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Chapter 19 ~ Honest Feelings

The very person you're crushing on was trying to kiss you! That's why! How is that so hard to understand? Why can't you throw away your stupid pride for just a second and feel happy about when someone you love makes a move on you?

Am I dreaming?

Miles Edgeworth, the Demon Prosecutor - LIKES me?

Phoenix was sat on his swivel office chair, spinning round in aimless circles. In one hand was a pen, and the other some paperwork. He was paying no attention to either, though.

I can't stop thinking about the words that girl, Kay, said. And I've got to admit, I feel really happy..

Phoenix wasn't entirely sure if he was still officially dating Miles. He hadn't talked or seen the prosecutor since that day.

Its been exactly five days. I wanted to give him some space, but, how can I give him space when he's all I want to see, and talk to right now? Edgeworth….

Phoenix slammed his foot to stop the senseless spinning, and dropped everything he was holding - his pen clattered and the paperwork floated to the floor. After a sigh, he put his head in his hands and his elbows on his office desk, trying to regain some sort of sane composure.

Edgeworth, do I love him, or love the him from back then? Why am I dating him? He's nothing like the boy I used to love.

Phoenix began to blush furiously upon remembering what he had tried to force onto Miles.

I wanted to confirm my feelings by kissing him. If I felt anything from that kiss.. I'd know for sure I love him, and him alone. But now, how do I confirm anything?

Phoenix rolled his eyes. "He'd never give me another chance to use him like that.." he sighed, out loud.

"He might if you're lucky."

"No way," Phoenix answered the voice, glumly. "I had the perfect opportunity to kiss him, but it was ruined by a certain untimely interruption.." He didn't bother to hide the bitterness in his voice.

"HEY. Don't blame us like that!"

Alarmed, Phoenix spun round. He hadn't realised the voice answering him was an actual person. His eyes narrowed when he saw Kay Faraday sat on top of the coffee table smiling grimly at him.

"Kay Faraday. Explain why you're in my office."

Kay shot him a glum look. "I'm here to share my grief." Her bottom lip trembled, but her eyes were shining in excitement.

Ugh great, I'm not in the mood to counsel people.

"How could your "grief" possibly rival mine?" Phoenix remarked, shaking his head in dismay.

If ONLY she and Maya hadn't been there!

Kay began her outburst. "M-M-Mr Edgeworth is ignoring me! He won't even acknowledge me anymore!"

..I wonder why!

"Just this morning, he told me to get out of his face! Mr Edgeworth! Imagine that! And yesterday, he didn't even say "Hi" to me when I passed him! I even threw some Snackoo's at him, and I got no response! So silly!" Kay moaned.

"Kay I'm not here to listen to your problems," Phoenix groaned. "Please, I need some personal spac-"

"That's why I decided," Kay straightened up, suddenly regaining her upbeat personality. "I decided my services are better elsewhere!"

Kay strode up to Phoenix, and slapped her hands on his shoulders firmly.

Oh for god sake! Not now!

"No, Kay."

Kay flinched. "I haven't even asked anything yet..!"

"You didn't need to! You're so obvious!"

I don't think I'd be able to handle another assistant. One is enough!

Kay's eyes watered. Phoenix grimaced.

"You're so meaaaaaaaaan!"

"I don't careeeeeeeee!"

"Please? You don't have to pay me!"


"..I'm so unwanted!" She flailed her arms as she wailed.

"I wonder why!" Phoenix slammed his palm on his desk. "I'm not usually this cruel, I assure you, but you caught me at a bad time. I've temporarily lost my ability to think and make rational judgements. Thank you and good-bye!" Phoenix pointed at the exit with a grim smile.

Kay's lips trembled even more. "B-but.. I honestly thought you'd take me on.. I mean, I'm skilled, I'm nice, I have connections, and I'm willing to help people for a good cause.."

"Though you have a strange definition of the word "help"…" Phoenix added, dryly.

Kay gave Phoenix a serious look. "If it wasn't for me, none of this would have happened."

"..Exactly?" Phoenix sighed, unable to comprehend the girl's thought process.

"I mean, Mr Edgeworth would've been nowhere with his feelings, if it wasn't for me. He's liked you for a long, long time you know."

Somehow that's hard to believe.. but I really want to believe it.

