Author's Note: Yay! I just recently got Shadow Hearts! Now I have the whole series, including Koudelka. I'm not going to play it for the next few weeks because of a faulty lead for the PS2. Damn. T-T Just as I finished a very long and awkward battle with Amon and just as I was watching the cutscene when Albert summoned the Float, my PS2 switched off before I got a chance to save! *groan* Also, you know when you open your mouth and let out a silent scream when something goes wrong, well…my TV had to endure my wrathful silent scream!X(

*sigh* Anyways, enough about my little meltdown a few days ago, time to get on with the story. I've always wanted to write a Yurice fanfic, but never wanted to before I played the game (even though I knew what happens anyway) so here we go. I don't do many romance fics, nor do I like soppy romance, I'm just not that kind of girl. Buuut, I hope ye like it anyway! Please review! xx

It was cold night in Prague, not a biting cold but rather a cool breeze passing through the area. The petite blonde exorcist leaned against the railing, enjoying this little moment of peace before they left for London. She was still shaken up after that Olga incident but thought that staying outside for a while would help her clear her mind before they went out to search for Roger Bacon again. Strong arms wrapped around her small waist and a large muscular body was pressed up against hers. Someone nuzzled her neck and she instantly recognised the sleeves of the person's coat.

'Tis a fine night,' Yuri murmured, rubbing his nose along Alice's jaw line. Alice smiled and nodded, holding the Harmonixer's arms close to her and rested her head on his.

'It's a bit chilly, but it's a nice breeze,' Alice spoke softly, closing her eyes enjoying the warmth from Yuri's body. Yuri smiled into her shoulder, her English accent always sent chills of excitement down is spine. As for her body, well, that sent chills of excitement down somewhere else. His smile grew wider at the thought, his hand rubbing in a circular fashion on her flat stomach.

Alice moaned and shifted her body up against his so that her body could be closer to his. Yuri grinned as his hand started to travel upwards. Alice's eyes snapped open as she jumped and made a small squeak as a large peverted hand groped her breast. She pushed Yuri away from her, her face red and flustered.

Yuri gave her his usual wicked grin as he scratched the back of his head.

'Yuri!' Alice scowled softly, trying to hide a shocked smile from showing. 'Would you mind keeping your hands to yourself.'

Yuri pulled her close to him, still grinning like a Cheshire cat. 'But ya enjoyed didn't ya?' Alice playfully pushed him, giggling as she watched him pull a hurt face.

'Come on silly,' she laughed, 'It's getting late. We better get to bed.'

Yuri's grin became wider. 'My room or your room?'


The vulgar looking man began to laugh as he followed the sight of Alice's buttocks, an fantastic sight in his eyes. They entered the hotel and went upstairs. They were in front of Alice's room but Yuri stopped her from entering. 'Better let me check to see if any monsters are gonna pop out.'

Alice stood outside the door close as she listened to the noises that were going on in the room. A few minutes later, Yuri came out, clearly satisfied with his hands stuffed in his pockets. 'Looks good to go, night.' He kissed Alice on the cheek and ran off to his room, leaving a bewildered exorcist. She stepped into the room. Closed the door behind her and kicked off her black shoes, stretching her toes, spreading her white stockings a bit. She pulled out her drawer and stared at it.

She was missing several pairs of laced underwear.

She closed the drawer and sat back on the soft bed, shaking her head and smiling sheepishly, a blush forming on her face.

'Oh Yuri, what am I going to do with you…'