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Takashi stepped in the office. It was old and decorated with hunting trophies and weapons. He was looking at them until he heard a voice.

"That collection is the result of 3 generations of my family that loved to hunt." The voice said. Takashi turned around. A few feet away from him stood a man around 60 or 70 years old. His grey hair was combed backwards and brown eyes that looked like they could see into your very soul. A scar was across his right eye. He wore a dark blue suit and had a rapier attached to his belt.

"So you're the one that they chose as their leader?" the man examined Takashi.

"You have the qualities to be a good one, but your inexperience makes you uncertain. Am I right?"

"I'm working on the uncertainty." Takashi said a bit embarrassed. The man began laughing.

"At least you're honest. That's something you don't see very often these days." He complimented.

"But let's hold this conversation another time. I am Karugare Miyabi, the one who built this settlement."

"I'm Takashi Komuro, leader of the group that just arrived."

"Well Takashi, why did you come here?"

"Well, I thought everybody here went someone safer and that we could find decent shelter for the winter. I didn't expect there to be a settlement here." Takashi said feeling uneasy, leaving the prejudices and jokes he made this morning out. Karugare looked out of the window before he started talking.

"Most of the spineless bastards that lived here fled, in that you are right. But a few had the courage to stay here and help the others. We created this refuge with our own hands. Now why do you think that this plague began?"

Takashi stood next to him, also looking out of the window. He saw the people talking and working like this was their normal live for years. There were children playing and even a few persons were playing mahjong.

"I honestly never thought about it. I just focused on surviving and keeping everybody safe." He admitted.

"I personally believe that Kami* was behind this." Karugare began his explanation. "He made this plague to see who was weak and who is strong enough to survive. The survivors can build a new world where everybody is equal and we, the ones who he has a plan for, will carry it out and guide humanity to a new era."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but I don't believe in Kami." Takashi said while still looking outside.

"Whether you do or don't, He has a plan for you. Of that I am certain."

"So why did you want to talk to me? I'm pretty sure you want to talk about something else than the reason of why this is happening." Takashi asked. The uneasy feeling kept haunting him during the conversation, like this was just an act.

Karugare smiled. "You have a good sense. Very well, I want to make you an offer. Stay here and become part of this settlement. You can keep all of your possessions, but you and your group will work for me."

Takashi thought about it for a few minutes.

"What kind of work?" he asked.

"Looking at your group and equipment, I'd say looking for food and other things outside and patrolling. Is that acceptable?" Karugare looked at Takashi.

"I'll have to talk this through with the others. They deserve to make this decision along with me."

"Very well. Come back once you have an answer." Takashi left, leaving Karugare to look at his settlement from his office, and went downstairs. The others stood there waiting for him along with Daigo. Saya and Kohta stood closer to each other than normal, but it almost looked like nothing had changed.

"So what did you talked about?" Saya asked impatiently.

"He offered us to stay here, in exchange that we help him with certain things." Takashi answered.

"What kind of work?"

"The things we've been doing most of the time. Scavenging and patrolling around."

"What did you tell him?" Rei asked.

"That I'd talk it over with you. I'm not going to make this kind of decision without knowing what all of you think about it." Daigo looked at him and thought with a small smile. 'He really is the person Uncle Miyabi was looking for.' He thought. "How about you stay for a while? Winter is coming and I doubt that you got the clothes and supplies to make it through." Daigo said.

"He's right." Saya said. "Technically, this is what we were looking for. We got a place and the resources, but the thing that bothers me is the 'work' he's got for us. We'll need to find out more about that."

"Does everybody agree with this plan?" Takashi asked. Everybody just nodded. Suddenly they heard a familiar barking coming from the front door. They turned around and saw Zeke. Alice ran happily to the little dog and hugged it. "How the hell did he get here?" Takashi asked dumbfounded. They couldn't find Zeke after an attack from Them 3 weeks ago. It took a lot of comforting that night to make Alice stop crying.

"How did he even survive?" Kohta asked the next question.

"So the dog belongs with you?" A blond guy asked and Alice nodded as Takashi went to her side. The blond guy noticed this and laughed. "And there's the protective brother. Don't worry, I wasn't going to do anything." The guy said with a smile. "Anyways I found this little guy a week ago, stealing a chocolate bar out of my bag. I took care of him since then."

"Thank you." Alice said really happy. She ran over to the group to show them that Zeke was fine all that time. "Are you the new people who are going to stay here?" the blond guy asked curiously. "Yeah" Takashi responded curtly. "Well then, Irraemashe* to the Ark." The guy said.

"The Ark?"

"Yeah, we gave it this name as a joke, since it could be the last human settlement. That and the religious leader made it easier for us to make the name." he said with a smile. 'Seriously what is it with all these smiling people here?' Takashi thought. "Anyway, I gotta go. See ya later." The guy said before walking away.

Takashi sighed and went back to the group. Shizuka was talking with an embarrassed Saeko a bit away from the group. When she saw Takashi, she came to him and dragged him to where Saeko was. "So, I already know from Saeko that you didn't do it safe." She began. Takashi started blushing as well. "I don't care how you do it, but have you at least thought about the consequences?" She said in an uncharacteristic stern way for her. "What if you got her pregnant?" she asked.

"Take responsibility and raise the kid together with her." Takashi said in a small voice. Saeko looked at him with surprise. "I mean, it's the biggest proof for me that we really love each other if we got a child." They didn't expect to hear him say that! "Please don't make me repeat this embarrassing thing I said." Takashi almost pleaded. Saeko hugged him and kissed him softly. "Go tell their leader that we'll stay for a while." Takashi nodded and went back inside. "Oh and Takashi." Saeko called out. When he turned around he saw Saeko with a sly smile. "Make sure we get a room just for the two of us."