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Chapter 8: Winter Break and Coming Home

Two days left before the Hogwart students will have their Winter break and Spencer and the twins are now busy packing a bit of their stuffs and they already got the presents for their friends, and they will give it to them before leaving home. After sharing their first and last kiss, Spencer and Rebecca felt a bit awkward at first when saw each other the very next day but somehow they both brushed the feeling away and everything's back to normal and luckily the two of them managed to keep their kiss a secret but since all of them are quite busy with their daily works and such starting from the day after, the kiss seems to be forgotten. Rebecca still hang out with the boys and Spencer still treats her as same as always as if there's nothing had happened between them.

The twins are more excited than anyone else, for this Christmas they are going home to Italy to reunite with their family again even for a short break but it is worthy for them as they really missed their papa and mama the most. Both of them already got their presents for their best friends and they are planning to give to them before leaving home.

At the Great Hall, students are having their breakfast with their guests whom are leaving today and there's a lot of chatting been going on at the moment. Christen joins the Gryffindor's first year trio as usual as there is no house rivalry compared to their parents' years as students there. Everyone is free to sit everywhere as long as they remain loyal to their house.

Spencer sit in the Gryffindor table feeling a bit relieve as he already wrap all the gifts for his friends includes Scorpius and Headmistress McGonagall and even Neville, as asked by his mother who had sent them together with their requested presents for their friends. He even wrapped gifts for his mother's best friends, Ginny, Harry, Ron, Luna and some gifts for the Weasleys and had hid it well from the sight of his best friends, there's no way he'll show to them before leaving for Winter Break. He just waited for the right time to give to them, and at the same time he even got some presents for his own big, expanding families which include the Vongola and even the Varia.

Sip on his pumpkin juice Spencer looks around the Great Hall, he had studies pretty well for he and his best friends of fifth year students will take their OWLs this year, he knew that he had to do his best to rival his own mother who was among the best student during her time and he had heard it from the Headmistress and from Neville as well.

"Fratello, do you reckon that we get something for mama and papa as well as for grandma and grandpa?" Vincent asked his older brother as Spencer diverted his attention to him.

"For Christmas?" Spencer asks as Vincent nod his head.

"I thought that you already got something for them?" Spencer asks again as Vincent and Ariella looks at each other.

"Well, the thing is we don't know exactly what to get for them, we've got something but not so sure about it, we don't want to get more books for mama but we want something else for her, I think that we had no problem to get something for papa, Fernando, Dani, grandma and grandpa and not forgetting Uncle Romario, Uncle Ivan and well, yeah, almost all of them," Ariella spoke after a while.

"Okay…but do you realize that we had two more days before leaving home, so when are you going to get these presents in this short time and how are you going to carry that many presents home?" Spencer asked them as both the twins looked at each other.

"We already ask Headmistress McGonagall for some permission and she had granted that and she think that she might want to give all the students some free time between today and tomorrow for the last minute shopping, and we will shrink the presents in a bag that we both can carry easily," Vincent responded confidently as Ariella beamed happily next to him. Next to the twins Lily and Christen smile as well, though usually the first and second year students usually aren't allow to go to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley for that matter but if they have an adult or grown-ups to look after them then they are allow to go.

Before Spencer could respond, the Headmistress stand from her chair as the students in the Great Hall stops whatever they are doing and pay their attention to her.

"Attention students, due to Winter Break and Christmas holiday, I had some request from the students who didn't had the chance earlier to get or buy their Christmas present so therefore today and tomorrow I will granted the students to go to Hogsmeade to get their last minutes present and first and second year students will requires some of the professor and older students to accompany them." The students inside the Great Hall cheers loudly as the Headmistress McGonagall raise her hand again and clear her throat before continue to speak. "And since I have granted this request I begged all of you to use this time wisely and I don't want to hear any trouble happen because if that happen those who are caught will have to spend their Winter Break and Christmas at Hogwarts, am I clear?" Headmistress McGonagall speak loudly as the students yell yes as some of them claps their hands and cheers.

Spencer glances at his younger brother and sister as the twins, Lily and Christen beams happily at him and Spencer couldn't help but smile as he rolls his eyes.

"So mate, are you planning on going to the Hogsmeade today, since McGonogall had given us permission to go, so what say you?" James suddenly asked as both he and Edward looked at him with that glint in their eyes.

