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Pushing his trolley full with his bag full with books, trunks, a cage of a female snowy owl called Arowen, and few other things includes his new Firebolt, Spencer Antonio Cavallone is walking ahead of his younger siblings and their parents and his father most trusted man, Romario. Entering the new term in Hogwarts, the fifth year Gryffindor student is walking proudly as he had been chosen as a Prefect this year, which make him mother more proud. The 5 ft 7 handsome blonde with brain that could rival his mother is walking ahead of his two younger siblings, twins' 11-years old Vincent Hugo and Ariella Rose whom will enter their first year in Hogwarts, pushing their trolley as well. Vincent got himself a male tawny owl which he named as Tork and Ariella got a female black cat she named as Mystic.

Behind them are their parents, Dino and Hermione Cavallone and two younger siblings, an 8-year old Fernando Gareth and 5-year old Daniella Evelyn and also Romario are sending them off to Hogwarts.

As they approached the 9 and ¾ platforms, they are greeted by a familiar faces of redheads and few blonds and black haired people.

"Spencer." A voice called for him as Spencer waved his hand, greeted his best friends.

"James, Ed, how are you two doing buddy?" Spencer greeted and hugged a black-jet haired boy and a redhead boy. James Potter is the eldest son of Harry and Ginny Potter while Edward Weasley is Ron and Luna Weasley eldest son and the three of them are same age and sorted into the same house, Gryffindor.

"We are doing fine, too bad you couldn't join us a week earlier before leaving to Hogwarts this year because we had a quidditch match among us back in the Burrow," James replied as both him and Edward grinned with sympathy to their handsome, blonde half Italian half British friend.

"Well, what to do then? Maybe next time we'll have our own quidditch match. My younger twins' siblings are entering Hogwarts this year so my mum insisted that we come here together as my parents want to send them off for their first time here."

"Cool, so now all of us are having our brothers and sisters in Hogwarts. So there they are and they both have grown up, we hardly see them much since your parents hardly came back to England," Edward responded as he peeked to see Spencer younger brothers and sisters, especially the twins whom are going to enter Hogwarts for the first time.

"Hermione, how are you doing? I missed you so much," Ginny Potter greeted as both she and Luna hugged their best friend whom they haven't seen for quite a long time. Behind Ginny is her daughter, Lily who is going to enter her first year in Hogwarts this year while Luna is holding her youngest daughter's hand, the 9-year old Iris and her 10-year old son, Lycon, is standing behind her.

"I'm fine, how are you two doing? I missed you too very much and I'm sorry I couldn't send Spencer to spend a week earlier with you because you do remember my twin children Vincent and Ariella, they are both going to enter their first year in Hogwarts this year so we decided to come here together," said Hermione as she hugged them back, smiles formed in their faces. She then greeted the three children and gives them a hug and kiss.

"It is okay, besides Lily here is also entering her first year in Hogwarts, I hope they can end up at the same house and become friends." Ginny responded as she hugs her youngest daughter in her arm.

"Anyway," Hermione speak again "I want you two to meet my youngest children, this is Fernando Gareth and this is Daniella Evelyn. Fernando is 8-year old and Danni is 5-year old." Hermione introduced her children as both Ginny and Luna bend to shake their hands with the handsome light brown-haired boy and the beautiful blonde whose smiles are mesmerizing.

"Hello, nice to meet you. Oh…you two look so handsome and beautiful. Come and meet some new friends." Ginny said as she brings forwards hers and Luna's children to meet the two children.

Dino and Romario help Vincent and Ariella to push their trolleys as they went and greeted Harry and Ron. Harry's second child, 13-year old dark-haired Albus and Ron second child, 12-year old blond-haired Ameliana are standing with them, holding on their trolley as they greeted the Italians, well two of them are half Italian half British.

Albus glanced at the beautiful 11-year old brown-haired girl whose hair is long below her shoulder and her slightly curly hair makes her look fashionable despites her age. Her fair skin matches her brown hair and he could see that she is inheriting her father's look while having her mother's eyes and her twin had their father's eyes and inheriting their mother's look and he is too had brown hair.

Ariella was talking to her twins as he whispered something to her and when she glanced at Albus, she aware that the young boy is glancing at her, thus making her flushed as she slowly walk backward behind her father, tries to avoid his gaze as she accidently knocked into Vincent's trolley. The commotion attracted the adult men as Ariella hide behind her father, covering her blushes face. Vincent tries to cover his laugh with his hands while Albus realized of what he did, he looked away, and he too tries to cover his now-almost red face. Ameliana somehow aware of the weird behaviour of her cousin, smirked when he turn to her.

