Chapter 2: School and a Superintendent (?)

Nanase sighed as Justin pulled up to Moperville South's Parking lot. Justin looked up at it and nodded his head in depression.

"I know, Nanase…High School…torture for the Teenager…"

"It's not that…it's just…nothing's happened recently…it's been really…"

"Boring?...isn't that a good thing?"

"I don't know…but…it's almost as if the excitement's been part of my life for so long now…and…it's just been gone…"

Justin sighed as he exited the Car, Nanase following close behind. "Oh, well I'm sorry for not being exciting."

"Oh, Justin, I wasn't being mean to you. I'm just griping."

"Well, Griping gets you no-where. Let's go do one of our old favorite past-times."

"Watch Diane try and fail to get boys to buy her things?"

"Yeah. Hopefully, Mr. Raven catches her. Then it gets even better."

Nanase smiled as she began to merge into the occasional crowds and groups of people filing into the Semi-large school. Along with the mix of teachers and students, the air was still and calm. Half of the school was already inside. The rest of them were spending as much time outside in the slightly-warm air. Nanase continued walking under the slightly cloudy sky, occasional rays of sunlight shining down through the many clouds, lighting up bits and pieces of the gray concrete. Nanase sighed as she continued walking. When she got to the entrance though, she froze. Something didn't feel right. She looked around, and then she saw him.

A Man. He was just standing there, by the doors, looking over the crowds outside. He was wearing a Black Suit with miniscule white stripes going vertically downwards. He had a Dry smile on his face as he continued looking. His eyes were an Onyx black, just barely glinting off with the light. His skin was almost as pale as the shirt he was wearing. He had on a White shirt and a Black Tie under his suit. His hair was a tangled mess of black hair. He was huge. I mean huge. He was at least as tall as Justin, if not taller. He was also wearing a strange sort of gloves that were completely black, and glinted in the light. Were they Leather?

"Ms. Kitsune."

Nanase quickly looked in front of her and saw another large, authority figure in front of her. "Oh, Principal Washington."

Washington nodded as he looked at her, his cold eyes continued looking. "Might I ask, why you're late for class?"

"Late? The Last bell hasn't rung y-"


Nanase sighed as the last bell rang, as the kids outside were quickly running inside, trying not to be late. "Sorry, sir. I'll head on to class. She hefted her bag over her shoulder as she ran quickly inside, getting caught up in the groups. Although it had only been a few seconds, she couldn't help but feel as if she had seen that man before...

Mr. Washington watched as the last group of children entered the school. Then he turned his attention to the Man Nanase was looking at earlier. The man was now a couple of feet from Washington, smiling dryly at him. "Mr. Washington?"

"Who wants to know?"

"Hello. The Name's Superintendent John Bozeman. I came for a surprise inspection of Moperville South and North."

Washington eyed the man suspiciously. He was almost as tall as he was. "John Bozeman? They hired a new Superintendent?..."

"Ah, yes. They haven't informed the public yet, due to the strange and economical…circumstances that have been happening recently, but I thought I should start with Moperville."

Washington looked at the man with his usual cold principal glare, yet John's form remained normal. The same smiling face as he had since he was first seen with. Mr. Washington nodded as he looked at the man's eyes. "Yes…very well…Shall we meet in my office?"

John nodded as he bowed slightly. "That would be wonderful."

Mr. Washington nodded slightly as he turned on his heels and started walking. His eyes were slightly narrowed with concern as he walked. 'This is going to be a long day…'

Ellen sighed as she sat down in her second Period class. 'Great. It's probably going to be until lunch that I actually see Nanase.' She looked up on the board and spotted her assignment. 'And if I do see her, I'll probably be doing homework instead. Stupid teachers, all assigning me with projects and homework. It's bothering me so much. I don't have any more me time. And Why am I randomly ranting thoughts in my head?' here.

She looked around curiously. She saw that clouds were slowly gathering, and barely any sunlight was shining. She could almost feel a dark presence in the air, as if it was there, yet not touching her. She looked around and noticed that the class wasn't as lively as they usually are. They weren't whispering or doing anything. Just sitting there and working on their schoolwork.

Ellen took out her books and looked at Grace who was sitting in front of her, smiling as she breezed through the problems with ease. "Psst…Grace…"

Grace looked over her shoulder and whispered back. "Yes?"

"…do you feel something…Off about today?"

Grace shook her head. "No. Why? Do you?"

Ellen paused for a moment before shaking her head no. "No…just…forget I said anything."

'I shouldn't be worried' Thought Ellen 'Grace is Super-squirrel. She knows when something's wrong. She always knows…yet…Why am I worried?'

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