls - everyone. Well maybe apart from Larry, but he never changes so yeaaah I can dismiss him from this thought-process.

The sky was gradually blending into a beautiful tint of deep orange. The shadows grew longer and eventually the beginnings of night-time descended upon them, as they walked down to the lone bus stop on the far corner of the street. Phoenix rubbed his shoulders, making slight creases in his bright blue suit sleeves, as a chilly breeze passed them. He let his thoughts wander while Pearls and Maya continued their conversation. His thoughts drifted to Misty Fey, Maya's late mother. How must Maya feel? She must be torn apart inside, but keeping a strong face for Pearls. He sighed, glancing over her way.

I'll get back to you on this issue later Maya.


Later on in the night, after Pearls was tucked away, Phoenix found Maya curled up on the lone recliner in the corner of his living room. Phoenix advanced towards her, and Maya, sensing his presence, glanced up hopelessly. Her shoulders were hunched, eyes full of pain.

"Yes Nick?" Her voice was hollow and lifeless.

Phoenix placed a gentle hand on her shoulder. He regarded her seriously, and Maya's eyes widened in surprise.

"It's ok Maya. You can cry now, don't tear yourself up inside anymore." Phoenix barely breathed these words, but Maya's eyes widened even more in recognition.

Maya, in movement faster than Phoenix had initially anticipated, or even expected, leapt onto and hugged Phoenix tightly. They toppled to the floor in a heap.

"Ackkk Maya!" Phoenix groaned, head spinning. "Some warning would be ni-"

He stopped in his tracks when he saw Maya's tears trickling down her face. She buried her head deeper into Phoenix's shirt as she cried silent tears. Phoenix expected Maya to be the sort to bawl out loud, but he suspected that she didn't want Pearls to hear her and become distressed. Awkwardly, and ignoring his increasing pulse rate, he stroked Maya's hair.

Typical Maya, still putting up a strong front even after exposing her weaknesses.

"Hey Nick?"


"Can we stay like this?"

"Maya.. This isn't exactly comfy for me." Phoenix wriggled his legs from beneath Maya's in discomfort, blushing slightly. Their gaze met for a fleeting second as they both realised the position they were in, then they both looked away. Phoenix bit his lip.

Maya chuckled darkly and lifted her head up, a smile plastered across her face. "It's fine Nick, I'm feeling great now!"

Phoenix stretched out his elbows, put them behind himself to steady his posture (and assume a relaxed posture despite his increasing insecurity) and rolled his eyes.

"You're a mess Maya."

Maya stuck out her tongue and grinned playfully. "Who's fault would that be?"

She got up, brushing herself down and smiled at Nick, a genuine smile this time.

"Thank you Nick, I'm glad you helped me get it all off my chest."


Phoenix felt his heart give way for a second there.

..Nah it couldn't be could it?

She bent down to kiss him on the cheek. "Love you Nick - say, fancy a Steel Samurai card game?"

Thump. Thump.

My heart's being awfully loud today..

Nevertheless, Phoenix grinned and accepted the challenge. Even though he still couldn't understand the Steel Samurai appeal..


And here Phoenix was, staring at a girl who had suddenly become the object of his affections in one night.

Funny how when things are exposed, relationships seem much more vulnerable than previously thought.

Phoenix ran a weary hand through his hair as he glanced at the clock. 2 AM, and he had work tomorrow!

If I can count lazing about as work, then yes.

He glanced back at Maya, his knees feeling weak and his heartbeat as prominent as ever.

Looking back, this should really not have come to any surprise at all. I mean, I love Maya, she's always been there when I needed her, she's always one of the first people I think about when I think about the people I love and care about. But why do I suddenly want her in that way?

Phoenix put his face in his hands and contemplated suicide.

Nah it can't be that bad.

But I really want her.

Wait I really..what?

I'm disgusting for wanting to do things to my late mentors sister.

Phoenix groaned and considered his next moves.

I need someone to talk to about this. Someone I can trust.

Phoenix considered his options.

There's Larry.. Asking him for help would be as useful as fishing with a golf club. There's always Iris. Wait I forgot she likes me too, that would be a reaaal smooth move to ask her for assistance Phoenix. Not. There's always Edgeworth of course. However I do believe he's got less love experience than me. Plus asking him for a favour is pretty downgrading. For me at least.

Wincing, Phoenix recalled the earlier events of the day, his proud posture, his I'm-better-than-you-and-you-can't-do-a-fucking-thing-about-it smirk. He badly wanted to knock him down a couple of notches.


Phoenix rubbed his chin in thought.

Perhaps that can come to my advantage. I'll ask him how he manages to repress his sexual desires. That way I'll be rubbing it in his face AND getting advice.

Phoenix chuckled to himself evilly.

Tomorrow is going to be quite interesting. Because there's no way in hell I'm giving in to the urges to fuck my assistant..