Phoenix twitched, tempted by Kay's knowledge about Miles. He clenched his fists, fingernails digging into his palms.

Right I'll admit it. I'm tempted by her fountain of Edgeworth knowledge.

Kay noticed this weakness and smiled pleasantly, continuing.

"Mr Edgeworth.. he wants nothing more to have you all to himself. He talks about you all the time, he even keeps a keychain you gave to him years and years ago," Kay leaned in to regard Phoenix even more seriously.


"He even has a shrine dedicated to you in his apartment.."

Scratch what I thought earlier about her fountain of knowledge.

"Kay I know you're pulling this all out of your ass," Phoenix scowled, irritated at how excited he'd gotten over nothing. "I've been to his apartment, and there's nothing of the sort there."

Kay's eyes widened, and she smirked, winking. "Oh really? Anything juicy happen?"


"Get out Kay!"

Kay started laughing. "Alright alright, I get it, I won't press on that, your answer speaks for itself really."

Phoenix went bright red.

I suck at being subtle.

"But honestly, I can help you!" Kay enthused. "I can help you get that kiss from him you oh-so-desire…"

"That sounds creepy coming from you," Phoenix chuckled, rolling his eyes.

"Well I'm one of the closest people to Mr Edgeworth! He really owes me, I've helped him so much in the past," Kay continued. "Though… he probably hates me right now." Her gaze dropped in sadness.

I can't help feeling sorry for the poor thing.

"ALRIGHT. Kay. You can help me!" Phoenix said in a loud voice. "Just… please give me some personal space right now." He smiled at the young thief weakly.

Kay nodded quickly. "Sure thing, Phoenix Wright."

"And please stop calling me by my full name," Phoenix added, dryly. "Phoenix or Wright. Or Mr Wright. Any of those will do."

Ugh, only Franziska Von Karma dares to call me by my full name. And I don't exactly want to argue with that particular lady.

Kay pondered for a second. "Phoenix it is then. One last question-" Kay looked around in curiosity. "Where's… um.. Maya?" Her eyes darted around the room, almost as if she was expecting her to pop up any second now.

Finally noticed her absence?

"She's gone back to Kurain for a while," Phoenix answered, simply. "Elders need her assistance again. Shouldn't you know that? You are her friend - aren't you?"

Kay giggled and smirked. "Uh, well to be honest I haven't contacted her much since that trip - well, I've had my hands full trying to annoy Mr Edgeworth to make him notice me.."

..Poor guy.

"Well I'm off then, I'll get in touch with you soon Phoenix!" Kay called out, as she ran - towards the open window. Phoenix got up quickly to protest.

"Hey. There's a door y'know.."

She was gone before he knew it. Phoenix rolled his eyes and slumped back onto his office chair.

That girl is crazy. Fucking crazy.


I must be losing it. Going crazy.

Miles had his head resting on his crossed arms, on his office desk. Yet again, his dignity came second to his feelings. This was also a good representation of his current situation. Miles felt incredibly angry at how Kay had indirectly told Phoenix about his feelings, mostly because it had resulted in the prosecutor's pride being thrown out of the window, stamped on and blasted to smithereens. He was completely exposed now: he felt naked and vulnerable, now that his feelings were known to the one he had feelings for.

And I don't even know if he even feels the same way back. I can honestly say that falling in love is the most ridiculous thing I've ever done. Ever. Its taken over my heart, my life, my soul. If only I could get rid of these feelings saddling me..

Miles was still clinging onto his pride for dear life. It was a stubborn act, and futile to the extreme. Miles was in love with Phoenix, he couldn't deny or forget that fact.

I just don't want to utter those three words without knowing if he feels the same way back.. I'm scared. I'll admit it.

Miles groaned out loud.

"I seriously feel mocked right now!" he moaned out loud.

His eyes darted around the room, looking for a suitable distraction. He stared at his chess board - but scowled when he remembered the way he set the board up. Blue pieces representing Phoenix, red representing him, and of course, red had blue surrounded. The prosecutor idly made his way to the chess board to rearrange the pieces.

This is my situation right now.

He put four pawns around a red king - ignoring the rules of chess.

Or perhaps this would be better.

