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Disclaimer- I do not own the Host Club, or Hunny's sister. Just Natsumi, Kyoko, and Shizuki. Enjoy at you own risk :)


It was just another day at the host club. Host's were hosting, guests were squealing, and fan girls were fainting. All in all, a pretty quiet afternoon.

Or, at least it was...

"We're bored!" Two monotone voices called out.
"Not my problem.." A red headed girl mumbled, still engrossed in her book.


"But we can make it your problem!" They each gave a devilish smirk to the poor girl.

"No seriously, just leave me alone. All I ask is one day of peace and q-"

Her pleas were cut short, when the doors of the host club were thrown open. The three turned to see who the new arrival was.

It was girl who looked to be about 14, and bore a striking resemblance to none other than Hunny. She glanced around a tad nervously, while slowly smoothing out her middle school uniform.

Shizuki and Kyoko caught her eyes, and stared her down. Finally, they spoke.
"Who's the runt?"

Natsumi smacked them both upside their heads. "Is 'polite' even a part of your vocabulary?"

Kyoko looked back at her "What is this 'polite' you speak of? Why we've never heard of such a thing."

"Sounds boring." Shizuki joined in.


"Natsumi! How dare you triple-dot us in that tone!" They scolded.

"I give up on you."

"Funny, our therapist said the same thing..." Shizuki mumbled, looking completely serious.

"Isn't it weird how 'therapist' is made of the words 'the' and 'rapist'?" Kyoko wondered absently, gazing at something in the distance. Her twin burst out laughing.

Natsumi had to resist the urge to glare. She did, however, roll her eyes and mutter "Your antics frustrate me."

Than she turned her attention back to the girl, curious as to what she was here for.

"Um..Hi..I was wondering if Honey-sempai was here..?" The poor girl asked nervously, still looking around the expansive room.

Tamaki stood and swept up to her, "Why he and Mori senpai went to get some more cakes. But perhaps you'll let me entertain you for a while, hm?"

He leaned in closely.

She blushed furiously and backed quickly away."N-no, that's okay. I mean... uh..thanks for your help!"

And with that, she turned and swiftly left the room.

"What was all that about?" Haruhi asked

"Eh, she'll be back..." Kyoko promised before turning back to the manga she had picked up while Tamaki was harassing the girl. (Tamaki: I was not harassing her! Me: Shut up and go back to your emo corner!)

"What makes you say that?" Haruhi questioned, turning to look at the normally silent Nanizuka sister.
Her twin answered for her, while simultaneously peeking over her shoulder at the book.

"Oh, they always come back...always..."

Natsumi did roll her eyes this time, and Haruhi ignored the vague answer.

Eventually everything settled down, though most were still wondering about the girl.
Shizuki and Kyoko soon grew bored, having finished the manga book.
So...what better thing to do to pass time than annoy their friend?

Natsumi was sitting at a table near the window, reading a different book than before, but one she probably already had memorized. They crept up behind her, being sure to keep their feet quiet, and suppress their giggles.

Kyoko spoke first, making her voice high pitched and creepy.
"Teeny, tiny Natsumi..."

Shizuki snickered slightly, and joined in. She too, used a creepy voice.

"Teeny, tiny, rink-a-dink Natsumi..."

Said girl made a sound between a screech and an 'eep!' and spun around. She glared at the twins who had fallen to the floor with laughter. How this never failed to amuse them, she may never know.

Books were so much better. They didn't make freaky voices or annoy you.
Fortunately, some other poor soul caught their eyes. Make that two identical poor souls who had been avoiding them since the last encounter.

Ah yes, the Hitachiin brothers. They currently had no costumers, as the club was drawing to a close. From their upside-down positions on the floor, the two girls watched intently as the boys talked. Probably about their next prank, or plans for the week end.
Whatever it was, the girls were awestruck. They walked closer, slowly. As if afraid the brothers would run or something.
On second thought, they just might.

Kaoru looked up first as they approached, and nudge Hikaru. He stopped right in the middle of discussing how to get into Kyouya's room unnoticed, and stared at the girls warily.

"Can we help you?" Kaoru asked. Obviously the whole hair-touching-and-squealing-then-fainting thing was still fresh in his mind.

Shizuki and Kyoko exchanged equal looks of ecstasy, but neither said anything for a moment. Finally, Kyoko took charge and spoke.

"We heard you discussing your next prank on the self proclaimed 'Dark Lord' over there." She said, gesturing with her hand to the general area Kyuoya was located.

"So..?" They asked, seeming bored by the conversation.

"So we want to help. We did pull this awesome prank last summer. On the idiot lord, no less! Ah, it was hilarious..." Shizuki remembered fondly, eyes glazing over as she re-lived it all.

"Haha, I remember that! He actually fell for it! What a moron!" Kyoko agreed.

"What? Tell us!" Hikaru and Kaoru demanded together.

"Hmm...Only if you ask nicely!" The girls chimed in harmony.

And so went another day at the host club.

Mmm, this story is mostly pointless humor and inside jokes. Trust me, it's not going to have some major plot or a huge climax. Expect future randomness. Like I said, enjoy at your own risk.