Under the stars

summary: TakashixSaeko one-shot. Why? because I wanted to try writing something for one of my favorite anime couples. It's my first time writing something, so please don't be to harsh with the comments ( if you're going to give them), but i'll always accept criticism that'll help me improve. Now before you can enjoy this fanfic i have to do the painful part.

Disclaimer: I do (sadly) not know HOTD, Daisuke and Soji Sato do.

now that that part is over enjoy

Takashi sighed as he dropped himself in a chair on the roof of the house they used as a shelter for that night. Closing his eyes, he thought back to the fight they had with "them" this afternoon.

the motor of the humvee gave it up and they had to continue on foot. "I told you we shouldn't have driven so much through them. Now the car won't start anymore." Saya complained. "Now,now Takagi-san it's not like we can do anything about it now." kohta tried to calm her down. "Shut up you good for nothing gun otaku!" Saya yelled angry. "Can you keep it down. We don't want to attract them." rei said. "Too late for that. Look ahead."

they were walking towards where they stood. "kohta and rei, take the rest, head into this street and find a place for us to tke shelter. Saeko help me hold them off for a while please." Takashi ordered. Reluctantly, Rei went along with what he said. Saeko stood ready to fight, with that sadistic look of joy in her eyes. she unsheathed her sword and started to kill them in such a way it almost looked like she was dancing. after staring at her for a few seconds he remembered why he was out here with her and started to fight at her side.

After a intensive 10 minutes they killed all of them and headed to the house the group had secured. "Komuro" Saeko called him softly. Takashi saw she was sitting on a car that stood there , insecure and covered in blood. "what is it? did something happen?" komuro asked worried. she just shook her head. "could you just help me calm down?" she asked. "how can i help you with that?" he asked confused. Saeko stood up and embraced him." just hold me for a little while." she whispered. they stood there for a few minutes, until Saeko let go of him and returned to the others, leaving a confused Komuro behind.

Takashi just sat there looking at the view of the river that the roof offered, but his mind kept wandering back to Saeko. He wondered when he started liking her. No, this feeling was stronger then a simple crush. "Since when have i felt like this?" he thought aloud. "Feeling like what Komuro?" a familiar voice behind him asked. He didn't have to turn around to know that the person behind him was the one who caused these feelings. "You still haven't answered my question." she whispered in his ear. When did she sneak up on him? "I-its none of your bussiness." Takashi stuttered out, blushing slightly from the (lack of) distance between him and Saeko. Saeko noticed this and a playful smirk formed on her lips. Komuro noticed this and knew he was in for something.

"Let's play it your way then." Saeko said and put herself on Komuro's lap. "Your punishment is that you're not going away from this chair until you answer my question." she said. "It's getting quite cold at night this time of the year." Takashi said, trying to not having to answer the question. "Have you thought of that?" Saeko took the blanket she grabbed downstairs. He smiled and wrapped the blanket around the two of them. Saeko put her her head in the crook of his neck as she lied on top of Komuro, a faint smile on her lips. "this is more like a reward then a punishment." Takashi said , half joking. "will you tell me now what's bothering you?" Saeko asked. She knew for a while something bothered him, and she was worried.

Takashi decide to take his chances. "Saeko" he said softly" look at me". Saeko looked confused at him, only to be suprised when his lips met hers. After a few seconds,he broke the kiss. " I love you Saeko. It bothered me I didn't recognized the feeling until now." "took you long enough to realize it." she said softly. "aren't you at least going to give a response?" he asked, a bit disappointed. Saeko took his face and kissed him softly. "how about this as a answer?". a playful smile tugged at komuro's lips. "I'm gonna need a little more conviction." he said before kissing her again. after a few hours they fell asleep on the roof, the blanket holding them together.

the next morning

"Has anyone seen Takashi?" Rei asked worried. "He went to the roof last night." Kohta said. "Didn't Saeko onee-chan go also there?" Alice asked innocently. "Takagi-san, this isn't going to end well, is it?" Kohta asked/stated scared. " best to give them some time before helping komuro. Whatever he did, he probably deserves it with whatever happened."

on the roof

Saeko woke up, confused why she was sleeping on top of him. When she remembered what happened. Rei came through the door. " Whatever you want to say, please do it quietly. Takashi is still sleeping." she warned Rei, fully aware of her habit of yelling a lot when she was angry. "Why are you sleeping on the roof with Takashi?" she asked angry. "Because we fell asleep after a few hours" Saeko said, having fun teasing her. "what did you do here?" "i'll let you imagine that." Her joke worked, seeing as Rei turned completely red before she ran back inside. "Having fun teasing her?" takashi asked. "By the color in your face and the thing that's poking me, i'm guessing you were imagining the same as her. am i right?" she asked with a smile. he nodded. "I wouldn't mind if you're my first, Takashi, but at least try to make it as romantic as possible at that time." she said with a smile. "You done teasing people?" Takashi asked. Saeko kissed him before whispering something into his ear, leaving him behind blushing.

"I was serious, you know."