Casually, the prosecutor swept the all the red pieces apart from the king - they clattered noisily when they hit his floor. He placed his red king in the middle of the board, and proceeded to arrange the blue spiky chess pieces to completely surround him. Sighing, Miles stood back to view his work when he was finished.


He grew more irritated when he realised the symbolism of what he'd done.

..I'm not submitting to him!

Glaring at the pieces, almost as if they'd offended him in some way, he swept the entire set of blues off the board - all the pieces clattered noisily - leaving one piece remaining: his own red king.

That's much better..

A life of isolation suited Miles just fine - if it meant he would stop having feelings for a certain defence lawyer. Rolling his eyes, he glanced up at the clock. It was just after noon and yet again he'd not made a start on his needy paperwork.

"And.. I want to do anything but paperwork right now," he murmured out loud.

I'm becoming lax because of these feelings. How lovely. Wright will pay for this dearly.

Miles slammed his hand on the chess board, wincing at the contact.

I need fresh air.

Sighing, the prosecutor strode out of his office, descended twelve flights of stairs and exited the Prosecutor's Building to enter the high street. The air was cool and crisp, and the breeze was pleasant. Miles decided to take a walk to try and rearrange his feelings. And improve his mood.

I need to concentrate on something else.

Kay Faraday suddenly came to Miles' mind unwillingly. Miles scowled and put a hand over his face upon remembering the ridiculous things Kay had been doing to him during the past few days, in an attempt to get the prosecutor's attention.

Honestly, did she think throwing sticky chocolate sweets at me would help to gain back my respect for her? Unbelievable.

Pursing his lips, Miles decided to walk towards the least likely place he would want to go on a good day - Milkshake Mania. He needed cheering up, and badly.

Maybe I can finally get some peace of mind now.

Miles promptly strode through the door to enter the bar. After ordering his usual banana milkshake, he glanced around the bar quickly, trying to locate an isolated spot. He found none though - all the seats were taken, apart from-

..This is not happening.

In a dimly lit corner, sat a spirit medium with a topknot, looking glum and stirring her milkshake with her blue and white straw, idly. The seat next to her was the only free seat in the bar, unfortunately for Miles.

Maya Fey.

Miles couldn't prevent the jealousy boiling in his system upon seeing her.

Phoenix liked her, not her younger self, or anyone else, but her - as she was and is.

Shaking his head at his hostile thoughts, Miles grimly decided to approach the girl with the exquisite top knot.

"Alone, Ms Fey?"

Maya jumped in surprise. Her eyes locked onto Miles. She shrunk back in despair with a nervous smile.

? Am I really that unapproachable?

"Y-yeah, I am Mr Edgeworth," she admitted, trying her hardest to smile honestly.

"Where's Wright today?" he asked casually, trying to steady his voice. The last thing he wanted was his voice cracking upon uttering the defence attorney's name, of all things.

"O-oh, Nick. He's at the office," Maya answered, honestly. "This seat's free if you need it."

She glanced around the bar quickly. Miles sighed.

You so obviously don't want me to sit next to you, so why say that? I can't comprehend this girl at all.

Miles bit the bullet and decided to sit down, though. Maya shifted to her side to allow him more elbow space. Miles sipped his milkshake, without a second glance at the girl beside him. Finally, Maya decided to break the awkward silence.

"Mr Edgeworth do you come here often?" she asked, genuinely curious.

"Not really," he answered honestly. "I came here with Wright the other day though.."

..Because someone made him upset.

Miles cursed his selfish, hostile thoughts inwardly. He knew fully well he wasn't being fair.

"Ahaha.. I see," Maya giggled, slightly more upbeat now. "You and Nick sure are close aren't you?" She smiled and elbowed Miles gently, only to shrink to the side when Miles' glare hardened into pure ice.

"Ah… never mind!"


Maya resumed staring at her now empty milkshake glass. Miles couldn't help but feel slightly worried about the girl who was usually a ball of sunshine.

"Is there something wrong, Ms Fey?" Miles demanded, trying his hardest not to sound irritated - but failing miserably.

I'm not good at being affectionate.. I'm really.. not.

Maya's eyes darted to Miles' face wearily, then back down again.

"Well if I'll be honest with you, it might jeopardise my safety," Maya chuckled. "It's about that Gatewater Land trip."

