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Ch. 8

Sakura POV

'His… his goddess?'
"What?" I asked as I jumped further away from him. He just looked at me strangely.

"I meant what I said. You are to be my goddess." He replied matter-of-factly.

"Uh, okay, since you put it so nicely." I smiled innocently at him as I discretely pooled chakra into my hands which were conveniently behind my back.

"Good. You're coming without a fight. I originally pegged you as a rebel." He had a pleased look in his eyes. Too bad I'm not actually going with him.

"Follow-" He began to say before I swung at him with a chakra enhanced fist. As soon as I made contact, he burst into smoke clouds. It was a clone! Immediately, I jumped into action and headed for the nearest tree. His chakra signature was so powerful that I knew I didn't stand much of a chance against him, so my best bet was to evade him until I found a surrounding team.

There! A team of Rock nin! Maybe with the ruckus they cause I can get away.

"Who's there?" The leader of the group called out as he must have felt my unconcealed chakra signature approaching.

"No need to worry! I'm just dropping by to leave you a present!" I threw a smoke bomb into their camp and used an encasement jutsu to seal them in that area with that Pein guy. Then, I used a cloaking jutsu to disguise myself, and I rushed away to find my team. As I ran, I got hooked in a conversation with Inner.

Gosh that was strange!
You're telling me! We need to look into this whole goddess business! (Inner)
And also who is this Pein person?
I dunno, but he seems like trouble…Good thing we tricked him, huh?
If someone that powerful wanted something from me, I don't think he'd just give up after that…
I suppose you're right, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

If only she knew how true her words struck…


General POV

As he dealt the killing blow to the last of the Rock nin, Pein pondered about the chakra signature quickly distancing itself from him. He smirked as his plan to get her came to mind.

Hmm, no matter. I am undefeatable, and she will have to face me sooner or later. When my plan goes into action, it will be sooner rather than later. Now to initiate phase 1.

He channeled his chakra into his ring and mentally summoned a couple of members to do his bidding.

Soon, my cherry blossom, soon.


Okay so once again, very short, but this is the way I write, so bear with me please! I think I did pretty well, but if there's any problems, lemme know! For those of you who wanted PEIN as a brother figure, I think I have an alternative…. How would you feel if I kept Pein as a candidate for a pairing with Sakura and have Nagato or Yahiko as her brother instead? It sounds complicated, but I'm pretty sure it's possible….. Tell me what you think in your review!