Three years before...

Enter the life a carefree young girl whose parents were oblivious to the very idea that magic existed. But the girl knew better, for one day her parents found out how special their little girl was.

It was a normal day for the girl, a little ginger-haired beauty of the age of 9, playing with her toys in the garden. Little did she know, something was lurking about, watching her. Something slivering. At first all she noticed was the noise of something moving about in the bushes. She moved closer to investigate, pondering what it was. All of a sudden, a snake popped out! She jumped a bit, but was more curious than scared. In a sudden move, she picked it up. But, what was even stranger, was that it spoke to her.

"The Sslytherin is planning ssomething!" and then it passed in her arms.

Marks of injury were scattered about its body, which made the girl want to the serpent closer. The child's parents strolled out a moment later, and when they noticed what their daughter was doing, they knew something was up. They rushed to her. They were worried, but when they saw what their little girl was holding they nearly freaked! But they then saw that their daughter was not afraid, and the snake in her arms was injured.

"He needs help, Momma," said their child.

With a little persuasion the girl's parents nursed the serpent back to health for her. But when they thought it was time to let the snake god, their daughter insisted on keeping it. They did not know what to say, but their girl was persistent. In the end they decided to let her keep the serpent, as long as she took good care of it and was careful. She quickly agreed to these requirements.

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