Miles felt a hot flush rise to his face. He remembered it very clearly, the feeling of Phoenix's fingertips brushing on his cheek, his scent when he leaned in to plant a kiss-

"Aaaand you're off in your own world!" Maya giggled, studying Miles' face carefully.

"Am not."

"Are to."

"Am not."

"Are to."

..Why am I being so childish?

Maya laughed. "Honestly, I never thought I'd have such a petty argument with you, of all people Mr Edgeworth!"


"You're awfully defensive, so I take it I was right," Maya concluded, sticking her tongue out playfully.

"Enough," Miles replied airily. "Care to enlighten me as to why you're feeling upset?"

Maya sighed. "It's about you and Nick - did me and Kay really do the right thing that day? I'm just wondering, because we didn't seem to help Nick's cause at all."

Miles stiffened, Maya was speaking about it as if the very person involved wasn't in front of her as she spoke. It suited Miles fine if that was the case but, it most certainly was not.

How do I respond? If I agree, it'll suggest I wanted him to kiss me. But I did.. NO. I won't crumble, not now anyway.

Miles decided not to respond. Maya narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips.

"Mr Edgeworth, you sure have a lot of pride you're trying to cling onto."

Miles flinched, and focused his attention back on his milkshake, sipping it slowly.

"It's such a shame, because I know for a fact that Nick is head over heels for you," Maya said, thoughtfully.

"How do you know that?" Miles asked, dryly. "Do you live inside his head?"

"No - but I live with him sometimes, when ether I'm in the city," Maya pointed out, slightly annoyed. "You shouldn't underestimate how close we are!"

Miles' eyes narrowed. Maya gulped, laughing nervously.

"Ahah.. I meant in the friendy-friendy sense y'know," Maya remedied, quickly, with her hands raised in a gesture of mercy.

"Hmph. That is of no concern to me."

"Liar," Maya sighed.

Talking to Maya Fey feels like a lot of work. How does Wright manage on a daily basis?

A couple more minutes passed. Peaceful silence encapsulated the two. It was no longer awkward, but Miles still felt on edge.

Probably because I'm still feeling resentment towards this girl - against my will of course.

Maya decided to break the ice again - with a more serious topic this time, though.

"Mr Edgeworth, do you really like Nick? Was Kay being truthful? This has been bugging me since then.."


Maya had turned to face Miles with a deadly serious gaze that seemed to tear through Miles soul. He felt like Maya was staring right through him, trying to find the secrets he held deep in his heart, locked tight. Miles gulped unwillingly.

"No, I don't."

Maya raised her eyebrows, but Miles refused to back down. He glared back at Maya.

"You're lying."

Miles flinched. "Do you have any evidence for that?" he rolled his eyes, sighing. "That's ludicrous Maya, don't make accusations without evidence to back it up-"

"I do have evidence," Maya interjected, simply. She presented a small keychain shaped like a fish. It was very familiar. Miles' eyes widened in shock.

"Where did you get that?" Alarmed, he reached out to seize it from her but Maya withdrew quickly. She smirked.

"You shouldn't keep so many things in your pockets Mr Edgeworth. You never know when someone will fall on top of you and find the odd thing or two that's slipped out of your pockets.."

..I'm a complete idiot for asking.

"Maya Fey, that can be classified as theft, it's completely unjustified - return it to me immediately!" Miles hissed. He felt a bit silly for being so hung up over a small keychain - but he couldn't help it.

Maya waggled her finger, then pocketed the keychain. "Not until you answer my questions, Mr Edgeworth!"

Damnit all!

Miles grimaced, glaring daggers into Maya. He nodded curtly.

"Go on then."

Maya almost jumped for joy in excitement. "Alright then! And remember, I'll know if you're lying or not.."

She uncurled the fingers of her free hand to reveal a shining green accessory. Her Magatama.

I should've known. THAT is why I was getting awful chills while she was questioning me…

Maya smiled at Miles pleasantly. Her eyes were shining with excitement. "Alright - let's begin!"

Devil girl.. almost as bad as Kay Faraday..!

"Alright, first question. Let's say me and Kay didn't fall inconveniently out of that tree that day.. Would you have wanted Nick to kiss you?" Maya's lips puckered when she uttered the word "kiss". Miles clenched his fists, a tinge of pink forming on his pale cheeks.