Ginny looked at her watch, they had another 40 minutes before 11 o'clock as they still busy chatting. Hermione then glanced at her watch before she feels her shirt being tugged by a small hand, looking down her youngest daughter is trying to get her attention.

"Mama," the small child called for Hermione.

"Yes baby?"

"Can I go to fratello?"

"Yes baby, you can."

Little Daniella smiles before she run towards her elder brother who is busy chatted with his own friends.

"Fratello," called the little girl as she held on Spencer's shirt.

"Yes Eve?" Spencer responded to his youngest sister as he looked down, meeting her gaze as he smiled. He's the only member in their family to call her Eve while the rest of them called her either Danni or baby (that's his parents).

"Can I walk with you?" asked Daniella as she looked up to her eldest brother with a smile as she hugged his leg.

"Sure. No problem Eve."

"Spencer, why don't you introduce us to your cute little sister here?" teased James as both he and Edward grinned like there's no tomorrow.

"Hahaha…aren't you two too old for a 5-year old?" Spencer teased back as he flashed his grin at them as he held his little sister who stood behind him and tugged his pant, as if she tries to hide from them.

"Hahaha…very funny," Edward responded as he winked at Daniella, who is now blushed and tries to hide her face behind Spencer.

"Alright kids, it's time to go," Harry called for them as he ushered each and one of them to go through the barrier of the 9 and ¾ platforms.

James entered first then followed by Edward and next is Spencer with his little sister tugging on his shirt. One by one, all of them included Romario entered the platforms and now standing next to each other as people, witches and wizards, begin to crowd around the platform sending their children to Hogwarts.

Both Fernando and Daniella are amazed with the train in front of them and the crowd of people around them begin to fill around the platform as they stand next to their parents while Romario helped Vincent and Ariella to hold on their precious owl and cat's cages. Fernando didn't remember much of the platform as he went here once when his family sent his eldest brother for the first time during his first year in Hogwarts, then starting his second year till his fourth year Spencer left Italy about two weeks earlier so he could stayed and spent some times with their grandparents and then stayed with the Potters or the Weasleys as their parents trusted him that he is able to looked after himself and the Potters and the Weasleys are his parents, mostly his mother, best friends.

Spencer, James and Edward are standing near the train, giving ways to other younger students to aboard the train when they heard James and Edward's parents being called out.

"Ginny! Harry! Ron! Luna! Are all of you already there?" an elderly woman's voice are heard from the crowd as Mr and Mrs Weasley and the rest of the Weasley family and their spouses and children are making their ways towards them, since some of the children are students at Hogwarts as well.

"Mum, over here," Ginny Potter called out for her mother as she waved her hand for them to see.

Mr and Mrs Weasley and the rest of the Weasley clan are making their ways towards them.

Ginny went and hugged her parents as they greeted their grandchildren and Mrs Weasley was more than excited to see Hermione and her family there as well.

"Hermione dear, oh how are you? We haven't seen you and your family for a long long time. Looked at you, you and your husband still looked young despites having a teenage son," squealed Mrs Weasley as she hugged her tightly which leave Hermione almost breathless, courtesy of Mrs Weasley trademark as Mr Weasley greeted Dino and Romario.

"Hello Molly, we are so glad to see all of you again, Spencer, Vince, Ari, Fernando, Danni, come and greets Mr and Mrs Weasley," Hermione called out her children as they walked towards their parents and the elderly couples. James and Edward followed Spencer from behind to greets their grandparents.

"Hermione, oh it is so nice to see you again," Angelina Weasley shrieked as she greeted and hugged her as her husband, Fred and their two children followed from behind.

"Oh hello Angelina, hello Fred, I'm glad to see you too, sending your children to Hogwarts?"

"Yes, our eldest Howard is entering his fourth year while our youngest Melissa is now in her second."

Hermione and her family then greeted and hugged by the rest of the Weasley which includes Bill and Fleur with their family, Charlie and his wife Tanya with their son, Percy and Audrey and their two children and Georga and Alicia with their three children in which two of them are twins and in their third year. Teddy with his grandmother greeted the rest of them as the parents begin to usher their children to put their luggage and the rest of their things in the train as the time is almost come.