"Seems that I have to, since these two needs to get something for our parents, our younger siblings and grandparents, and for some other people, what about you guys then, coming as well, I bet your sister here want to follow as well, not sure about little Christen here, but I guess that surely Scorpius will come with us, since these four are inseparable, am I right?" Spencer asked as he turned his gaze from James and Edward to the four first years who sat next to them as the first year quartet smiles, showing their perfect white teeth at the three fifth years.

"Well, seems like we had no choice then, why don't we go back to our Gryffindor Tower and get ready," Edward suggested as the rest nodded their head and eat their breakfast in a hurry.

"Before that, don't forget that we had to send our guests first as they are leaving today," Spencer speak as Headmistress McGonagall announced that the four guests are leaving after breakfast.


"So, are we ready to go now?" Spencer called out for his younger siblings as James, Edward and Rebecca waited at the common room as sounds of doors opened and footsteps are heard running down the stairs.

Vincent, Ariella and Lily approaches them, all ready to leave as the portrait opens and Christen and her brother walks in, approaching them with smile in their faces.

"Well, seems that everyone is ready to go, so shall we?" Edward speaks as the rest of them nod their head and walk towards the portrait.

Two days later

Vincent and Ariella along with Lily and Christen are having their breakfast down at the Great Hall along with some other students and teachers as it is almost for the students to leave for their Winter Break. The four of them are so excited leaving home for Winter Break and Christmas that they had prepared very early and had left their dormitory as early as their roommates are about to wake up from their nice slumber.

The twins and Lily returns to the Gryffindor common room while Christen back to the Slytherin's dungeon and the three Gryffindor's first year reaches the common room by the time Spencer walks down the stairs from his dormitory towards them, dragging his suitcase on one hand and holding his owl's cage on the other as the white, snowy owl looks pretty excited as it also cannot wait to go home and not far both James and Edward are following close from behind.

"That's early, had your breakfast already?" James asked as he ruffled Lily's red hair, leaving the youngest Potter to scowl at him while the twins beam at their older brother.

"Seems that they already had, how about we go catch some breakfast ourselves, there's no way I'm going home starving," Edward spoke as he walked towards the portrait, leaving Spencer and James to snorted as they followed him while the Gryffindor first year trio waited at the common room for others to come down.


As the Hogwarts Express reaches the Kings Cross Station the students could see their family waiting for them and both Vincent and Ariella beams and waves happily at their grandparents who are waiting for them at the station.

Before leaving the group of friends' exchanges gifts as both Vincent and Ariella gives Lily and Christen both their presents and Lily and Christen gives the twins their Christmas present as well.

After parting with their friends the Cavallone youngsters begin to follows their grandparents who are about to leave the station.

"I hope that they will like the presents," Ariella whispers to her twin who nods his head agree with her as both the twins hold on their pet's cage and an extra bag each while their grandparents helps them to carry their luggage.

"Of course they will, whatever you two had given to them surely are very meaningful and don't forget that it is a Christmas presents isn't it," Mrs Granger smiles at her grandchildren as she speaks to the twins who glances at her with eyes wide open, they didn't expect that their grandma will hear them whisper whilst Spencer can't help but to snicker behind his hand, making the twins to glare at him.

"Alright you lots, here we are, now put your luggage at the back and make sure that you will have enough space for yourself and your little pet here," Mr Granger spoke after they had reached the car at the parking lot near the station.

Spencer helped his grandfather to adjust the luggage at the back while Mrs Granger helped the twins to adjust their sitting at the passenger seat and after everything is done, Mr and Mrs Granger along with their grandchildren left the station to the private airport where the Cavallone's private plane is waiting for them to bring them back to Italy.

Cavallone Mansion, Italy

Hermione is helping her husband with his paperwork when she looks at the watch on the wall, it is nearly 9 o'clock at night and her elder children along with her parents should have arrive at the mansion but somehow they are not here yet and there's still no news of them and she is slightly a bit worries about it.

Dino could sense some discomfort coming from his wife as he glances at her as she keep looking at the watch and realizes that she is worried.

"Mia, is everything okay?" Dino asked his wife as she turned her attention to him and shook her head though her eyes still showed that she is indeed worried.

"No, everything's fine, just that they are supposed to arrive here already but there's no news and…I'm a bit worried though," Hermione replies, she tried to smile but somehow the her worried feature seems to conquer more.

Dino couldn't help but to feel the same but somehow he believes that his elder children and his mother and father-in-law are on their way and in safe condition. He rise from his seat and walks towards his wife and gives her a hug and kiss her lips tenderly.

"Mia, they will be here, don't worry. I'm sure that all of them are fine. Just trust me," Dino said with a smile in his face.