"..Yes," Miles choked the word, but Maya caught it all the same. She sighed deeply though.

"Damnit, us and our bad timing!" she muttered through gritted teeth. "Anyway, next question!"

I dread to think about what's going to be asked next..

"Is it true you're officially dating Nick now?"

Miles winced. "I… don't know."

And I really don't! That brute hasn't contacted me since he asked me out. And I'm certainly not taking the initiative!

The answer seemed to satisfy Maya though - since he was telling the truth. She looked disappointed though.

"D'aw. Well I'm sure we can remedy that soon.."

"Ms Fey, please don't follow Kay Faraday's footsteps. It'll get you nowhere in life."

And she has no idea how right I am - in the sense she's a thief, for Christ sake.

Maya laughed. "That's SO mean! Kay's a nice girl!"

Miles rolled his eyes. "Oh I do wonder sometimes. She can be incredibly cruel."

"She just has her own way of helping the people dear to her. She cares a lot about you, you know," Maya said, gently.


"Moving on.." Maya put the most serious look in her eyes. "Mr Edgeworth, do you like Nick?"

Maya gasped and put a hand over her mouth in shock. Miles smiled wryly.

She must have seen enough locks to shock the living daylights out of her.

"Are you scared of something Mr Edgeworth?"

Miles winced and clenched his fists in frustration. Maya's eyes traced the invisible-to-the-eye locks surrounding Miles.

"They're so tough, almost unbreakable.." she murmured. "Mr Edgeworth, are you scared of not being loved back by Nick?"

Miles flinched dramatically, feeling increasingly vulnerable. He licked his dry lips. Slowly, he nodded. Maya gaped.

"Mr Edgeworth.."

"What?" Miles snapped back, blushing slightly. "Is that such a crime?"

"N-no it isn't but.." Maya was stunned. "Nick likes you Mr Edgeworth! Why are you scared…?"

Miles dropped his gaze with the spirit medium, and put his head in his hands, wearily.

This is unbearable..

"I'd say you're running away Mr Edgeworth, running away from what will truly make you happy!"

Miles started to shake his head slowly.

I'm not running away. I'm not..!

Miles stood up suddenly, radiating such a hostility that Maya jolted in surprise. He glared down at her, as Maya tentatively smiled at him.

"Mr Edgeworth, I'm only trying to help.."

The prosecutor ran a hand through his silver hair wearily, as he slowly lowered himself back onto his seat - wordlessly.

She's.. right. Maybe I'm running away - in that sense anyway.

"Mr Edgeworth.." Maya slowly placed a hand on his. The prosecutor's hand trembled slightly at the touch. "Nick really loves you. I can say it for myself - he was talking to me about how insecure he was about his feelings for you, a few days before that trip to Gatewater Land."

Insecure is an understatement. I could sue him for want-to-be paedophilia.

Maya's eyes lingered on the remaining invisible-to-the-eye locks above Miles' head. She grimaced.

"What on earth have you got locked up in there?" she demanded, her voice rising slightly as she lightly tapped Miles' chest. Miles merely scowled in response.

"Things you shouldn't try to break into, Ms Fey," Miles shot back, curtly.

"W-well.. I can try!"

This girl can really rival Kay Faraday on the annoying scale, can't she?

Maya straightened up, steeling her gaze. "Mr Edgeworth! Is there a particular thing about Nick's feelings you're doubting?"

Miles glared at her - but it was too late, Maya noticed the shattering of a single lock. She gaped.

"Mr Edgeworth, there isn't much to feelings, really. You either like someone or you don't!" Maya was incredulous.



"Mr Edgeworth.. is this problem related to your elementary school years?" Maya pressed, certain she was on the right track.

Maya, upon seeing the shattering of all but one lock, continued her attack.

"Mr Edgeworth! Is this about how Nick loved you as a kid, back then, when you guys were in elementary?"

Miles drew a ragged breath. He nodded, despite the shattering of the lock speaking for itself. Maya gave him a pitying look and leaned back on her chair in exasperation.

"Honestly? You really locked that up very, very tight!"

"It's called pride, Ms Fey," Miles scowled back. "Something I seem to be lacking right now."