"Spencer, Vincent and Ariella, I want the three of you to listen here carefully. Spencer I know that you had been listening this for years now, but don't forget now that you got a big responsibility here. I want the three of you to do your best and believes in yourself, the two of you must learn to choose your friends wisely and don't simply believe in strangers, okay. If anything happened, go to your fratello or to the Headmistress, don't act recklessly. Spencer, if anything happen you must be alert and they are your responsibility here and at Hogwarts, you as the eldest must look after them, and promise me that if anything happen, goes to the Headmistress or to Uncle Harry or Uncle Ron, and don't forget to inform us. Don't forget that we all love all of you." Hermione spoke to her children as tears begin to form in Ariella's eyes as she had never been apart from their parents before. The three of them nods their head understandingly as they begin to hugs their parents and their youngest brother and sister and Romario as well.

Bend down so he is at the same level with his baby sister and brother, Spencer hugs little Daniella and Fernando as she begins to cry when three of her elder siblings are now going to stay at their school here in England while she and Fernando and their parents with Romario will eventually return to Italy in a few days.

"Eve, be a good girl okay. Listen to Mama and Papa and Uncle Romario okay, and don't be naughty, if you and Fernando being a good kids I might bring some presents for both of you," Spencer pat Daniella's head slowly and tenderly as Daniella hugs him tightly.

"Eve, dare un bacio grande fratello." (Eve, give brother a big kiss)

Daniella kissed Spencer in his cheek and as she let him go Fernando gives his brother a big hug.

The two youngest Cavallone children then proceed to give their elder brothers and sister hugs and kissed.

Before the three of them go aboard the train they gives their parents and Romario a big hugs and kisses as Ariella begins to cry as she find it pretty hard to be apart from her parents and this is the first time she and Vincent lived on their own in other country which quite far from Italy, even if their elder brother is around to look after them.

Dino and Hermione hug and kiss their children and so does Romario as he is pretty close with the children. As the time almost up, the three Cavallone children go aboard the train and managed to get into their compartments as they waved at their parents, their younger brother and sister and Romario as the train begins to leave the platform.

As the train slowly out of sight, the Cavallone Decimo and his family leave the platform and joined the Potter and the Weasley families for lunch in the Leaky Cauldron.

Spencer is sharing a compartment with his best friends James and Edward and later joined by the beautiful Rebecca Anne Wood, the daughter of Oliver and Katie Wood who is the same year and same house with the three of them.

As the four of them are having a good chat, somebody knocked on their compartment door as Spencer opened it only to see his younger twin brother and sister standing outside with Lily Potter. Ariella's eyes are still red and puffy as she just stops crying while Vincent tries to calm her down.

Rebecca who haven't meet them was shocked and surprised to see the two of them suddenly went and hugged Spencer as he tries to calm them down as Lily Potter joined them and sit next to his brother, she too was quite sad as she will missed their home.

"So Spencer, who is these two beautiful kids, they seem to know you well?" Rebecca asked her friend as Spencer pulls his younger siblings to sit next to him.

"Oh…sorry Becky, I would like you to meet my younger brother and sister, Vincent and Ariella, they both first year students in Hogwarts."

Rebecca nods her head slowly, a smile appear in her face as she greets the twins. She then turns her attention to Lily who sits next to James.

"And she must be your younger sister, am I correct James?"

"Right as always you are Becky."

Realized that he is now a Prefect, Spencer whispered something in his younger siblings ears as they nods slowly and rise from their sit and they are joined by Lily to return to their own compartment.

"Well guys, I got a Prefect duty to be done, so I see you guys later." Spencer told them as he winked at them before leaving for his Prefect meeting and duties.

A few hours later, the train arrived in Hogwarts as Hagrid begins to call for the first year students to gather around him.

"Well, all of you are first year right, welcome to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so all of you please follow me." Announced the game keeper as the other students begins to leave the train.

Among the first year students Hagrid could see three almost familiar faces that he had known as he walked towards them.

"Hello there, the three of you looked quite familiar. Let me guess, you must be 'Arry's little girl, right?" Hagrid asked the redhead girl as Lily nods her head slowly. Hagrid grinned as he turned his attention to the twins.

"And you two…hmmm looks quite familiar. Do you 'ave any elder brother or sister 'ere?"

Both of them nod their heads slowly.

"Brother," answered Ariella.

"Who is your brother again?"

"Spencer Cavallone." Vincent responded with confident.

"Ahh…you then must be 'ermione's kids." Hagrid answered as he grinned at them.

"Yes, do you know Mama?" Ariella asked as her eyes fill with excitement.

"Of course I know your mother, I knew her very well indeed as she is one of the best students here and she's Harry and Ron's best friend."

The three children smile at the gamekeeper as he ushers them to join the rest of the first year before leading them to Hogwarts.

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