Fool Me Once.

While this may seem to be a traditional David/OC pairing, which in some respects it is, it goes a lot deeper and is a lot darker than just love and sex. I have always loved this film. Maybe it's the hypnotic soundtrack or whether it's because it's set in the 80's – my favourite decade – I don't know. But I love the film, the music, and the actors.

This is my first Lost Boys fan fiction, so bear with me if some parts seem a bit rusty (I will rewrite if I feel the need). I'm used to writing a lot of fantasy fiction based on games so this is a bit new for me – but hopefully someone out there will like it.

This first chapter may seem a bit disjointed at first but it will eventually make sense.

The italics in the top are based on the lyrics of 'Cry Little Sister', though I will change some of the words at the end according to what chapter I am currently writing. This song has been a huge influence to this story.

Anyway – I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer : I do not own anything about The Lost Boys movie, the characters or the settings and I am not writing this story for any financial gain. The only characters I own are Casey, and then eventually her parents. I do not own the lyrics, or the music to the song 'Cry Little Sister' by Gerald McMann either.

Thou Shall Not Dream

The carousel. The lights. The sound. The smells. Casey could never get enough of Santa Carla board walk. She could escape here; be someone else. Let herself go. It was like a drug to her, so intoxicating, but with all of this, she still wanted more.

Casey Winters had always been a dreamer. Ever since the day she'd been born, according to her mother, but if she sat down and thought about it for long enough, she would always accept this as the truth. Nevertheless, once the sun set on the ocean horizon at Santa Carla bay, you could be sure that Casey would be on her way to the boardwalk. She just couldn't keep herself away.


'You wanna go on the carousel again?' The ride operator's voice was one of disbelief. 'Honestly Casey, don't you ever get bored of this thing?'

Casey handed him her money and smirked.

'You know me,' she said in reply. 'I just can't get enough.'

'Whatever,' the operator said. 'It's your money you're wasting'

'Precisely. It's my money…'

Casey chuckled at him and jumped onto the metal stairs of the Carousel.

'Hmm now, which one should I ride this time?' She thought to herself as she skimmed her eyes across the carousel floor.

She didn't even know why she bothered asking herself this every time, because she already knew which one she was going to ride. Ebony the black stallion. Ebony glittered in gold and silver. Ebony, the wild and the untamed.

Her hands brushed over his plastic man before she climbed onto his back. She leaned back as the ride began; up and down in perfect slow motion. Rise and fall.
She exhaled slowly and opened her eyes.

She wasn't at the fairground any more.

She was riding bareback on Ebony, tearing down the seafront faster than lightning in a storm ridden sky. The cool ocean breeze, the sand and the spray from the warm ocean whipped around her face and Casey began to laugh. She was free.

But something wasn't quite right with this daydream. In the near distance Casey could see something that should not have been there, this was her dream in her own head after all. The sand and the spray made it harder to make out, but she realised quite quickly that it was a human figure; dark, and distorted. She narrowed her eyes but as soon as she tried to get this figure into focus, the daydream began to dissipate around her, and a male voice repeated her name enticingly in her head.

Casey…Casey…Wake up Casey…

Before she knew it, she was back in the fairground on the black carousel horse surrounded by drunken teenagers and love smitten couples. Her head was reeling from the unexpected end to her daydream, and as she brought her eyes into focus and looked down the carousel platform, she saw something that sent a chill through her heart.

The figure from her daydream was there at the end of the platform; walking very slowly towards her; his gaze fixated and unblinking.

Casey didn't quite know what to do. Freaking out would have been the simpler option. She could have just jumped down from the horse and ran away. But she didn't. She couldn't. It was like the figure had some sort of spell-like hold on her that she was powerless to resist. He made her blood pound like drums deep down in her veins, and though Casey's mind was screaming at her to run away, as quick as her legs could muster, her heart coaxed her into believing otherwise.

What on earth was going on?


His voice echoed around her head as it had done before, and as he approached her and bought his deep blue eyes up to meet hers, she felt her stomach give an unpleasant lurch.

The figure, with his bleach blonde hair, his clothes of jet black and his gloved hands, lifted himself onto the back of the horse in one well calculated and smooth movement.
Casey could hardly breathe as he slid his body down the horse to meet hers, and as he wrapped his arms around her waist it felt like she was being pulled into yet another daydream.

'Once this is over,' he whispered directly into her ear, causing a ripple of pleasure to erupt down Casey's spine. 'You will come with me.'

Yeah, so, Vampires are supposed to be seductive, at least the traditional vampires seem to always come off that way, so I think I wanted to incorporate that into David a lot more because, well, he is a vampire, and it seems to fit with his character.

The chapter is meant to be short as well, but I can pretty much promise they will get longer in length as the story gets into more depth :).

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