"Mr Edgeworth, when you're in a relationship pride should come second to your lover," Maya sighed. "Kay was right. Only when you throw away your pride - can you truly become happy in a relationship. You need to commit everything to Nick-"

"But he hasn't committed everything to me!" Miles snapped back, folding his arms in a petty manner.

"E-eh? You mean the whole complex he has about loving your younger self?"

It hurts when she says that so bluntly.

"W-well. I know for a fact that Nick loves you, and you now - even if he himself doesn't realise it yet.."

"Hmph. How on earth is that possible?" Miles smirked incredulously, rolling his eyes.

"It takes more than just one person to fully understand someone - especially if that one person is yourself," Maya answered, knowingly.

Hmph. It's unnerving being told this by Maya Fey of all people.

Maya got up and stepped closer to Miles to put her reassuring hands on his firm shoulders. "Believe me Mr Edgeworth, Nick loves you. You only. Not the you back then, or the you on another planet, but the you at this very moment in time, the you sitting in front of me, the you-"

"Alright! I understand Maya!" Miles raised his voice to be heard. "I-I think."

Maya rolled her eyes. "Do you need confirmation?"

Miles unwillingly nodded slowly. He dropped his gaze, almost in shame. Maya sighed again.

"It's nothing to be ashamed about. Alright! Let's go - I know the perfect place!" Maya rose and tugged at Miles' sleeve. Miles frowned in response.

"Maya.. Alright. Humour me." Miles begrudgingly rose and followed Maya out of the door.

I can hardly say I trust her, but then again, who can I trust if I can't even trust my own partner..?


Trust is the most important thing in a relationship. If your partner does not trust you, the relationship is bound to crumble. Confiding in your partner can only help to strengthen a relationship - even if the secrets you share are the deepest and darkest.

Phoenix was skimming the website "Love 101" for relationship advice. He couldn't stop thinking about his "relationship" with Miles, and whether it still existed or not. If it did, he was determined to be the perfect boyfriend.

I haven't dated for so long.. I have no idea how to handle Miles.. Gosh, I never knew relationships were this complicated! That just goes to show how naïve I was back in college.

Sighing, the defence attorney switched the computer monitor off and resumed to spinning idly on his computer chair.

I can't stop thinking about him.

I love him.

Him alone.

Forget all this dodging about, confessing that I loved his younger self, and all that complete crap.. I just..

Phoenix closed his eyes and exhaled slowly.

Somehow this really does seem to be the truth. I've figured it out at last. But.. I want to confirm it.

Phoenix started to blush furiously when he pictured Miles' plump lips, the electricity that seemed to draw him closer and closer to kiss them..

"You have the most disgusting face right now, Phoenix."

Phoenix spun round to glare at the cheeky thief stood on his coffee table.

Here comes trouble..

"KAY. Get off my coffee table!"

"Right, right!"

Kay hopped off the table swiftly, and strode up to the defence lawyer, with a grin plastered all over her face. Phoenix gave her a weary look.

"Yes Kay?"

"Phoenix! I have a solution for your problems."

"I dread to know what you're going to suggest.." Phoenix sighed, smirking.

Kay pouted. "At least listen to me first..!"

"Nada. No way."

Kay flailed her arms. "Phoenix Wright!" she wailed. "I'm trying to help you out! You said you'd agree to me helping you out!"

She does have a point..

"Right, that's true," Phoenix rubbed his chin in thought. "Let's hear what you have to say then."

Satisfied, Kay perched herself on the edge of Phoenix's desk and started to talk.

"I figure you need to figure out your feelings right? That can only be done if you go to the very place we were a few days ago - Gatewater Land. If you retrace your steps, maybe you can figure out your feelings. I'll come with you - even!"

Phoenix rolled his eyes.

Ok I'll admit it, it's not the most ridiculous suggestion, it's quite a good one actually..

"Alright, you have a good point - I admit it. But can we really get in without tickets? I'm not willing to pay-"

Kay flashed a set of Gatewater Land premium tickets in front of the defence attorney's eyes, smirking.

"- for tickets," Phoenix finished, half-heartedly upon spotting the tickets Kay was waving in front of his eyes.

..H-how nice of her.


It was nice of Maya Fey to buy me tickets. Even though we weren't planning on taking any rides or anything..

