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Chapter 1: The Morning Routine


"Elliot…Alarm clock…"

Elliot Dunkel grumbled as he turned over in his bed. He looked at Ellen, who had just pulled the covers over her head. "Fine…" He raised his hand and, grudgingly, turned off the loudly buzzing clock. He glared at Ellen as he sat up in his bed. "You know, one day, I'm just going to let it beep and make you turn it off."

Ellen laughed slightly as she, slowly began to get up. "No, you're not."

"I'm serious! One day, you're going to have to turn it off. I'm not going to be here to do everything for you."

She stood up and looked around. She spied a Blue and White shirt lying on the floor, next to the closet. "Hey Elliot? Could you hand me my shirt?"

Elliot grabbed it and tossed it to her "Here you go." Ellen smiled as she caught it. "Thank you!" "Now, as I was saying, you need to learn to do some things for yourself…and me getting your shirt is an example of what not to do, isn't it?"


"Curse my inattentiveness!"

Ellen laughed as she grabbed her Jeans and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind her. She turned on the shower knob, waiting for the shower to warm up. She sat down on the sink-counter. She looked along it, slightly bored and saw something that caught her eye. A light Green Perfume bottle. She smiled slightly as she picked it up, smiling. It was a Perfume bottle given to her by Nanase a few days ago. They had been spending a lot of time together since Nanase had lost her magic. Ellen sighed as she traced the label on it, thinking blissfully. "Nanase…I wonder what she's doing now?..."

"Ellen, quit hogging the bathroom if you're not going to use it!"

"I'm using it!"


Nanase Grumbled as she shut off her Alarm clock, after it buzzing loudly for a few minutes. "Mmm…Stupid Clock…" She grumbled as she sat up, her hair hanging down slightly above her eyes. She looked up at it and smiled slightly as she moved her blankets aside. "Hair's growing back out again…" she smiled as she stood up and walked to her mirror. She stood there, looking herself over. She was wearing a small pair of Black, Pajama Shorts that went down to her mid-thigh, and a pale yellow tank-top. She laughed slightly as she looked down at her attire. "I really need some new pajamas…" she continues looking and got to her hair. She smiled as she saw that it's color was starting to come back, it having a few red highlights to it. "Hmm…guess it comes back in Highlights…"

"Nanase? Are you up yet?"

Nanase sighed as she walked over to her dresser. "Yes, mom. Just changing clothes." She opened her top drawer and saw a bunch of clothes nicely folded together. She saw, in the back of her dresser, a small black dress neatly folded. She blushed as she remembered seeing Ellen in the dress at Grace's Birthday party.

'Ellen…you looked so cute at the party' she thought.

Nanase quickly snapped out of her thoughts and pulled out a yellow Tank-top and a red skirt. She sighed as she took her clothes and walked into the bathroom, across the hall from her room. She walked inside, seeing no-one was in and locked the door. She sighed as she turned on the shower and sat down on the sink, waiting for the shower to get warm. She looked down at her stuff lying all across the bathroom counter. She spied a Hair-brush. It was a clear Red and blue, with both colors split right down the middle, blending into a purple line. She smiled as she saw it. "Ellen…"


*Thurs. approx. 4 days, 16 hrs. And 12 min. ago.*

Nanase sat on a stool next to Justin behind the counter at the Comic Shop. She turned the page of her novel, smiling ever so slightly. She continued to read from her novel. She heard the bell and sighed as she looked up

'Great. Another nerd coming to gawk at me.'

When she looked up, she saw an old friend of hers.


Ellen nodded as she smiled. She was wearing her usual blue and white shirt with blue pants. "Hey…Uhh…well…This is sort of awkward, but…you remember you said you wanted my brush?" Nanase blinked once, looking at Ellen curiously. 'her Brush? I never said anything like that'


Ellen then quickly reached inside her bag at her side and handed her a light blue box. "Here. I just wanted to give it to you before I left. I'll see you later!" Ellen then smiled as she left the comic shop, leaving a confused Nanase behind. Justin laughed slightly as he looked at the box, and then at Nanase. "Well…looks like Ellen gave you a little gift." Nanase then smiled as she realized what Ellen did. She secretly gave her a gift in public, making it seem like it was a casual thing. Nanase pulled the top off the box and saw a clear red and blue hair-brush. It collided in the middle, forming a purple line. Nanase smiled as she looked at it, a slight tear coming to her eye as she set it down next to her book bag.



Nanase smiled as she picked up the brush, admiring it's design. She ran it through her hair once, feeling how smooth the brush went through her hair.

"Nanase? Are you even in the shower yet?"

Nanase blinked once. "Umm…yes?..."

"Well, hurry up. It's been ten minutes already."

Nanase blushed at her carelessness and sighed as she began to get ready for another day at boring old school.

High in the sky, directly above Moperville, you could see a small speck. It wasn't a bird, for birds flew constantly, unless they were on the ground. It wasn't a bug, for bugs are too small to be seen from that distance. However, if you used a camera too zoom in extremely close, you might be able to make out a strange sort of cape, on a humanoid figure. The Humanoid floated, watching over the town with his completely black cape and strange attire. Then, it spoke in a smooth yet sharp voice.

"Modern age…Modern garb…"

Then, the black cloak morphed around his body and twisted, until it became a completely black business suit with an even blacker tie. The now, official looking man continues to stare outwards. He raised his left arm and looked at the strange, oily black substance that made up his left arm. "I do not need people asking why I am wearing one black glove…I need means of disguise…" He then placed his left hand on his right wrist, the shadowy black substance spreading, until it formed a copied arm of his left. Now wearing a completely black suit, with an even darker black tie and "Gloves" he floated downwards to blend in with the townsfolk.

For his Mission had begun.

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