Hermione looks at her husband and smiles, her eyes almost clouded with tears but hearing her husband's soothing voice she manages not to cry in front of him and hugs him back. Dino smiles and kisses her forehead when the two of them hear cars approach the mansion.

"Well, seems that they are here, so shall we?" Dino spoke in his husky voice which made Hermione giggles and nodded her head as the two of them left the private office to greet their elder children and Hermione's parents.

As the cars that brings the elder Cavallone children and their grandparents arrives at the mansion, they can't help but shocks and surprises to see the Christmas decorations along the way into the mansion, it is very mesmerizing and beautiful as well.

As the cars stops the twins couldn't wait for the butler to open the door as the both of them quickly open the car's door and run back home, leaving their belongings behind as they can't wait to greet their parents.

"Mama, papa, we're home," Vincent called upon their parents as Spencer and Mr and Mrs Granger entered into the mansion. Hermione and Dino greet their children and Hermione's parents as the twins' dash towards their parents and hug them dearly.

"We missed all of you so much," Ariella almost cry as her father hugs her tightly. Dino smiles upon his children as both the twins hug their parents dearly as if they never want to let go.

"We missed all of you too, and glad that all of you are home for Christmas and New Year," Hermione speak softly to their children as Spencer gives her a kiss in her cheek.

After greeting everyone which includes Romario and having their belongings being brought by the butlers, Spencer and the twins go to their own rooms whilst their grandparents stays at the guestroom to take a rest and a nice warm bath and then have a nice light meal since it is already late to have heavy dinner.

It is almost midnight that the twins decides to show up at their parents' bedroom as Hermione and Dino are about to have their goodnight sleep when they hear knocking on the door. Opening the door, Dino is surprise to see the twins standing outside their bedroom.

"Papa, can we sleep with you and mama for tonight, please?" Ariella pleaded as both she and Vincent beamed at their father while Hermione giggles as she stands behind her husband. Dino then shares a look with his wife as the twins pleaded and smiles widely at their parents.

"Alright then," Dino said as he opened the door widely, allowed the twins to enter as both Ariella and Vincent run into the run and jump onto their parents' bed.

"I missed this bed," Ariella spoke as she yawned.

"Yeah, me too," Vincent replied softly as he too yawned, and within minute both the twins fast asleep.

Both Hermione and Dino looked at their children and smiles, and then they looked at each other as Dino lean to her and kiss her lips passionately and tenderly as Hermione grabs his shoulder whilst Dino hugs her slim waist and drew themselves closer to each other.

After a while, both of them pant to breathe as they lean on each other. Dino whisper to Hermione on how much he loves her while Hermione lean on her husband's hard yet soft chest and smile and tell him how much she loves him too.

Then the two of them shares another short, yet passionate kiss before joining their children in bed and had their nice, lovely sleep for the night.


The next morning, Daniella is having a nice dream when she hears someone whispers in her ear and tell her to wake up. Slowly opens her eyes, she stretches as she saw her eldest brother looking at her smiling.

"Fratello," the little girl and the youngest Cavallone yelp happily as she woke up from her bed and hug her brother dearly.

"Good morning to you Eve," Spencer whispers in her ear as the little girl giggles.

"Good morning fratello," Daniella greets him sheepishly as Spencer laughs softly and scoops his youngest sister and held her in his arm and gives her a peck on the cheek as he put her down and tell her to take her morning shower as the little girl squeal and run into the bathroom while a maid is standing on the door ready to prepare the youngest Cavallone for the day, nod at the Cavallone future boss as he make his exit from the room.

Then, Spencer goes to Fernando's bedroom as the young boy wriggle and yawn as he stretches his body on the bed as one of his pillow is already fell on the floor, surely it got tossed whilst he was sleeping.

Spencer cannot help but to chuckle to see Fernando searching for the missing pillow while having his eyes shut. Spencer walks towards the bed and pick up the pillow as he sits on the bed and slowly waking up the youngest Cavallone male in the family.

Fernando opens his eyes and blinks as he see Spencer smiling down at him, holding his pillow to his chest while one hand ruffles his almost shaggy light brown hair, seems that Fernando's hair is growing longer than last time before Spencer returned to Hogwarts early September.

"Good morning fratello," the second youngest Cavallone greets his eldest brother as he stretches his body so that he won't have any muscle's cramp as Spencer greets him back and pat his back softly, encourage the second youngest to get up as a maid is waiting at the door.

"Welcome home fratello," Fernando speak again as Spencer is about to exit the room.

Spencer turns around and looks at his brother and smile. "I'm glad to be home."

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