Maya and Miles were sat on the bench next to a certain familiar water fountain in Gatewater Land. Miles had no clue why Maya had chosen to bring him here, of all places.

Though when I think about it clearly, it's obvious she chose to bring me here to reconsider the meaning behind Wright's actions that day.

Every little gesture, tease, and utterance from the defence attorney that day, came to Miles' mind. He winced upon remembering the more embarrassing ones.

I can never tell whether he's serious or not with anything he does. Professional bluffer indeed.

Maya glanced down at her watch and sighed deeply. Miles gave her a curious look.

"Is something the matter?"

"Uh no. Not really. I'm just.." Maya fidgeted a little. "It's my burger hour right now - and I need a burger." Her eyes fluttered innocently at Miles.

..Now I know how Wright feels.

"Did you know indulging in so many burgers increases the risk of you developing several cancers?" Miles' tone was dry and coarse.

"Of course I am! Doesn't stop my burger hour though."

Miles groaned. "Really now. Well you aren't getting a burger from me." The prosecutor shot a steely glare at the spirit medium, who pouted and crossed her arms in response.

"Hmph, whatever. We should get moving now though."

She stood up and smiled at Miles pleasantly. "Fancy going to the aquarium?"

That was the fastest recovery I've ever seen.

"Aquarium? I don't remember going there with Wright.."

"Who said anything about Nick?" Maya said in surprise. "I just want to.. check it out?"

Miles smiled grimly. "I see. Well fair enough, let's go."

Ugh, I can't help but feel disappointed that this has nothing to do with Wright though.

The prosecutor and spirit medium swiftly walked through the aquarium entrance. It was empty - which was odd, because the aquarium was usually a major attraction in the Amusement Park. Miles didn't mind though - he wasn't in the mood to handle the general public. Six massive tanks stood at six spots in the room, which was bathed in blue wallpaper and tiles, and shaped in a hexagonal structure. Miles' shoes clicked noisily on the tiled floor as he moved towards the nearest fish tank. He regarded the fish inside in interest.

"Redtail catfish. Hmm," Miles muttered to himself, reading the display plaque. "Interesting."

"S-sorry Mr Edgeworth."

Maya's voice from behind Miles seemed so far away. Curious, Miles looked round to see where the girl was. He raised his eyebrows when he saw she was still stood by the entrance.

"Maya, why are you stood over there? Didn't you want to come here yourself?"

"No - I was lying. Once again, I'm sorry!" Maya yelled this, before running out of the room before Miles could even open his mouth to protest. Stunned, Miles was rooted to the spot.



A familiar voice made Miles' heart jump up his throat. He spun round, looking for the source of the voice, heart racing, palms perspiring. The blue-clad defence attorney was suddenly in the room - he had been in the next room, but upon hearing voices he had entered the room Miles was currently in. He was gaping at the sight of Miles.


Suddenly, Miles felt a small tremor as the entrance gates of the aquarium firmly slid shut with a resounding clatter.

"..What?" Miles choked, hoarsely. "W-what's going on?"

What's happening? Why was there a lockdown? With me and Wright in here!

"Mr Edgeworth, don't panic, it's all part of the plan!"

Oh for the love of God, NO.

A voice out of an overhead speaker started to address him. A voice that sounded awfully like-

"KAY FARADAY!" Miles yelled at the speaker, shaking his clenched fist. "What in the devil's name.. just what are you trying to pull with this - absurd act! You just locked me and Wright in an aquarium! How on earth do we get out?"

Miles was fuming, Phoenix merely shot a sheepish grin at Miles.

"E-Edgeworth, you don't have to get that worked up.."

"Honestly? Of course I do! This is utterly reckless, and I'm sure she's breaking several laws by doing this!" Miles snarled, glaring venom into the overhead CCTV camera he was sure Kay was in control of right now.

Kay laughed nervously. "Well, I do have connections. And you know very well the type. Well I bid you farewell. I hope you have a good make out session - oh I mean, make up session," Miles could sense the smirk the young thief was pulling. He groaned heavily and put his head in his hands in complete despair.

"Oh and one last thing - do make up. Because if you don't I think you'll find yourselves in here for a long, long time."

With that, the speaker cut out and the two lawyers were left in complete silence.

Someone pass me the gun.