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Danni finally got Goliath, it had only taken a year of waiting. She opened up to the first page and found a weird note in the pages. Do you wanna have some fun? Having a total Harry Potter moment, Danni took out a pen and wrote "yes" on the slip of paper. Her head started to throb and she closed her eyes to the pounding in her brain.

"Holy barking Leviathan! Are you bloody okay?" Danni's eyes fluttered open and she looked into the eyes of a skinny, tall girl. Her blue eyes were opened wide and she had her hands held out awkwardly, as if unsure as whether or not to help Danni up.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Deryn."

"H-how do you know who I am?"

"I have my ways."


Over the next few days Deryn and Danni became friends; bonded by their tomboyish nature and prankster ways, they forged a friendship filled with laughter...gut-splitting laughter. Danni was not laughing, however, when Deryn decided to put Bovril down Danni's back while he screeched "Hahahahaha a bra! A bra!" So it was time for some revenge. Deryn should learn to fear Danni's evil smiles.

Deryn was talking with Alek the next day when Danni sauntered up in an over-the-top reenactment of "Dylan's" swagger-ful walk. Danni ran up to them and put an arm around each of their shoulders; turning her head towards Deryn, she sighed, batting her lashes. "Ah! Summer, the season of romance! Dylan, have you ever been in love?" Deryn flustered and blushed, while Alek leaned in closer, clearly curious. Danni, however, wouldn't let it stop there. She played to destroy. Danni smacked her cheek in mock surprise. "Oh golly! Who do I think I'm talking to! I know exactly who you're in love with!" Alek jumped in, "Really...?" Deryn flushed and found her voice. "She knows nothing!" Danni raised her right eyebrow; she couldn't let it end, this was just so incriminating! "You willing to bet your position on it?" That got her. "...Probably not..." I'll let her think she's safe. Danni thought. "You're in love with...in love with...THE SHIP!" Deryn let out the breath she had been holding, but Alek, being the lovable dummkopf he is, had to point out the obvious. "Dylan! We have so much in common!" Safe time over. This is too good to pass up! Danni moved in for the kill. "Oh wait! That reminds me! You aren't in love with the ship! That was Alek! Which reminds me again! You're in love with Alek!" It was quiet for a moment before Alek broke the silence with a stream of laughter. "Hahahahahaha, but Dylan's a man, you silly girl. The manliest man I've ever mat! He's so manly that he could only be a man, and men don't fall in love with men. So there." He looked so smug, Danni could help but add to the conversation. "Yes...but women can fall in love with men..." Deryn could't take it any longer, and snapped, "For the love of the whale! Shut up!" Alek looked confused as his face dropped. "What do you mean? Are you trying to say something?" "Oh. My. GOSH. A break through! I have to tell Volger!"

Volger, who had been walking by, cut in, "Tell me what?" Deryn couldn't believe her rotten luck, "Seriously?" Alek spoke to his swordsmaster, "This girl is being weird..." Volger cocked an eyebrow. "Really?" Wow, the universe heeps throwing me these oppurtunities, so much for Alek's Providence, luck's on me. "Yeah! Dylan is in love with Alek and men can't fall in love with men, but women can fall in love with men!" Now Volger was getting amused by the short girl. "Ah...and what do you think of that Aleksandar?" "Should I think something about that?" Dummkopf! Thought Danni, Volger, and Deryn. Volger grabbed Alek's and Deryn's collars. "Oh for the love of a brain! Even I am growing sick of his density!" He brings both of his arms forward, dragging Deryn and Alek into an awkward kiss. Not that Deryn was complaining...

However, Alek was confused. "Volger! You just made me kiss a man! The manliest man I've ever met!" Deryn threw her arms in the air, breathing out, "I give up!" Danni wasn't done yet, though. "I don't!" Volger beat her to the punch. "Dylan is actually a girl!" That got Deryn's attention. "I can't believe you told! You've been going on for long enough about me keeping my mouth shut!" Danni was peeved for an entirely different reason. "I can't believe you told! I wanted to tell him!. Volger calmly addressed both girls. "Dylan, I was trying to get it out there because...look at him...it's sad how dense he's been. And as for the random little girl, I simply wanted to annoy you 'cause that's what I do." Alek looked between the threesome and gave his two cents. "I'm starting to get the idea that Dylan's actually a girl..." That did it. The three present who had better deduction and reasoning skills threw their hands up in the air and shouted, "I GIVE UP!" Volger left to continue his walk to his room, and Deryn left to feed the bats, leaving Danni to run up to Alek and whisper in his ear, "Yes, Dylan's a girl." Thank goodness she was the only one present to witness his continuing density when he whispered back, "Oh my providence! Really? I've been wondering what Volger had on Dylan." Finally, Danni just had to walk away, swearing she lost some IQ points all the way to her room.


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